First Weekish With Baby

First Holiday Family Photo!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Holiday! Ours was slightly different than previous ones but still very memorable because it was our first holiday as a family : )
Instead of spending the weekend on the boat participating in all the LKN festivities, we spent our weekend running errands, visiting friends, and cooking out.
Dan has been off work since Garrett was born which has been so nice especially because I’m not supposed to drive anywhere for a few more days and most people know that if I were stuck at my house with no way of getting out, I would go pretty crazy.  I’m finally feeling like I’m able to get back into somewhat of a routine, though I’m still figuring out what that routine will consist of.  Garrett is a great baby so far.  He spends most of his time sleeping, in fact he sleeps so much that we have to wake him up every couple of hours to change and feed him, both during the day and at night!  I’m sure this phase won’t last long, and I’m actually pretty excited or when it passes at least a little bit, so we can interact more. 

Visiting with friends!

We’ve had a few Dr.’s appointments since we were released from the hospital, and at only 4 days old, Garrett was back up to his original birth weight.  I’m lucky that my milk came in so quickly and that he’s taken to nursing so well, and at this rate, we’ll have no problem putting a little bit of meat on his tiny little bones.  Garrett, like all babies, was born with a slight heart murmur (due to the valves in his heart not being fully closed off right away because I was breathing for him for so long), and although the Nurse Practitioner told us it was probably nothing to be worried about, she said she could still hear it slightly and referred us to a Pediatric Cardiologist for an echo, just to be sure.  So we packed up and went down to the city for our Dr.’s appointment last week and after a thorough echo (just like an ultrasound) the Dr. came in, checked over all of his pictures, and assured us that he was indeed “perfect” and that we had absolutely nothing to worry about.  You can imagine how much better that made us feel. 

Since we were down in the city we decided to visit our friends Ryan and Catherine and their new daughter Leia.  Ryan and Dan grew up together and Ryan and Catherine welcomed Leia into the world on June 11, so they are not too far apart in age.

Both just snoozin away!

I know I’ve said it before, but Dan is a great Dad!  He’s the master burper, and incredibly patient when it comes to soothing the baby.  Sometimes Garrett will get overstimulated and need to just cry it out, and Dan will hold him and switch positions, and take him outside, and not give up until he’s calmed the baby.  We all know, he’s not one to let a problem just fix itself, and he is no different as a Dad.  Here are some pictures of Daddy and Garrett : )

Last Friday we had an appointment with the Nursing Mother’s Place to make sure Garrett was getting enough to eat.  They ask you to bring the baby hungry and weigh him before and after you feed him to see how much milk he is taking in.  Like I said, he took to nursing right away, and luckily we’ve had no problems since he was born, so I wasn’t surprised when they weighed him after he ate and we found out that he was getting exactly what he needed, and that I actually had even more had he wanted to feed for longer.  He was up to 7lbs 12oz when they weighed him there, and today when we took him back to the pediatrician for another check-up, we found out that he’s now 8lbs 2oz!!!  So he is doing really well in the weight department, and we are very happy to report that we have such a handsome, and healthy baby boy!!!!

He’s notorious for his furrowed brow, one eye scrunched and cute little smirk.  I have a feeling he’s going to have quite the personality : )

Welcoming Sweet Baby Garrett into the World!

  He’s Finally Here!!!!!
Hey there, I think most everyone knows that Sweet Baby Garrett graced us with his presence last Friday June 24th and we are over the moon and in love with our little man. He was born at 5:30 am and weighed 7 lbs 8 oz. We are home and doing well and figuring out the whole parenting thing : )  It’s been a whirl wind of a week, that’s why this post is a little late in coming. Several people have asked me if I’m going to continue my blogging now that Garrett is here, and I think that I will.

As you can see, I’ve changed the name of the blog, because I no longer have a pea in the pod, he’s here, for real, I can touch him and smell him, and kiss him whenever I want to and when he hiccups, I can actually hear and see them, rather than just feel them : ) Having him here is the very best feeling in the whole entire world!  Dan and I are thrilled to finally be able to have our son home with us, and we are learning how to parent and becoming more and more of a family every single day.  I can’t think of any other word to describe it, but…Amazing.

