Munchkin Meals

Last week Brittany did a link-up with fellow Mommy Bloggers to share what our little ones are eating.

I got a few great ideas from other Mom’s but our meals were a little boring yesterday so I apologize in advance for the lack of creativity and the poor quality iPhone pictures.


Scrambled eggs shared with mommy, turkey and cantaloupe


Annie’s organic bunnies and cheese, watermelon, and white meat chicken nuggets along with a veggie pouch(not pictured)

My Afternoon snack ūüôā

Carrots, cucumber and pretzels with hummus, shared with G


Cheese tortellini with marinara, sweet potatoes and pears

So, there you have it…lots of oranges and yellows/whites?? in these meals. I think tomorrow I will be sure to get some more color onto his plate

Have a Great Thursday!


Garrett’s 1st Birthday; Part 1

If you missed my post about my baby turning 1 year old, you can read it here.¬† Sunday was his birthday and although his big party isn’t until this coming Sunday we celebrated with our family and Dan’s family.¬† They’ve recently bought a house in our neighborhood and are living between here and their home in Pensacola.¬† I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to have family close by!¬† It’s¬†great to just say Hello whenever we want, to drop off the little guy for a couple hours so I can run errands or to have someone come over to our house to put G to bed so Dan and I can go out to dinner.¬†¬†We are so happy they’re here!¬† We’ve also got my parents, another one of my brothers, my Grandma, and some Aunts, Uncles, and cousins coming into town this weekend to spend some time¬†on the Lake¬†for Garrett’s party and the 4th and¬†we are so excited to have¬†the company!

I will do a post after Garrett’s First Birthday Party next week, but wanted to share some¬†pictures from his actual birthday because they are just too cute not to!

Our day started out pretty normal, G was up about 6:15 like usual we gave him his sippy of milk and brought him into bed with us for a little while before heading downstairs for his favorite PANCAKES!!!¬† The special thing was that Dan made Garrett’s into the shape of Mickey Mouse…..and he¬†loved it!

After breakfast we played for a while and then I ran a few¬†errands with¬†Dan’s¬†Mom while G napped, and then went to the pool with his Daddy!

We did a little more playing and attempted to do a little more napping but that didn’t work so well so I baked G’s birthday cake and when it was time we headed over to Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Rich’s house for dinner!¬† Another nice thing about having family so close, we had a nice homecooked meal and I didn’t have to do anything for it ūüôā

¬†Garrett got to play with his toys over at the Grandparent’s house

He had fun with Grandpa Rich

 He saw his special birthday chair

And we had a nice family dinner

Then it was time to get ready for cake!

We sang and blew out his candle

And gave him his hunk of cake….at first he wasn’t too sure what to do with it

But he quickly figured it out and then there was no stopping him!

He even decided to share a little bit ūüôā

And¬†ended up looking¬†like this…

After a quick facetime chat with¬†Nana Pam and Grandpa Paul it was into the tub (well the sink at first)¬†and then onto the presents (which unfortunately…G has no interest in opening, but does like the playing)

We¬†played until his “sugar high” wore off and he was ready for bed, then made the short walk home to put him down!

It was a great day and we can’t wait to celebrate all over again next weekend!!

I think it’s safe to say Garrett¬†thoroughly enjoyed himself…

….and his¬†birthday cake too!

12 Months Old!

The time has finally come….I’ve oficially used up my last monthly tie because my baby turned 1 year on Sunday!¬†(I’ll do a separate ¬†Part 1 Birthday post tomorrow…part 2 will follow after his party this weekend)

It’s a bittersweet moment for me, and hard to believe that he is no longer my little baby, but he has now oficially entered the toddler era.¬† Some say that they don’t consider their kids toddlers until they are at least walking (which G is not doing alone yet) but other websites consider them to be toddlers once they’ve reached the 1 year mark.¬† Either way, this has been the best, most challenging, but also the most¬†incredible year of my life, and I am so proud of my little man.¬† He’s taught his Dad and I so much about life¬†and we are thrilled to be his parents!

G had his 1 year check-up yesterday complete with 4 shots and a finger prick!!¬† Poor little guy, he was a tropper although he really hates being poked and prodded (don’t we all!)

Here are his 12 months stats!!

  • Height: 33.5 inches (>97%)
  • Weight: 22 lbs 14 oz (50%)
  • Head Circumference: 47cm (75%)

Our Pediatrician always tells us what a Good Job we’re doing whenver we see him, which is reassuring coming from a Dr.¬† He’s given us the go ahead to wean G off of all bottles (which¬†we have¬†pretty much done already)¬† He gets a sippy cup of whole milk in the morning when he wakes up (about 5oz) before his morning and afternoon¬†naps (about 4oz each time) and a bottle before bed (about 6-7oz)¬† So total, he gets around 20 oz of milk per day along with his 3 meals and a snack (water with all of these)¬† Our Pediatrician says he should be getting between 10-20 oz of milk each day so I guess we’re doing alright.¬† If he doesn’t want all of his milk, he won’t drink it, and his eating habits have stayed strong, so we’re going to continue on the higher end of the milk/per day with the hopes that all the calcium will give him the strenth to¬†be able to walk unassisted sooner rather than later.

