Davis at 11 Months


This little guy cracks me up.  He is so much fun to be around and I cannot believe he will be one in 16 days!


I’ve never claimed to be a  punctual person (sorry honey) so that is why my post is 14 days late oops!  But this time I’m going to blame it on my lack of picture taking, and the Holiday, and possibly a little bit of denial that he is going to be 1 so soon and my wanting to slow down time as much as possible.

Either way….here is the second to last update of our sweet Davie’s first year

Weight: A little over 19 lbs (a guess)

Height: Around 31″ (also a guess)

Teeth: 4 going on 5!

Clothes: 12 Month

Shoes: Size 4

Diapers: Finally in a 3!!


I nurse him 3 times a day, and he gets 2 bottles as well.  He will not drink anything but water from a sippy cup and really enjoys my camelbak (which should make transitioning to milk and getting rid of the bottle interesting)

Eats 3 meals a day (when he’s up for it)  I still wonder how he actually takes anything in with the amount of food I’m cleaning up from his high chair after he eats, but he is growing and doing all things babies do; so I’m not worried

He’s trying to be sneaky and climb up the stairs,


lucky for us he gets up about 2 or 3 than cries because he’s not so sure how to get down.


He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving with my family minus Randy and Jace (can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas!)


And even though this is technically not his first Christmas (he was 5 days old last year) he’s enjoying the tree, the lights and the ornaments


He is as gutsy as they come (the chair that he’s standing on rocks and swivels with ease) and he is going to be one tough little boy.


In a span of 3 days he got his first (blackish) eye, tripped over his walking toy and bonked his head then fell off his trampoline to make sure he had a bruise on the opposite side to match.


Not to mention the amount of times his brother has decided he didn’t want to share a toy and pushed, poked, or knocked him over

Regardless of how much his brother picks on him, it is adorable how much he looks up to him and wants to do everything he does, and it’s obvious that G adores him too

IMG_3519 IMG_0746

His favorite things right now are:

His brother





His dogs, balls,  and his trampoline, clapping, squealing, his Grandparents, and himself 🙂


He is able to stand on his own and just in the last few days has begun taking a few steps here and there


He’s great at walking behind his toy, but he’s not too great at steering or getting it away from walls when he runs into them


He still loves to be outside as long as he’s warm


And as soon as I grab his fuzzy blanket before I nurse him or put him down for nap or bed he brings it to his face with a giant smile and laughs.  I think that is sort of his cue that it is time to wind down, and it doesn’t matter how warm it is, he has to sleep with that blanket.

He’s brought such a great dynamic to our family and we are so thankful for him and proud of the little person he is becoming


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