San Diego, 5 1/2 months, and Baby Brewton’s Name : )


The View from our back porch!


I flew out to San Diego last Tuesday evening to meet my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt for a few days, and had a great time visiting with my cousin and her fiance as well.  San Diego is a really cool area and although the weather was a bit cooler than normal, I really enjoyed myself.  Luckily, we got out right before the snow came!  San Diego is full of cute little beach towns, and we stayed in Ocean Beach, but spent plenty of time in areas like Pacific Beach, Newport Beach, la Jolla, and even had a fantastic dinner on Friday evening in the Gaslamp District at a place called de Medici’s


Aunt Lori and Mom on the Boat!

 We did lots of touring around and even went on a Whale Watching Cruise out of San Diego Bay and yes we really did see whales!  We weren’t able to get up very close to them, but I was able to get a few great shots with my camera!


Finn Whales

 On Thursday we went up to Dana Point, and Newport Beach with my cousin Leah and looked at possible wedding venues with them!  The beaches were very pretty and I loved the Palm Trees that lined the streets of Newport Beach, it was a beautiful area and we had a great time hanging out.  Can’t wait til the wedding next year!

The Happy Couple Leah and Erik!
 It was great to spend time with my family, and because we live so far it may be the last time Leah gets to see me before the baby is born, so that was very special to me.  I’m hoping I’ll get to see my Aunt again at my cousins Graduation Party in May, but I will be about 36 weeks by then so we’ll have to wait and see how I feel!  Speaking of feeling, for the most part I felt/feel great, but a 5 1/2 hour plane ride at 5 1/2 months pregnant is a little tough.  My lower back hasn’t stopped hurting since I flew out Tuesday and my feet and ankles swelled up on the plane ride : (  That was no fun at all, but thankfully the swelling goes down as long as I put my feet up whenever I can.
So those who know me, know I’m a planner, and that I like to have things laid out, set up, and ready to go before I really need them and Dan is pretty much the total opposite.  He would be fine waiting until the baby is born to name him, but I want to put his name on the wall in his nursery, and monogram a few things, and it makes it feel more real to me to call him by a name rather than Baby Brewton.  We knew early on what the middle name would be and as you can imagine, I had boy and girl first names in mind even before we knew what we were having, but Dan didn’t seem to.  We briefly talked about names here and there but our tastes seemed to be pretty different so it was tough for us to decide.  We finally did the trusty you write down your favorites and I write down mine and we used the process of elimination to determine what our little boys name would be.  So after a little deliberation, we have decided to name our Son…
Garrett Paul Brewton
Garrett is German and it means Brave, Noble, Strength of the Spear, and we think it flows nicely with Paul (after my Dad, Dan’s Grandfather, and his Uncle) and our last name.  I’m so excited to finally have his name picked out, (so I can order the letters for the wall) and I’m really looking forward to decorating his nursery now that we have our crib, and dresser and our bedding will be here tomorrow!  It’s all starting to come together and I’m sure as soon as we get the room painted and the furniture set up it will make it seem even more real!
 Since it’s already Sunday, I probably won’t post again until after my 6 month check-up next week, but promise to post more belly pics and Garrett updates!


21 Weeks!

Today I am 21 weeks and feeling great!  Not much has changed since last week, no ultrasound or huge milestone to report on but I swear I’m getting bigger by the day.  Here are my latest pictures!  Special Thanks to my good friend Susan who is 3 weeks ahead of me and my inspiration for the self-portraits in the mirror idea : ) and my Mother-in-law for my tripod, that allows me to take pictures of myself when Dan is not home : )

I guess a pretty big thing is that the baby’s movements are becoming more distinct!  It used to be pretty sporadic and really only felt like tickles or flutters, but lately I’ve been feeling him more consistently, and although I still feel the flutters I have been feeling what I can only describe more as a “thump” from the inside : )  I think I’m starting to notice a pattern too.  I always feel him in the morning when I first wake up (that’s when I feel the thumps, I think it’s his way of saying “feed me Momma”) and I usually feel him after I eat, when I lay down to go to sleep at night and sometimes when I’m driving in my car.

