9 More Weeks!

The Countdown is On!

So…this is it…our weekly countdown is in the single digits now!  Although I still have 9 weeks to go, Garrett will be considered full term in 6 more weeks, and of course, I want him to be as close to his due date as possible, but, if he decides to come just a little bit early, I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok with that : )  My belly is getting bigger and bigger as the days go on and it’s starting to make me a little bit uncomfortable.  Now, I know it will all be worth it in the end, but it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.
Symptom wise, I’m still feeling pretty good.  I’m walking 3 miles with my dogs almost every day, but the lower left side of my back has really been bothering me.  Especially when I go from standing to sitting or vice versa.  The Dr. said it’s completely normal because my ligaments are stretching, and my hips are widening to prepare for the baby, and obviously the extra weight is putting more pressure on my joints and making my back arch more, but it constantly feels like it needs to crack or stretch, and I can’t seem to do either. 

Also, lately my feet have been bothering me too.  I’ve had the swelling especially towards the end of the day or if I’ve eaten a lot of sodium, and my gym shoes and my walks help, but since it’s sandal season and of course I’m wearing sandals because they’re the easiest thing to put on, and because I have high arches and sandals typically don’t have much support, my arches, and the balls of my feet have been super sore!  I did some reading and researching and I know you’re supposed to get new shoes every 6 months or so, but since I’m not running any more, I guess I just didn’t think that rule still would apply as strictly to me.  Boy was I wrong!

See how worn out the soles of my shoes are!

I decided to read a little and I learned that due to the way that my soles are worn out, and the way my footprint looks in a “wet-test” I am a “normal” to “underpronator”  That means that I have normal to high arches so one type of shoe is better than another, and I was definitely overdue for new shoes!  Not to worry I remedied that situation yesterday as soon as I read about it, and now I’ve got brand new pink gym shoes with the right support, Check out the difference in the soles!

New shoes vs Old shoes

And boy is there a difference!  My feet feel 10 times better not only when I’m walking but even just doing things around the house!  Now I should be all set to get back into my workout routine after Garrett gets here and the Dr. gives me the ok to start running again!  Right now it’s my plan to train for another sprint triathlon that will be held up in Huntersville at the end of September, so that is going to serve as part of my motivation for getting my body back!
If you’d like to learn more about what type of pronator you are and what shoes are best for you, take a look at this website http://www.sierratradingpost.com/lp/shoe-guide-print.html
I had a routine check up yesterday morning and everything is progressing exactly as it should be!  My weight is on track, my blood pressure was 110/70, and Baby Garrett’s heart was still beating strong at 150 bpm.  I was a little surprised at how fast it still was, but the Dr said not to worry it was fine and that as I get farther along the heart rate will lower a little.  He also measured my fundal height and told me that I was measuring at 30 weeks, which is just fine.  He was able to feel Garrett’s head and actually had me feel it too! It was pretty neat and  it’s exactly where I thought it would be, down, and he is curled around with his back towards my right side.  Also what I thought considering I usually feel a harder part on my right side (his rump) and he’s been kicking me in the ribs more and more frequently.  His movements are still very consistent, little and sometimes big kicks in the ribs but I think I feel him actually moving or sqirming more than kicking or punching anymore. Every once in a while it’ll be such a strong movement that it startles me!  I can also see my belly shifting and moving whenever I feel him move, and it makes me giggle every time!  So…..things are good, I’m still super excited and it’s not too much longer until we’ll meet our son!
We can’t wait! 

Here’s my weekly update!

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain. 24 lbs (I blame all the yummy food and the malley’s chocolate I ate in Florida : )
Symptoms? Achy back, sore feet, swollen ankles, and starting to slow down on my walks,
Maternity clothes? Loving my yoga capri pants and my maternity T’s
Cravings of the week? Smashed red skin potatoes, fruit, and frozen yogurt
Sleep? Out like a light as soon as I lay down, but still having some trouble falling back asleep after I wake up to use the bathroom
Best moment this week? Hearing Garrett’s heart beat, sleeping in my own bed with my maternity pillow (they’re not exaclty easy to travel on a plane with) and getting my new shoes : )
Belly button? At the surface, wondering if it will actually pop
Movement? For Sure!
What I miss? Running and drinking wine with Dan while we cook a nice dinner
Looking forward to?  Getting up to Ohio to spend some time with my parents and family and my first baby shower!!
Weekly wisdom? Make sure you are replacing your shoes when you should be
Milestones? Weekly countdown is in the single digits!