So sweet : )

 I’ve had some people ask me about my labor and delivery experience, and while I’ll spare you some of the details, I can give you a quick run down of how everything happened.  If you’d like to hear more, feel free to ask and I’d be happy to share.

Dan and I checked into the hospital on Wednesday, June 22nd at 5:30 p.m.  They immediately took me into the room where we would remain throughout the entire labor and delivery (which was nice because we didn’t have to move around at all) and gave me my awesome hospital gown.  Dan went down to the car and got all of our stuff and the Dr. came in to talk to me about the induction process.  He checked me for progress and I was still only about 1cm dilated and about 50% effaced, but the baby’s head was not engaged at all (in fact, “still floating” is exactly how the Dr. put it)  He told me about the medication he was going to give me to try and get my body to start the laboring process before administering the pitocin on Thursday.  It was painless and easy, and our wait began.  Nothing happened on Wednesday evening, just a few Dr. and nurse visits, followed by a restless night of sleep for both Dan and I.  On Thursday morning the new On Call Dr. came in to check me and talk to me about the pitocin, and believe it or not, it was the only Dr. in my entire practice that I didn’t get to see a single time throughout my pregnancy, but I got to know her very quickly and was  happy she was the one who would be taking care of us.  I was only about 1.5 cm dilated in the morning but I was about 70% effaced so the medication worked a little bit.  I was told to eat a good hearty breakfast because that would be the last full meal I would be able to have before Garrett was born.  So, I ate and then by about 9:30 the pitocin was administered through my IV.  It started my labor a little bit, I was having consistent contractions about 3 to 4 minutes apart but they were not painful so we waited some more.  At 1:30 I was slightly more dilated and Dr. Clark decided to break my water which was painless, but weird, and then my contractions began to get a little more intense and closer together.  I held off on any type of pain medicine for a few more hours, then asked for a local pain medicine to take the edge off of the contractions. 

Both my parents and Dan’s parents left Thursday morning to drive to us and I got to see my parents just as my contractions were getting pretty unbearable.  By about 4:30 My contractions were extremely painful and I was having a hard time breathing through them so I decided to ask for my epidural.  The anesthesiologist came in and gave it to me, which was pretty painless as well, and as soon as it was in place, all of my pain and discomfort just seemed to disappear.  The nurse asked me if I could feel when the monitor showed I was having a contraction and I just smiled and said, not at all.  Throughout this process, my blood pressure remained a little unstable, it was slightly higher in the beginning and then after I was given the epidural, it started to drop, so I had people in and out of the room constantly because every time the machine would take my BP and get a reading the alarm would go off signaling for a nurse to come in and check on me.  Needless to say it was a very long and uncomfortable night’s sleep (or lack there of) and I was just about over the whole labor thing.  Being confined to your hospital bed with no food other than jello, Popsicles, and nasty chicken broth allowed and having to switch positions and wear an oxygen mask and listen to a machine beep every 15 minutes was really annoying.  I was dilating slowly throughout the night and so ready for Garrett to be born.  At this point, I wasn’t sure if they would let me labor through the night because I had been laboring for 12 + hours already and thought that if I didn’t progress soon, they would have to take him by section which I wasn’t thrilled about at all, but again, I just wanted him to be born healthy.  Dr. Clark didn’t want to jump the gun so she let me labor it out a little bit longer.

Finally at 5:00 the next morning, I asked Dan to get my stuff so I could brush my teeth and they checked me for progress and…Yay!!!!! I was at 10 cm dilated and feeling my contractions again so the Dr. came in and told me I had the OK to begin pushing on my next contraction if I was ready.  Of course, I was more than ready so we were given instructions on what to do, and I began to push at my next contraction (but not before I got another click of the epidural medication : )  Anything to calm me down and take the edge off of the contraction pains. 

