4 Months Old

I am 4 months old and Mommy has decided she wants to continue to blog about me but she wants to try blogging about baking too.  You see she has always had a HUGE sweet tooth and she likes to play in the kitchen with new recipes that make our house smell yummy (when she has time : ) so she’s going to give it a shot

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Happy Halloween!!

….more on my first halloween tomorrow : )

Our Baby Cakes is 4 Months Old!!!!

One year ago on the 22nd of October, I found out that I was pregnant…and as of the 24th our Baby is 4 months old!!!  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by and I am doing everything I can to treasure every moment with him.  Looking back on pictures, he hardly even looks like the same little baby we brought home from the hospital in June.  He’s grown so much and is able to do so many things now, and I swear he woke up this morning and looked different than he did yesterday!  It really is bittersweet, and in some ways you wish they could stay that small forever, but in other ways there is so much to look forward to and it’s such an exciting time in his life.

2 Days Old

4 Months Old

We’ve really been enjoying the cooler fall weather for so many reasons.  It’s one of my favorite seasons because of the temperate weather, the beautiful colors, the tasty beers, and Thanksgiving : )  I also love it because when we do our daily 3 mile walk with the buddies a pair of yoga pants and a T-shirt with a light weight sweatshirt are the perfect clothes, and I’m not covered in sweat mid-way through!

We Love our Walks!

We had our 4 month well check this morning and the Doctor says that Garrett continues to be a very healthy little boy.  He eats about 4.5-5oz every 3 hours and naps consistently 3 times a day.  I’ve been working on his daily schedule and it finally seems to be paying off though it’s never spot on.  But I believe that being flexible is key to his routine.  We do what works best for us, and it seems to be going really well!

This rolling stuff isn't so bad once you get the hang of it!Look how big I am!

Here are his monthly stats as well as the milestones he’s accomplished (or working on accomplishing : )

  • Sleeps 7 or more hours straight every night
  • If he eats in the middle of the night, it’s only one time right around 4 a.m. and he is changed, fed, and back to sleep in about 15 minutes then sleeps another 3-4 hours
  • Rolls from his tummy to his back with ease
  • Rolls from his back to his tummy occasionally
  • Holds his head up for extended periods of time
  • Reaches for and grasps objects then brings them to his mouth(especially his fingers)


  • Follows objects and sounds
  • Starting to take interest in the Dogs
  • Talks ALL of the time
  • Smiles and laughs in response to lots of different things
  • Makes Dan and I smile and laugh several times a day : )

    Handsome little man!

We are so blessed to have such a perfect little man and we are so proud of him!

*I’m hoping to blog about some recipes I attempt to bake in the near future.  Just have to figure out when I can squeeze in time to bake with this little monkey who requires sooo much attention : )

3 Months Old!

Such a Happy Little Guy!

I know I say this all the time, but I seriously cannot believe Garrett is over 3 months old already! Time is going so fast and he is getting SO big!!  He’s still the coolest person in the whole world and I am so proud of all he’s able to do already! The beginning of our month was pretty busy with traveling and everything, but thankfully everything slowed down quite a bit and we were able to get some time at home for the majority of it. A few weeks ago we started the dreaded 3 month growth spurt, and it lasted for about a week and a half. It was a tough one, especially because Garrett all of a sudden started refusing a bottle so it felt like he was permanently attached to me, but I did some research and tried a new bottle and nipple, and it’s starting to get better as long as the bottle is as warm as it can be without burning him and I am nowhere near him when he takes the bottle. Smart little cookie : ) So, we made it through and hopefully we won’t have to deal with another big one until he’s about 6 months. However, I’m sure he’ll start teething somewhere in between now and then but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, for now I’m just going to go back to enjoying my easy baby and my 6-8 hour stretch of sleep!

It seems like since he went through his little growth spurt he is all of a sudden able to do so much more!  He rolled over for the first time last week and did it several times in one day, but now doesn’t really care to try anymore and gets frustrated, this is what he looks like just before he’s had it : ) but we’re going to keep on tryig and hopefully will get it on video soon : )

Here’s a happier one of him showing off how strong he’s getting.

Here’s what’s going on this month : )
  • Holding our head up for longer periods every day
  • Falling more consistently into a daily schedule
  • Rolling over from tummy to back (when he feels like it)
  • Loves seeing the world from his Baby Bjorn!
  • Smiles ALL the time
  • Loves to talk to anyone who will listen
  • Laughs when you make funny noises
  • Is ticklish on his belly, feet and under his arms (his giggles will make sure you know that : )
  • Sleeping roughly 7 hours in a row per night then eats and sleeps for another few hours
  • Takes one short nap in the a.m….one long afternoon nap, and another short one in the p.m.
  • Grasps things with his hands
  • Looks like he is constantly trying to figure everything out (Dan’s child for sure : )
  • Wearing mostly 6 month clothes, but can still wear a few 3 month onesies
And LOVES to play in his new jumperoo!!
So….he’s going on 15 weeks now, and we’ve been super busy so my post is again…late : )  He’s learning and growing more and more each day and it’s so neat to watch him!!! 
I definitely think it’s safe to say that Mommyhood suits me well….
…and I’ve never been happier : )