Davis at 9 Months

Happy 9 Months to our sweet Davie!!!


 Ok…so he’s actually almost 9.5 months, but who’s counting 😉 At least I took his pictures and am doing an update this month!


This kid seriously makes my heart smile, (and my head hurt at times) but I could not ask for a more perfect little man.  He’s stubborn, and silly, and smiley, and laughs all the time.  He’s as adventurous as they come and he is going to run circles around Garrett in no time!


Personality wise…these two are like night and day, but I love how they are both very much their own little people.  I think it will keep them interested in each other in the years to come.


Davis had a well check last week and his growth continues to climb steadily on the curve . He is still a little bit smaller than Garrett was but he seems to be stronger and more determined than G was at this age

Davie’s 9 month Stats:                                                                        G’s 9 month Stats:

Height: 30.5″ – 96th%                                                                            Height: 31″ – 97th %

Weight: 17lb 11.5oz- 17th%                                                                 Weight: 20lb 6oz – 50th%


Still only has 2 teeth but I feel like he’s working on more (come on teeth!!!!)


He sleeps from 7:30-6:00 or 6:30 (usually)

Naps from 9-9:45 or 10 and from about 1 or 2 to 3 or 3:30 (some days are shorter and some are longer)

He’s not always consistent but I try my best to get at least a little bit of time every day when they are both napping, so I can eat, shower, fold laundry, pick up the house, prep dinner (if I’m lucky) or simply just sit down for a few minutes and unwind. I sometimes amaze myself with how much I am able to get done in such a short amount of time.  It’s funny how kids bring out that quality in us.

Wears mostly 9 month clothes, and 12 month sleepers, not sure what shoe size he is yet, but I’d guess a 4??

Still in size 2 diapers

Nurses 4 times a day

Eats 3 solid meals plus some snacks every day

Quickly crawls everywhere including up the 2 steps to our bonus room


 Pulls up on everything and picks out his own toys.


He’s getting better at playing by himself but still prefers to have people playing or at least sitting by him most of the time.


Doesn’t really care for a paci, but will take it if he’s really tired

LOVES  soft fuzzy blankets

Enjoys being outside and putting everything in his mouth


Playing in the dogs bowls and Chasing after balls


Drinking water from a straw sippy or a camel back water bottle

Jumping, yelling, talking and blowing raspberries. He says baba and dada and loves to imitate us when we say those combinations.


Playing with ANYTHING his brother is playing with, and his brother is not a big fan of sharing.  Davis gets mad when Garrett has something he wants or when he doesn’t share, it’s pretty funny.  I’m having a really hard time getting them to “pose” for pictures together


But sometimes the candid ones are the best ones!


I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but I do know that these boys are loved more than they could ever possibly know

Happy 9 Months Davie Boy, we love you to the moon and back!!


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