So…when you have a contraction, they tell you to push for 10 seconds..take a quick breath, push 10 more, take another quick breath, and push for 10 more before your contraction is finished, so essentially you’re pushing for 30 seconds every contraction.  After 2 pushing sequences, the nurses called the Dr. and all of the nurses back into our room because Garrett was coming fast and furiously.  The Dr. was impressed that as a first time Mom, I wasn’t going to have to push for an extended period of time, but she, just like me, was very happy because I had labored for so long, and she thought I deserved a quick delivery.  After about 5 or 6 pushes, and about 20 minutes, our  Baby was born.  7lbs, 8 oz, and 20 inches long.  His cord was wrapped around his neck so his color a very pale bluish color, and I was a little bit freaked out because he didn’t start crying very hard right away, but the Dr. assured me he was fine and after they placed him on my chest for a few seconds they took him to clean him and do all the things they do to babies when they’re born.  I’m sure it was only about 10 minutes or so but it felt like forever until they brought him to me and let Dan and I hold him and kiss him, and marvel at the life that we created.  It was truly an experience like none other. 

Our parents and my brother Jeff were at the hospital by about 6:30 or 7 and everyone got to meet our little man!

Lucky for me, Garrett took to breastfeeding really well right away, and he continues to thrive in that department.  We had visitors throughout the rest of the day on Friday, and although we were able to stay 48 hours after he was born, we opted to leave the following day.  We had been at the hospital since Wednesday evening and were ready to get back to our own home and our own bed.  So…Saturday morning came, they did the remaining tests and procedures on Garrett and we were given the go ahead to be discharged if we were ready.   When he was born, he was 7lbs 8oz and when we left to go home he was down to 7lbs 5oz so he didn’t lose too much weight right off the bat.  We made our follow up appointments and were sent on our way!

It was great to be home with our families…..and spend some time together before my Dad, Lynn, and Rich left on Monday.  My Mom stayed for the week to help us around the house and I am so glad she did!  Our laundry was finished, the house was kept clean and any errands that we needed were run by her.  I’m so lucky she was able to be around for as long as she was and I can’t wait to get her back down here again!

So here we are…..8 days later and 23 lbs lighter (on my end : )
We are happy and healthy and loving our little man. 

I’ll post an update about our first week with Garrett and more pictures soon!

Last Post Before Baby!!!!!!!!

Coming Soon…
Yep, it’s true, this will be my very last post before we welcome our Baby Boy (and the star of my blog) into the world!!  I can’t believe it’s actually happening!  It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, and now that I know it’s actually coming…tomorrow…it feels so surreal!  I’m sure it won’t really hit me until we walk into the hospital, but I am over the moon either way!
Are we ready you ask???  Well…can you ever really be ready for a baby?? I’m not so sure, but what I do know  is that our lives will be forever changed, (for the better of course) and we are super excited to embark on this journey together as a family.  I could not ask for a better husband and partner to share this incredible experience with and I know Dan will be an amazing father.  Anyone who has ever been around our dogs can attest to this : ) 
So again…are we ready??  Who knows, but are we prepared?  Absolutely!  I have been off of work now for several weeks and  I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single thing left on any to do list I haven’t already tackled.  I cleaned out and organized our entire pantry and spice cabinet for goodness sake!!!  Unnecessary, probably, but they both look fantastic if I do say so myself!  And if it helps me to relax and feel more prepared, than no one will argue with that.  Otherwise, our bags are packed, the car seat is in the car, and I’m just finishing up the last few mundane tasks around the house and whatever else I can do to keep myself busy before heading to the hospital tomorrow!
So…how did this whole induction thing come up??  Well my last few Dr.’s appointments I’ve shown a little progress, but nothing substantial and my blood pressure has been slightly elevated for the past few weeks although nothing points to preeclampsia (which is a good thing) so aside from the swelling in my hands and feet which is somewhat expected in the last trimester of a pregnancy, I feel good!  That being said, my Dr. diagnosed me with Gestational Pre-Hypertension, which basically means that I have slightly elevated blood pressure during pregnancy, and the only way to stabilize my blood pressure is to deliver the baby.  My readings right now aren’t so high that they are too harmful for the baby, but they aren’t ideal either, and rather than risking the numbers elevating even more or my situation progressing to preeclampsia the Dr. decided that it would be best to induce my labor so we can bypass the risk of any complications that could happen, should we wait for labor to start naturally.  Also, at my ultrasound last week he was already measuring close to 8lbs, and at 39 weeks, baby’s lungs are fully developed, and he can safely be brought into the world so the benefits of an induction outweigh the risks. 
Was I surprised that the Dr. wants to induce me??  Not really, we had talked about it before, and when my BP read high again yesterday, I figured she would probably want to get me scheduled.  Am I bummed that my labor won’t start naturally?  Yes and no.  I think every new Mother-to-be wants things to progress as naturally as possible, but at this point, all I care about is that I deliver a healthy baby so I am OK with it.  And who knows, Baby Garrett could be more like his Mommy and Daddy than we think and decide to come on his own tonight because he doesn’t want to take any medication that isn’t completely necessary.  We will see : )  Regardless, I know that we will meet our son sometime this week and that is the best thing I could ask for!!
So, what is the process for this scheduled induction??  Well, we will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow evening and the Dr.’s will check me for signs of progression.  If my cervix still has not dilated or thinned out much they will administer a medication called a prostaglandin which is supposed to help “ripen” the cervix and if you’re lucky jump start your labor.  They will monitor me for 12 hours, and then decide whether or not they need to give me a synthetic form of oxytocin (pitocin) which is the hormone your body naturally produces during spontaneous labor and it is supposed to help start or increase your contractions.  If they do end up giving me the pitocin, they will give it to me through my IV on Thursday morning, and with any luck, we will have our baby sometime Thursday afternoon/evening!!! 
There are so many emotions that are going through me right now that I can’t even begin to describe them all, but I will say that excitement definitely tops the list!  As crazy as it sounds I am looking forward to going through the process (labor and all) that will bring our son into this world as I’m sure it will be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before… 
…and I am so looking forward to becoming what I truly feel I was meant to be in my life…
…this baby’s mother : )