Speaking of cars…we got a new one over the weekend!!!!  Dan and I knew that my little Jetta wasn’t going to cut it once our little guy came and that his truck; as nice and convenient as it has been for us and all of our friends : ) just wasn’t practical. Dan has a company car which he drives all the time, and I have little “Jackie”, who’s been fantastic, but just too small, so we did some research and test drove some SUV’s and we decided that a Toyota Sequoia was a great fit for us!  We wanted something bigger, that could carry us, the baby, and the dogs comfortably, and also needed something that would be able to tow the boat, and the Sequoia was esentially a perfect fit!  I put my car up for sale 2 weekends ago and by Friday I had “sold” it to a co-worker of mine!  So we traded in Dan’s truck and we now have our pretty and sweet new ride!! 

The New Car!


It’s much bigger than my Jetta, but it is awesome and I LOVE it!!!!  I think it will be a great “family” vehicle : )


     Weekly update!

How far along? 21 weeks
Total weight gain. Almost 12 lbs, which is on track but Yikes!!
Symptoms? Heartburn at night sometimes
Maternity clothes? Oh Yeah
Cravings of the week? Orange juice and guacamole (not together)
Sleep? Great but having some crazy and vivid dreams!
Best moment this week? Buying our new car, picking out our baby furniture, and hanging out with Jess!
Belly button? Innie
Movement? Flutters and thumps more consistently, and feeling him every day now!
Looking forward to?  Choosing a name, picking out paint colors and getting the nursery started!
Milestones? Only 19 more weeks til we meet our little guy!

Half Way There!!

20 Weeks Along!!

The Baby Bump and a Full Belly : )

Today I am officially half way through my pregnancy! 20 weeks down and 20 more to go! It’s kind of hard to believe our baby has been growing for 5 months already!  At first, time felt like it was going very slowly. It took a while for me to actually “feel” pregnant and even longer to actually “look” pregnant, but I can’t say that anymore! My belly is growing by the day (My co-workers who see me every day tell me every Monday morning that it looks like it’s grown over the weekend) Luckily, I don’t mind that at all yet, in fact, it makes me happy that people are noticing a difference. I was at the grocery store the other day picking up a sub for Dan (no cold-cuts for me) and the guy who was taking care of me, when I told him I only wanted turkey,cheese, lettuce and tomato (Dan’s Favorite) said “Good for you, keeping it healthy, when you’re eating for two” At first I was a little shocked, and had I been someone else, I may have been offended, but I wasn’t at all, I actually proudly stated with big smile, Yes sir I am!  As you all know, I’m very excited about having a baby and I’m really trying to embrace every part of my pregnancy!  It keeps me happy : )

People in general seem to be acting a little differently as well.  They have been holding the door open, and insisting that I go first etc.  Also, I was at the maternity store the other day (the only clothing store I can shop at any more) and I know it’s their job, but I have had the best customer service!!  Whenever I go to GAP Maternnity,
or Old Navy Maternity, or The Motherhood Maternity Store, the sales people are very helpful and friendly and hardly let me hold even one article of clothing without offering a bag or a dressing room.
Again, I know it’s their job, and they’re trying to make a sale but it’s nice, and their courtesy is very effective! 

I had my 20 week Check Up today, and everything went well!  They checked my weight (10 lbs since first appointment, which is great!) and my vitals, Blood Pressure was 170/38 at first (high for me) Then they checked the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler device and it was 156 (always music to Momma’s ears : ) Shortly after the first Nurse left, a different Nurse came in and re-checked my blood pressure because it was elevated, and what do you know, it was 122/68 which is much better!  It has to be my nerves still, even though I feel pregnant, and look pregnant, and really know everything is going well.  I guess it’s just going to take hearing that magical sound to settle me…..silly silly nerves. After that, the Nurse Practitioner came in and did my check-up.  It was the second time I had seen her; the first time was very very early on and I didn’t get the best vibe from her.  She didn’t even smile, But this time was much better.  She smiled, and was thorough, and answered all my questions.  She felt my belly for the placement of my uterus and it is right in line with my belly button which is exactly where it should be.  Next time I come in, they should use the tape measure to measure my belly and I’m kind of excited about that : )  That way they can tell in cm how big my uterus is and use the measurement to determine if I’m on track with my due date.  I go back in 4 weeks for my next check-up.  Can’t believe I’ll be 6 months by then!!
  Posted by Picasa                                                            Weekly update!
How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain. 10 lbs
Symptoms? Stuffy nose, sneezing (have a small cold) sporadic cramping (usually if my bladder is full)
Maternity clothes? Yeppers
Cravings of the week? Orange juice, eggs, milk, chocolate
Sleep? Going well, still loving my maternity pillow, and have some minor cramping around 4 a.m…but the Dr. said it could be because of my full bladder.
Best moment this week? Hearing Baby’s heartbeat
Belly button? Still in
Movement? Still a little inconsistent, but Friday he was very active.  It feels like little flutters, and usually tickles so much I feel like I need to scratch my belly
What I miss? A Turkey Sub
Looking forward to?  One of my best friend’s Jess is coming into town for the weekend!
Weekly wisdom? Embrace every moment : )
Milestones? Half Way Point!!