Easter and Vacation in Florida!

Me and my Handsome Hubby : )

          One Last Hurrah!
Dan and I left on Friday morning for Florida.  We flew into Pensacola to spend Easter with the Brewton’s and we had a Great time!  It was 80+ degrees and Sunny every day so our weather was perfect!  We spent a lot of time in the sun by the pool and we got a little bit of beach time as well.  I worked on tanning my big belly and also figured out a way to tan my back!  A raft with a mesh middle or an inner tube work wonders.  So even though I spent a lot more time on my back then my belly, I was able to even everything out at least a little bit. 

I always forget how important it is to get away from home with your significant other every once in a while, even if it is only for a few days.  I feel that at least in our case, it allows us to re-focus on each other, and rather than finding things to keep us busy around our own house, it gives us the opportunity to talk and spend time with one another.  It was just what we needed before Baby Garrett gets here in 9 more weeks!

I took a lot of pictures, so here a few that sum up our weekend!
Walking along Johnson’s Beach in Pensacola

Major Boy!
Otto obsessing over his rings
Otto is Dan’s parent’s Weimaraner, and he is AMAZING in the water!  His favorite pool toy is his rings, and he loves to have you throw them in the pool so he can go and dive for them.  Seriously, he is the only dog I’ve ever known who can literally dive under the water and pick up his rings from the bottom of the pool.  I haven’t figured out how to upload a video just yet, but as soon as I do I will post for everyone to see!  

My favorite spot for the weekend!

Lynn, Amanda, and Dan
Happy Camper! I really hope Garrett gets his Daddy’s dimples : )
On top of all of the relaxing we did, Baby Garrett got a few presents from a good friend of the family’s, Carla, and Grandma Lynn!  Carla lives across the street from Lynn and Rich, and she knitted Garrett a Beautiful Blanket, Booties, Hat, and Sweater!  I am so excited that he will have some authentically hand made things!  Look how cute!!!!
Grandma Lynn also gave us a few things for Garrett.  This one is my favorites : )
Love it!

His first pair of deck shoes!

All of his gifts

And also a favorite!

Would you believe that this was actually Dan’s when he was a baby!  We can’t wait til we have a 70’s themed party to dress him up and take him to!

 I know there are a lot of pictures in this post, but I was really excited to share with you all!  Garrett is already one of the most loved people in this world and I’m so excited to introduce him to his wonderful family!  
So we had a warm and wonderful weekend and I cannot wait until we get to take future family vacations to the beach!  I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow, so I will do an update post afterwards!  I have a feeling this whole not working thing is going to make me want to blog a bit more : )  I can’t help it, I’m just so excited for him to get here!!!!!  Come on Baby Garrett!  Momma can’t wait to meet you! 
Until tomorrow…
 Have a Great Evening!

73 Days to Go!

Me, Mom, Dad, and Jeff

My Mom and Dad drove down from Ohio on Thursday and spent the weekend with us!  I had not seen my Dad since the end of January and my Mom since almost the end of February so it was nice to have them here and to get to spend time with them.  The first thing my Mom said to me is I can’t believe how big and hard your belly is!!!  It’s definitely grown a bit since they last saw me, and I’m pretty sure that soon enough my belly button is going to pop, it keeps getting closer and closer to the surface of my skin!  I had to work on Friday for a few hours so my parents just hung out until I got home and then my Mom and I spent some time in the sun while my Dad washed and waxed his truck.