Follow Up Appointment

                                       38 weeks…Take 2
Since my blood pressure was elevated at my Tuesday appointment the Dr. ordered I do a 24 hour urine specimen test and return today for a follow up appointment to check on my lab results, my BP, and for an ultrasound to check the Baby’s measurements.  Dan and I walked the boys this morning (which believe it or not at least helps with the swelling in my feet, but not my hands) and then left for the Dr.  I can’t tell you how nice it is being only a few miles from our Dr. and the hospital where we will deliver, saves us a lot of time and money on gas : ) not to mention it settles my nerves should I go into labor spontaneously.  It’s comforting knowing that when the time does come we will no doubt make it to the hospital to deliver!  If only they could just tell us when that will be : )  Some things, just aren’t meant to be known I guess, which is super hard considering what a planner I am
 So….when I got to the office, I dropped off my urine specimen with the lab tech and they will send that off to run some tests.  Then they took my blood pressure and it was 128/80 which is better than it was on Tuesday, though the top number is still just a tiny bit elevated.  However, the Dr. didn’t seem to be concerned with it.  Then we went to see the ultrasound tech so she could take Garrett’s measurements and check my fluid levels.  He’s still head down, and his little (or should I say big) face is squished into my placenta : (  Poor guy is running out of room and fast!  She measured the size of his head and when they do the measurements it gives you a measure of the estimated gestational age.  My gestational age is 38 weeks 1 day today but when she measured his head it was measuring in at 39 weeks 5 days.  So it looks like he’s definitely got his Daddy’s head which should make labor interesting.  But his heart beat was 135 which is good, and the rest of his body was measuring right on!  Again, I would post my ultrasound picture but it’s so hard to see because he’s so big and cramped. 
 After she checked my fluid levels (which were normal) and punched in all of his measurements she told us that he is weighing in at 7lbs 9oz right now, which is a little on the bigger side, but still “normal”  Plus, we got to see our little guy again : ) and that makes it all good!!

After our ultrasound the Dr. came in and went over the results and again informed us that everything looks great!  She checked me for swelling, which is pretty much the same as it’s been, and answered some questions.  When we talked about his weight she told us that even though they went on his measurements they can still be off give or take a lb.  So….he weighed 7lb 9 oz on the ultrasound which could mean that he really is anywhere between 6lb 9oz and 8lb 9oz!  Definitely hoping he doesn’t get much bigger than what he already is before we have him!!! 

