Davis at 7 and 8 Months

I told myself that I wouldn’t skip a monthly update so I can remember what Davis did at what time, I took pictures and had every intention of writing a post, but as you can see that got away from me.  So here I am 2 months after my last Davis update and finally taking the time to sit down and post again.

Life is busy and the days are sometimes long but time in general is short and I can’t believe my baby is already 8 months old


His 7th month was a little hectic complete with road trip to Ohio to celebrate my Grandma’s 80th birthday;


His first “real” sickness while in Ohio that required an antibiotic that coincided with teething, and not sleeping well, and not eating much, which resulted in a mean case of diaper rash along with a few other unpleasant side effects, but he battled it all and was still able to look as cute as could be and was also spoiled rotten 🙂


He topped (my charts) at around 16lbs 4oz and about 29″ long  He learned to sit on his own, and started “planking” and rocking back and forth a little bit.  His sleep was still a little off, most of the month partially due to being sick, and partially due to teething, and partially due to habit I’m sure.


We did lot’s of swimming and splashing and even took a couple of boat rides!


I’m really liking that Davis is able to be outside and go swimming this summer due to his December Birthday, so we’ve taken advantage of it as much as possible and have enjoyed it immensely.

Davis continues to be pretty much on par developmentally as Garrett was at 8 months but he is definitely still lighter than G was.  And it’s funny because in some pictures I think they look so similar

boys 8 mos

But in others, I think they look different

8 montsUntitled

What do you think??

This month according to my measurements Davis is 16lb 8oz and almost 30 inches tall, so he’s still a tall and skinny little thing.  Sometimes I wonder how his upper body can support his lower body.


But it does.  Perhaps we have a future yogi on our hands??

He wears 6-9 month clothes (if the 6 month clothes are long)

Size 2 diaper

Has 2 teeth (Finally!!)

Sleeps from 7:30 until between 6:30-7

He can transition from a sitting position to a crawling position and he can sit up from laying on his tummy.  He’s been scooting backwards for some time now but just recently has figured out how to move forward and is army crawling, but can also crawl a little bit as well.


He is capable of pulling himself up on certain structures (like our toy chest and the ottoman in his room) and if you stand him up against something he can hold his balance


He has become somewhat of a dare devil and I’m absolutely positive he is going to be our wild child. In fact…I just lowered his crib mattress last weekend.


He is still very vocal and has figured out he loves to blow raspberries, especially while having his picture taken


As I mentioned before, his bottom 2 teeth FINALLY popped through!!! G had teeth right when he turned 5 months old and really had no issues teething, and Davis has been the complete opposite.  They have taken their sweet time coming through and have been a bear the entire time.  His sleep habits were great as a newborn, and then he regressed between months 4 and 7.5 months and now is back to being a good sleeper!


He is happy most all of the time, but he does require a little more attention than Garrett did at this age.  He doesn’t like to play by himself but is happy as can be if you are just sitting next to him while he plays.  He will crawl right over to you and grab onto your arm, hands, fingers, whatever he can and he will stand himself up, and he would bounce up and down all day if you would let him.  He likes to laugh, and mimic sounds that you make, and he has quite the personality


He’s starting to take more of an interest in Garrett’s toys and G isn’t so sure he likes to share with him yet, but we are diligently working on that and I’m still really excited for when they can interact with one another more!

He grins from ear to ear when you go in to get him from his crib, he eats 3 solid meals a day (combination of pureed foods and whole foods) and he still nurses about 4 times a day.  He naps 2 or 3 times a day with a morning nap lasting about 45 minutes, and an afternoon nap usually lasting about 2 hours, and every once in a while he will require a little cat nap in the evening, but those days are getting fewer and farther between.  He’s one of the sweetest little guys on the planet and we love him so much!


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