  • He has no problem walking¬†and actually prefers it¬†as long¬†as he has something or someone’s finger to hold on to while doing it.¬† I think he’s just a little bit scared, and I’m sure he will get it on his own soon enough

  • He’s still pulling up on everything, and cruising along furniture all of the time

  • He’s learned with just a small hand signal from me¬†that he has to turn himself around before¬†safely going down the stairs

  • If he doesn’t like the way something feels on his knees he will bear crawl his way across it

  • Hes likes to take things off or out of something¬†and then put them back on or in, and constantly finds things to do this with

  • He’s a great¬†eater, and drinker
  • Wears size 12-18 month clothes
  • Size 6 shoes
  • Size 3 or 4 diaper
  • Loves¬†to be¬†outside

  • Specifically with his doggies

  • Still has 8 teeth and I think some of his molars are starting to work their way in
  • He smiles, laughs and giggles all of the time, especially when Daddy throws him up in the air and catches him

It’s hard to believe that in just 12 short months, he has gone from this…

To this…


Garrett…you are the best thing that has ever happened to your Dad and I.¬† We couldn’t be happier or feel more lucky that we were the ones chosen to be your parents.¬† Everything about you is infectious….I can’t help but stare in wonder of all of the things you do.¬† Your giggles make my heart smile, and your smile will light up an entire room!¬† You continue to amaze us every day of our lives and we are so proud of the little person you have already become.

Thank you for giving our lives a purpose, you are the best and most handsome little man in this entire world, and we love you more than you will ever know!

Munchkin Meals

My friend¬†Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life¬†participates in¬†a weekly What I ate Wednesday post and lately she’s been adding in what she feeds her 9 month old¬†little girl¬†as well.¬† These posts have generated lots of interest among other new Mom’s, myself included, as we’re all trying to come up with new ideas of what to feed our little ones.¬† That being said, she’s decided to¬†do a post called Munchkin Meals featuring the meals that she and fellow bloggers give to their kids throughout a typcial day with the hope that we can bounce ideas off of one another and¬†liven up our kids plates, and their palates.

munchkin meals

My son Garrett will be¬†1 on Sunday and he eats 3 solid meals a day along with a snack and about 3 cups/bottles about 6 oz each¬†of milk.¬† I try as much as I can to give him what I am eating but sometimes that just doesn’t work.¬† He’s always been a great¬†eater, and will try anything but he definitely has his favorites (as we all do)

Below you’ll find a snapshot of what¬†G eats, although the foods obviously change, I try to make sure he gets a protein, a fruit and/or a veggie, and a complex carb at every meal.¬† This is what yesterday looked like for us!

At breakfast he is generally really hungry and eats a lot.¬† I put him in his high chair and give him some puffs or dried fruit to hold him over while I prepare his meal, and if I’m not fast enough….he lets me know!

We split yesterdays breakfast after our morning walk at 8:00 a.m.

  • Homemade blueberry pancakes with a little bit of butter and real maple syrup
  • a scrambled egg
  • pears.
  • I had orange juice, and Garrett had water.

G didn’t want to take his¬†morning nap yesterday so when we were on our way home from the gym around 11:45¬†he crashed in the car and slept until 2:00 making for a very late lunch (he usually eats lunch around noon) so again, he was really hungry!

  • Half of a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Avocado cut into chunks

  • and more blueberries which should make for an interesting diaper!

Since lunch was late, so was dinner.¬† G usually eats around 5 but I didn’t feed him until 6 last night.¬† Again he ate what I ate

  • Grilled BBQ chicken
  • Corn on the cob, cut from the cob for G and cooked to perfection in the microwave!!! (Have you heard how to do this?¬† It’s amazing, and after it’s cooked you literally just shake the corn from the husks and silks and it comes out perfectly clean and deliciously¬†sweet¬†every time!!!!!)
  • Orzo pasta salad with tomatoes, yellow peppers, arugla, basil, goat cheese and little bit of Newman’s Own Light Red Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil (the orzo is a little difficult for G to pick up, but he at least gets the veggies)
  • Watermelon

I am trying to get him to learn to eat from a plate but I usually only put a little bit of food at a time or else it all ends of on the floor for the dogs to eat.