So, I am to return on Monday for another appointment where they will do the routine weight, blood pressure, and check me for signs of progression.  If I am any more dilated, I will probably ask if they can do a membrane sweep to help naturally induce my labor.  Until then, I’m going to continue bouncing on my exercise ball, walking the dogs and the stairs, eating spicy foods, and doing anything else that may help to bring on my labor.  I am so ready to meet this little guy!

38 Week Check-Up

2 More Weeks…

Ok…so they’re not that bad, but they are pretty ridiculous looking, and I’m getting so tired of it!  Also, my hands have started swelling so that’s pretty sweet too!  I know the weather doesn’t help much, but it actually hasn’t been as hot as it was last week, which is nice, but still…the swelling continues.  The only thing that will make it better is to have the baby.  I’m not sure if I can hold out for 2 more weeks or longer, but Baby Garrett seems to be perfectly content where he is right now.

I had my 38 week check-up this afternoon and it was ok, but not fantastic.  My blood pressure read 150/102 the first time the nurse tested it, and I told her we had to use a larger cuff last week so she got a larger one as well and tested again.  The second time it was 130/90 which is better but still elevated, however, there still is no protein in my urine and I don’t have blurred vision, headaches, pain under my upper right side etc,  Just swelling of my feet and hands.  So the nurse talked to the Dr. and I was given 2 options:

#1:  I could go to the hospital immediately and they would run some tests and monitor me and the baby, and my blood pressure and urine for a few hours  then send me home to finish the urine test (not my ideal situation)


#2:  I could let the lab tech at my Dr.’s office take some blood and send it off to be tested, and begin a 24 hour urine test from my house tomorrow morning….only to return to the Dr. on Thursday morning and give them the urine test with a follow up O/B visit for blood pressure and an ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth (still not ideal, but probably much cheaper and more comfortable for me) 

Since my Dr. left it completely up to me, and I feel fine other than the swelling, I opted for the second choice.  I gave my blood, got a bright orange container with a basket like looking thing that I have to set on the toilet every time I use the bathroom tomorrow, and store the urine in a cooler with ice, and will return to the Dr. on Thursday to get some hopefully good news.  Pretty annoying I know, but it could be worse.

At least I’m still feeling Garrett move around quite a bit, and I have no other symptoms of preeclampsia….so whatever I have to do to make sure we’re healthy…I’ll do.  If when I return on Thursday my blood pressure is still elevated, I have protein in my urine, or any other symptoms then we will most likely discuss an induction.  If everything checks out alright, then I guess we just continue to monitor and wait. 

My weight is still on track, Garrett’s heart beat was 136 : ) and my belly is measuring 37 cm, which is all good.  Also, when the Dr. checked me she told me that he is still head down, (good news) and at a -2 position (which is ok too…you start at -3, then go to -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3) By the time you get to a 2 or 3 position you will be in labor and pushing) So I’m progessing slightly but still have a ways to go.  Also, I am no more dialated than I was last week, so Garrett just isn’t finished baking yet. 

Other than that, things are good.  I’m still walking every day and swimming when I go to the pool, and I have a nice tan working.  I’m just getting more tired, achy and uncomfortable, and the swelling in my hands and feet seems like it is a constant.  I’m hoping for good news on Thursday, and just trying to be as patient as I can until our Little Man decides to join us.

I’ll update again on Thursday after my appointment! 

3 More Weeks Until Due Date!

37 Week Check-Up

Yep….That’s my Buddah Belly with the sweet little dock shoes that I can’t wait to put Garrett’s feet into!  Only 3 more weeks until my due date, but at my check-up today my Dr. said that I am already dilated a little, so that may mean nothing, but it is a good sign for being 37 weeks pregnant and may mean that we’ll get to meet him sooner!  I am now considered full term so if in fact he does decide to grace us with his presence early, he will be just fine!

Everything else went relatively well at my appointment.  When the nurse first took my blood pressure it was 144/90 which is super high, and I’ve never even been close to that high so she decided to use a bigger cuff and take it again, which I was happy to hear.  Just as we figured the second time it was 122/78 which is obviously much better.  Apparently, if the cuff is too small you can get an inaccurate reading.  Awesome….my arms are growing too, it’s fine….just another body part to add to my already ridiculous list of growing parts : (  Is it obvious that I’m ready to meet this little guy??