Saturday the weather was forcasted to be pretty yucky, so after a delicious breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Charlotte, my Mom and I decided to do some baby shopping.  I have another shower for my friend Catherine coming up soon, and I had some coupons for the Baby Stores so we set off to see what we could find.  I got Catherine her gifts and my parents wanted to get Dan and I our stroller!!!  I was really excited to get it, and couldn’t wait to put it together and practice!  Garrett is going to be riding in style!

Garrett’s Sweet Ride!

Oscar checking it out!

Saturday evening we went to dinner and then came home and just watched a movie.  It was a nice relaxing evening! Then this morning Jeff came up and we went to mass, and came home to a yummy breakfast that Dan made for us!  Yet another reason why he is the Best Husband Ever!  My parents stayed until about 1:00 and then got back on the road to go back up to Ohio and I went down to NoDa to meet my photography class for our group shoot.  We got to see some pretty cool scenery and we practiced what we have learned in our class.  I can’t believe that Tuesday is already my last one!  It has flown by, but I have learned so much and I am really glad I took it. 

So…even though in a perfect world, my parents would live closer to us, it makes me appreciate the times I do get to spend with them even more, and I had a Great weekend! 

This is my last week of work, and then I am going to be traveling a little, relaxing a lot, and preparing for Garrett’s arrival!  Can’t believe I only have 4 days left with my kiddos!  It’s a bittersweet feeling, and I’m going to miss them a bunch, but I am really looking forward to my time off before our little guy is born!

Have a wonderful week, and a Very Happy Easter, Here is my

Weekly Update!

How far along? 29 going on 30 weeks!
Total weight gain. 21.5 lbs
Symptoms? Lower back ache
Maternity clothes? Of Course
Cravings of the week? Depends on the day
Sleep? Never a problem getting to sleep, but every night when I get up to use the bathroom I start to sneeze and my nose runs, and I have trouble falling back to sleep : (
Best moment this week? Seeing Mom and Dad
Belly button? Almost an outtie
Movement? All the time : )
What I miss? Being able to tie my gym shoes without struggling
Looking forward to?  Spending Easter in Florida with the Brewton’s!
Weekly wisdom? Naps are NOT overrated
Milestones? Just about 10 weeks to go!

Ultrasound Update!

I had my 28 week check up today and everything was great!  We were scheduled to have another ultrasound because Garrett was measuring big at my last appointment and I also had a routine check-up and my glucose test.  I had the orange drink and it tasted like a flat sunkist drink with a bad after taste.  I don’t drink sugary drinks often so I got a headache pretty soon after I finished and I had a little bit of heartburn as well.  But my blood pressure was great and I’m up 19.5 lbs which the Dr. said is perfect.  After I drank my drink and got my timer set for 1 hour I had my ultrasound and Dan and I got to see our little man again!  His little mouth was opening and closing and he’s getting bigger!  Because he’s getting bigger the picture of his profile isn’t as clear as our previous one but he’s a little cutie!  He was moving around a bit because of the sugar and his measurements are right on track. He is 2 lbs 12 oz right now and in the 67th percentile.  I asked again about his head and measurements and because I was such a big baby and Dan is so tall the Dr. said they will do all they can to make sure he’s  not 10lbs when he’s born, Thank Goodness!  Here are the latest pictures!

Garrett’s Profile and his right hand

Big Foot!

Little arms up by his face in the top picture and another face shot on the bottom!

So, although the face photo’s are a little alien like, he’s still precious and we’re both doing great!  I go back in 3 weeks for another check up!

On another note, Susan’s baby shower was this past weekend and she and her Mom did a great job with everything!  The decorations were super cute, the food was yummy, and she got so much stuff!  Believe it or not, Caden, and Garrett are 3 weeks apart and this is the very first picture Susan and I have together of our baby bumps!  They’re going to be best buds and I cannot wait for them to grow up together!  You can check out Susan’s blog http://www.reallifetravels.com/ to see some more of her pictures!

So, that’s about it for this week, Only about 12 more weeks until we meet our Baby Boy!!  Luckily I’ve got a lot going on in the next few months to keep me busy, and hopefully make him get here sooner! I am SO excited to meet him!!!!!