Not pictured were¬†the puffs and¬†yogurt melts that he snacked on during our walk and our¬†Target run!¬† So…nothing too fancy, and we¬†do lots of repeat meals although¬†I really do try to feed him what I eat, because it’s just easier for me.¬†¬† Some other staples in our house are¬†ravioli,¬†diced ham,¬†sweet potatoes, organic mandarin oranges, frozen peas,¬†deli turkey meat, bananas, greek yogurt, and pretty much whatever fresh produce I have or¬†what¬†I’ve got in my fridge!¬† I’m looking forward¬†to hopefully picking up a few new meal¬†ideas!

And some after dinner entertainment with my favorite boys!

What are your staples for your¬†Little Munchkin’s Meals??

Here we go Again!!

So our little man is just a mere 5 days away from his first birthday!¬† I seriously cannot believe that just about a year ago I was at the Dr being told that they were going to induce me and we were finally going to be able to meet the sweet little guy who had been rolling around¬†and hiccuping in my belly for what felt like so long!¬† Now almost a year has gone by and I¬†just want time to slow down he’s getting so big so fast!

And he doesn’t seem to be the only one of us getting bigger ūüėČ

Yep, ¬†he’s definitely not the only one getting bigger,¬†but¬†he is going to be¬†the¬†Big Brother!!!!!!!!

Hard to believe that I am only about 11.5 weeks¬†¬†pregnant in this picture.¬† I am living proof that you show much earlier with the second one.¬† I was probably about 18 or 19 weeks before I looked like this with G, although, my uterus didn’t even get a full year to shrink back to it’s normal size after having Garrett, so I guess it is to be expected.

So yes, we are expecting another little one due to arrive on December 30th 2012!!¬† I think it will be a New Years Baby, but we shall see!¬† Our newest addition¬†and G will be almost exactly 18 months apart!¬† Some may think that is pretty close, and it is, but it’s also pretty common.¬† One of my brothers and myself are 17 months apart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! ¬†We have a great¬†relationship¬†and I know that the proximity in our age has a lot to do with that.¬† My hopes are that Garrett and his little¬†brother or sister¬†will grow up to be best buds, and the farther along I get the more excited I become to add another little addition to our family!

You’re probably wondering if we were “trying” and I can’t say that we were planning it down to the due date but Dan and I have always known that we wanted to have at least 2 that were close in age, so we took on the whatever happens happens approach and I am extremely fortunate that I seem to be a fertile Myrtle, but I’m pretty sure that runs in my family ūüôā so when we found out we were kind of like “well alright…here we go again!”¬† I’ve been excited about this pregnancy since we found out, but I’ve had other emotions as well.¬† Some days I would be super pumped and feel like I could take on the world, and others I would find myself saying what the hell am I doing?¬† I’m still¬†trying to figure out how to be a good Mother to my one child, how am I going to do 2??? But I’ve been reassured that these feelings are all normal, and I’m lucky enough to have the best husband in the world to figure it all out with.¬† Of course I’ve had my moments of anxiety, specifically before each of my Dr’s appointments, but I’ve had 3 ultrasounds all of which showed a strong heartbeat, and I had my 12 week appointment today where again, I was able to hear the heartbeat through the doppler device.¬† Not to mention my girlfriend is letting me borrow her handheld doppler so I can listen whenever I feel the need.

My symptoms have been pretty similar to those I had with Garrett, although my first telltale sign that I was pregnant came when I was using my favorite bath and body works lotion (that I’ve been using for years) and it smelled much different than it normally does.¬† I almost didn’t want to use it again because it smelled so musty to me!¬† My sense of smell is crazy, I like spicy foods, others seem bland, I’ve been a little more nauseous, but haven’t been sick, ground meat repulses me, and fruits and veggies are my go to snack; also… I am absolutely exhausted, but my Husband swears (even though I think he’s nuts,) that I was this tired with G too.¬†I try to lay down and nap or just relax when G takes his afternoon nap and I’m usually in bed before 10 pm.¬† But other than that, I’m feeling good!¬† Really the only other difference with this one is that the heart rate has been consistently higher than Garrett’s was.¬† G’s was always between 150-155 and this one is usually in the upper 160’s or 170’s. ¬†Dan is convinced that this one is a girl…I think it may be too, but I’m not 100% sure yet, only 6 more weeks until we can find out! My belly started popping out a few weeks ago, and it just gets more and more obvious every day.¬† I’m just about not able to fit into my pre-pregnancy shorts/pants, so it’s back to the maternity drawers I go!¬† Luckily I have plenty of summer maternity clothes from last year that I’ll be able to wear, but since I wasn’t very pregnant in the winter with G I’ll have to invest in some winter clothes.¬† Although, if our fall/winter this year is as mild as it was last year, I may be in pretty good shape!

Alright…this post has gone on long enough….thanks for sticking with me through it.¬† I’ll continue to do updates on Baby #2 whenever something neat happens along with my other posts!

Now to lay down for a few minutes before G wakes up from his nap ūüôā

Have a Great Tuesday!