Oh well, as ready as I am, I will say that I do hope he holds out until at least after the weekend as Dan will be around then, my parents will be finished with their travels, and I am hosting a baby shower with 2 other girls for my friend Allison at my house on Saturday too.  I have a feeling he’ll have no problem holding out at least until then : )

So…what have I been doing to keep myself busy while I wait??  Well, I’m still walking my dogs every morning, though I’ve lowered my mileage to 2 miles (or about 40-45 mintues) rather than 3 because of the heat and my uncomfortableness.

I make a list of things I need to get done throughout the week every Sunday and I’m diligently crossing off a few every day. 

I squeeze in a nap with my buddies or at least some rest time with my feet up when I can (which is just about every day : )

I’ve been over to see Susan and Caden a few times, had lunch with a girlfriend, and went to dinner and a movie with my brother last night.  So, I’m keeping myself busy, for the most part, but the week still feels like it’s dragging on.  Soon enough though I’m sure I’ll be looking back on these days longing for a bout of rest or boredom to settle in.  Until then, I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and waiting for our little man to arrive!

Since I haven’t posted one in a litlte while… is my weekly update with a slightly different style!
How far along?
37 weeks
Total Weight Gain
About 35 lbs…about 7 of which is baby alone!
I’m going to go ahead and call it a slight outie
Tired, swollen, lower pelvic pressure, increasing braxton hicks contractions, a heavy belly, and just general uncomfortableness
Nothing really out of the ordinary
About 1 cm dilated, baby’s head is down and low in pelvis
Looking forward to?
Dan being home for the rest of the pregnancy, and of course holding Baby Garrett : )
Full Term…Woohoo!!!!

36 Week Check-Up

     28 More Days!!

This is it!! We’re in the home stretch!  The last month of my pregnancy is officially underway and especially with Susan going into labor today, I am SO EXCITED!!  Only 4 more weeks until my due date, but secretly hoping that he decides to come a little bit sooner than that.  Again, I’ll gladly hold out as long as he needs me to, but a girl can dream right : ) It’s been so hot here, that it’s hard to stay comfortable and it’s making me have to stay inside more than I would like to.  I wasn’t even able to walk today because of the heat, and it’s only June 1st!  I’m really glad that my pregnancy will be over with before the really hot hot days settle in, but even this is ridiculous!

So yes, my good friend Susan,, whom I’ve talked so much about throughout this whole blogging thing went into labor this morning, and it looks like she and her husband Nate will be welcoming their son Caden sometime this afternoon/evening.  It’s been nice having been able to talk to her a few times today, and I’ve already asked for a play by play after she’s rested and ready to discuss : )  I’m a planner and even though I know every labor is different, I like to hear what can be expected.  So, I’ve been texting Nate and stalking facebook all day long waiting for any news that is to come!  I’m so happy for them, and I can’t wait to meet their little one.  Garrett and Caden are sure to be best buds : )

I had a check-up this morning, which was just a routine one so they could check my blood pressure again (since it was high last week) and everything went pretty well.  My blood pressure was 120/80 which is the highest it can be and still be considered “normal”.  I checked it periodically last week just to keep an eye on it, and it fluctuated between 126/83 and 103/69, so again, it hasn’t been consistently too high, but still higher than the doctors would like it to be.  Other than that, there was no protein in my urine, which like I said last week is a sign of preeclampsia; so for now, I’m in the clear.  Dr. Miles just wants me to take it easy, stay hydrated, and call at the onset of any blurred vision, exaggerated swelling, headaches, or upper abdominal pain.  He said my belly is measuring perfectly, and although he was pretty sure that when he felt my belly he could feel Garrett’s head down, he wanted to be sure so he ordered a quick ultrasound which I obviously didn’t argue with.  Anything to get another glimpse of our little guy!  I would post the 2 pictures I got, but because he is so big now, they are very hard to decipher.  I saw his feet moving, and his hand up by his mouth, and he had the hiccups the entire ultrasound!  It looks like he’s got his Daddy’s nose, which I’m happy with : ), and he is in fact head down so now we just wait until he’s ready to join the world!  I go back next week for an appointment where they will check to see how far he has descended into my pelvis and to see if I’m dilated at all.

