Garrett at 2 years!


Where do I even begin????  It’s so hard for me to believe that it has already been two years since Dan and I went to the hospital excited, anxious, nervous, and without any idea what this itty bitty little baby would do to us.


Since 5:30 that Friday morning on June 24th 2011; we have become a family (of 4 none the less!)  Garrett has taught us more than we ever thought possible, and we consider ourselves some of the luckiest people in this world!

Since then, G has become his own unique little person and has grown so much!  It hardly seems possible that only 2 years ago he was this helpless little newborn who relied on us for his every need.


These days….he is is own very independent little boy.  He wants to do everything himself, and on his own time, and he constantly looks like he is trying to figure out the ways of the world.



We too, have grown as a family unit, learned from each other, supported one another, and loved unconditionally, even when we’ve been exhausted, tested to our limit, and pushed in ways we never imagined.


We had G’s 2nd Birthday Party this past Sunday, at our house/pool and even after some last minute rescheduling, we still had a great turnout and were so happy that so many of his friends were able to make it!


We had his 2 year well check last week and he’s still big and healthy!


  • Height: 39in/ >100%
  • Weight: 31lbs/89%
  • Head: 50cm/89%
  • Size 4/5 diapers
  • 2T/3T clothes
  • Size 9 shoe
  • 16 teethIMG_9539


  • Wakes between 6-7
  • Breakfast around 7:30-8
  • Playtime/walks/Gym
  • Playdates/pool/more playtime
  • Lunch around Noon
  • Naps immediately after,  for 2-3 hrs
  • Snack/Mickey/Playtime after he wakes up
  • Dinner around 5:30/6
  • Family of 4 time afterwards
  • Bath around 7:15
  • Bedtime 7:30/8


What he’s up to:

  • His vocabulary is getting bigger every day, and he is starting to string 2-3 words together though he’s still not speaking in sentences
  • He repeats a lot
  • Knows several animal sounds
  • Some colors
  • Knows the names of the family members he sees on a regular basis
  • Still a picky eater
  • He got a bounce house and an indoor trampoline for his birthday and he LOVES them both!


  • Running and jumping are two of his favorite things to do


  • He is still loves to play with water, pouring water from receptacle to receptacle, watering the flowers, playing in the water/pool, you name it, if water is involved, he’ll entertain himself for a long time with it
  • Seems to favor his left hand, though he does a lot with his right too
  • Throws balls very well over his head
  • Kicks balls
  • Jumps
  • Spins
  • Climbs on everything!
  • He asks for a green smoothie (si si) almost every single day


  • He’s usually pretty good with his brother (especially when Dan and I are not around) he’ll bring him toys, and play at his jumperoo with him, but if Davis is crying (which isn’t that often)  G sometimes gets anxious/stressed and smacks him on the head :-/  I have no doubt Davie will pay him back some day ;-


  • He loves to be outside and insists on going outside first thing every morning, throughout the day, and last thing every night
  • IMG_9704Walks up and down the steps just holding onto the railing
  • Still likes Mickey Mouse
  • Loves bubbles, balls, trucks, and snacks
  • Loves to help around the house
  • Not yet ready to potty train, but he knows what and where his potty is and will sit on it  (mainly because he likes to push the handle to “flush” it and it makes a car noise.)  I’m not going to push it because I now that when he is ready he will let us know
  • Out of school for the summer but will be going back to a different school (closer to home) come September
  • He makes me smile every day with his witty personality, his independence, his strong will, his genuine smile, his infectious laugh, and his calm demeanor. He may have the coloring/and features of my side of the family (a Brunner/Palmer)


But there is absolutely no doubt that he is his Fathers son 🙂


❤ I am a very lucky girl ❤

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