19 Weeks!

I can’t believe I’m 29 years old and almost half way through my first pregnancy : )  Time is really flying and I am so happy and blessed with the many things in  my life. 
My parents came into town for the weekend to spend time with Jeff, Dan and I and we celebrated my birthday with BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, green beans, salad, cupcakes, and my favorite ice cream cake! (I felt the baby kick right after dinner so I think he’s going to be a meat and potatoes man!) The weather was next to perfect and we had a really nice time visiting and eating, and enjoying ourselves.  We got pizza and saw a movie on Friday night, then Saturday my Mom and I shopped a little bit and I got my first things for the baby’s room!  We’ve decided to go with a navy, white, light blue, gray theme and we picked up these baskets as well as a few onesies and a towel for our little guy : )

Baby Brewton’s first things!

After we shopped a little bit we headed into the city to celebrate a friends birthday and then got some sushi for dinner (Don’t worry, I only had cooked rolls and some lo mein )  Sunday my parents and I went to mass and we had breakfast at one of our favorite spots then Jeff came up and we enjoyed the 70+ degrees and sunshine and I got a new camera for my birthday!!!!  I have been wanting a nice camera for several months now and I am so happy with the one Dan picked out for me!  It’s much more complex than any camera I’ve ever owned before so I have been doing a lot of reading and using the dogs for practice.  Here are a few of my favorites I’ve taken so far!

Kuno looking mean in the play house!
Oscar and Kuno

I’m going to sign up for a photography class soon so I can really learn how to use it and keep practicing so I’ll be good by the time our little guy gets here : ) 

Dan had to leave town early Monday morning and I had a repeat ultrasound to try and get the remaining pictures of Baby Brewton’s organs and luckily he was cooperative.  He was not on his belly this time, in fact he was on his back and he was moving around quite a bit (One of my students parents told me to drink a glass of juice before my appointment to make sure he was awake and it worked!)  The ultrasound tech was able to get all of the pictures that she needed, and she went back and checked out his kidneys (because the previous ultrasound tech voiced a concern to the Dr. about the baby’s kidneys last week).  She assured me that everything looked great and that it may have just been that his kidneys were dilated because he needed to relieve himself and had not had a chance to do it before the last ultrasound.  She commented on his long fingers and his big feet and said it looks like we may have a big baby on our hands!  I told her my husband was 6’5″ and she said that would explain why!  Here’s the latest picture of our little man!

Baby Boy Brewton

So…..since everything looks great and I am healthy, I will not get to see the baby again until he’s born, unless something else comes up.  I’m a little bummed about that, but as long as he’s healthy and happy, I can wait til he’s born to see him again!

So here’s my weekly update!

How far along? 19 weeks

Total weight gain. Between 7 and 8 lbs

Symptoms? Stuffy nose, sneezing, a little cramping/stretching in my belly.

Maternity clothes? More and more every week, and Dan’s shirts have also become one of my favorite things : )

Cravings of the week? Meat and potatoes, peanut butter, fruit, and sweet/tart things.

Sleep? No problems falling asleep, but have been getting up around 4 every morning for the past few nights.  My stomach cramping/growling woke me up out of a dead sleep the other night and I had to eat a nutri grain bar and drink some water before I could fall back asleep.  I think he’s trying to get me used to his future 4 a.m feedings.

Best moment this week? Feeling him move more consistently, seeing my parents, and celebrating my birthday

Belly button? Innie but starting to stretch a little

Movement? Yes! A couple times a day : )  Usually feels like someone is lightly tickling me from inside my skin (sorry for the weird description) and sometimes feels like grumbles

What I miss? Sleeping on my belly or my back

Looking forward to? Picking out a name and starting to work on the nursery

Weekly wisdom? Be Thankful for the people in your life and all that you have!

Milestones? Almost half way through my pregnancy!