I know I’ve been posting pictures of my belly progress throughout my pregnancy but I’ve been waiting to do some chronological shots to actually see the difference, from back when I was barely showing, to now that I’m so obviously showing.  And since I’m just about considered full term, and he can make his arrival at any time, I figured I’d do it today.  Check out the belly progress!

First Belly Pic was at 11 weeks!
Growth spurt at 21 weeks!
Color is a bit off on this 31 week front shot!
Bronzed Belly, Linea Nigra and a slightly popped belly button at 36 Weeks!

36 weeks in the same shirt I wore for my 11 week picture.  It’s much shorter now, my how I’ve grown!
So…there you have it.  My belly’s progress over the weeks.  I have to admit, it’s been really hard watching the scale creep up at every appointment I’ve had, and looking back on my earlier pictures, I can’t believe how much smaller I was!  I know it’s all because I’m growing a healthy baby boy but I cannot wait to get back to my flat belly and pre-pregnancy size!   
Dan is in Vegas all next week for business, but it will be his last trip before Baby comes.  I’ve told him that the car seat needs to be installed and thatI’ve already looked into early return flights, and I’m sure I’ll be fine, but it still makes me a little uneasy.  Luckily I’ve got my brother Jeff and lots of friends around to jump in if anything happens, until Dan can get home.  I’ll post an update after my appointment next week or if anything exciting happens but until then…stand by : )

35 Week Check-up

5 More Weeks!

Today I had my 35 week check-up!  I’ve been feeling pretty good all things considered, just have the same old swelling of the feet, minor headaches here and there, a stretching feeling and some pressure on my lower abdomen, and periodic braxton hicks contractions…..all which are totally normal for 35 weeks pregnant.  I went in and did they did the routine blood pressure, weight and fetal heart beat, and although my weight is still on track and Garrett’s heart rate was 150, my blood pressure was 126/83 which is considered high-normal.  2 weeks ago when I went my blood pressure was 103/70 which is great so I’m not too sure what is going on, but the Dr. has decided that she’d like me to start coming in weekly now, which is also normal given how many weeks I am.  Next week they will check my weight and blood pressure again and if there is protein in my urine then they will diagnose me with preeclampsia, and I’ll most likely be told to take it easy and then if the high BP continues they will probably need to induce me earlier than my due date of June 29th.  The good thing is, that next week I will be 36 weeks which my Dr.’s consider full term so if I do need to be induced, chances are that everything with me and the baby would be fine!  Even though I am more than ready to meet our little man, I’m hoping that my blood pressure returns to normal in the next week so I can continue progressing naturally, and Garrett can then come when he is ready!
I’ve spent the last couple of weeks purchasing the few remaining things we need, and getting everything put together, set up, washed, and organized.  Here are some pictures of the complete nursery, definitely my favorite room in the house : )
Changing table is stocked and ready to go!
The beautiful hand made quilt that Aunt Manda got for Garrett and the bookshelf for all of his books!
His closet organized and stocked with diapers and all : )
Again….most of his clothes are in the dresser!
So…aside from the car seat being in the car, we’re ready!  My hospital bag is just about packed, and we can’t wait to meet our little man.  We’re just hoping that regardless of when he comes, he is healthy.  That’s all that matters : ) 
Here’s my weekly update!

How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain. 30 lbs
Symptoms? Swollen feet, Braxton Hicks Contractions, lower abdominal pressure/stretching, and I’m noticing that I now need to sit down and relax for a little bit after my daily walks.
Cravings of the week? Blue Bell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in a regular cone, watermelon, strawberries, and italian food.
Sleep?  Pretty good, just tossing and turning more, and I get cramps in my calves occasionally.  Also, getting up once a night to use the bathroom
Best moment this week? Hearing Garrett’s heartbeat and feeling him kick the nurse when she checked it : )  He does not like anything poking or prodding him.  Who does right : )
Belly button? I could see it raising my shirt a little bit earlier today, but it went back to being flush with my skin.  I’m pretty sure it will pop within the week
Movement? Oh yeah, he got the hiccups yesterday morning and that was kind of crazy, but he seems to be making more fluid movements because his space is cramped.  Not so much kicking an punching, but actually moving if that makes sense.  He’s also really enjoyed lodging his feet up under my ribs and that is not very comfortable.
Looking forward to?  Meeting him of course : )
Milestones?  Dr.’s consider me full term next week!!!!!

My Floating Weekend

A Slightly Different Summer

So I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant, and it’s been in the upper 80’s to low 90’s for the past few days.  My feet are swelling up to what my lovely younger brother called “Nutty Professor” size, and Baby Garrett is about 20 inches long now and weighs about 5.5 lbs.  There isn’t much I can do to feel comfortable, but floating is NOT one of those things.  We’re lucky to own a boat and live so close to Lake Norman, and for the past 4 summers have spent a great deal of time on the lake.  Now I can’t exactly say that my boating days are what they used to be, and it’s hard for me to have to ask to slow down so I’m not wincing in pain or feeling like I’ve got to pee ( I don’t like feeling like a burden, and not being able to do the things we normally do.) We spend more time idling than cruising and I’m doing much more floating than swimming. Yep, that’s me attempting to tan my big ol’ belly while floating away off the back of the boat, pretty funny….I know.

 I can’t slap a refreshing Bud Light Lime in a coozie and sip to my hearts content for obvious reasons, actually I can’t even imagine sipping a BLL with the heartburn I’ve been experiencing lately but hopefully soon heartburn will be a thing of the past and I will once again be able to enjoy a nice cold one with friends…until then…I will embrace these last few uncomfortable weeks…

Enjoy the beautiful scenery…
…and dream about the day when we get to take our little man out for picture perfect evenings like this : )
I have my 35 week check up tomorrow morning so I will post an update afterwards!  Have a Great Day!

Baby Shower #2

Once upon a time…

Saturday was our 2nd Baby Shower, at my good friend Allison’s home just North of my house.  I have always loved children’s books, and really enjoy reading aloud to my students so she and my best friend Carly hosted a “Children’s Book” themed shower (all of the guests brought their favorite childhood book for Baby Garrett) I feel that books play such an important part in a curriculum and in life so this was perfect! As a teacher it’s easy to get caught up in what needs to be taught by what time, and in what context that we sometimes don’t have time for the “fun” parts.  Since I started teaching I made it a priority to do 2 read-a-louds a day, and I plan on continuing that trend with my own children, for my own pleasure and with the hope that my kids too, will really learn to appreciate literature, and the power of imagination.  Kids need to be read to…period, and I cannot wait to read to our son!!  Sorry to get off on my little soap box, but I’m really passionate about this, as you can probably see : ) 

So, to get back to the shower, Carly and Allison decided to base the theme around one of my all time favorites books “Good Night Moon”  They had the sweetest little details that included parts of the book, and everything looked absolutely perfect.  Check out  all of the neat things they did!

Me and my Beautiful Hostesses!
Perfect cake, and the book
The chargers made from pages of the book : )
So sweet!!
Beautiful and Delicious!
They also did a fantastic job decorating Al’s house with flowers and candles everywhere, bright blue table cloths and cute place settings for all of the guests. 

It looked like it was straight out of a catalog and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and all of the wonderful ladies who came to support us!  We had a great time and Garrett got even more Goodies.  He is one spoiled little boy!  We even got so many books that I had to buy a bookshelf for the Nursery : )  Here are a few more pictures of some of the guests
My Mom and Mother-in-Law

Aunt Sue and Maddie came up from Atlanta : )

Catherine and her Masterpiece!!  She made my beautiful diaper cake at 37 weeks pregnant!  Can’t wait to meet Baby McCarihan : )

My Mom made it into a few pictures this time around : )

It sprinkled a little bit in the morning, but it attempted to clear up for the shower and we had a really nice time!  There were only a few things left on our registry that we didn’t get as gifts between the 2 showers, but I went and picked everything else up today! Now on to washing more clothes, putting a few things together, organizing the rest of his stuff and enjoying every minute of the 6 weeks we have left before our Little Man Gets here! 
Most of the girlfriends who were at the shower!

Thanks again Ladies!  You all are the best, and I am one lucky girl!  Garrett is going to have some pretty amazing people in his life : )