Munchkin Meals

Last week Brittany did a link-up with fellow Mommy Bloggers to share what our little ones are eating.

I got a few great ideas from other Mom’s but our meals were a little boring yesterday so I apologize in advance for the lack of creativity and the poor quality iPhone pictures.


Scrambled eggs shared with mommy, turkey and cantaloupe


Annie’s organic bunnies and cheese, watermelon, and white meat chicken nuggets along with a veggie pouch(not pictured)

My Afternoon snack 🙂

Carrots, cucumber and pretzels with hummus, shared with G


Cheese tortellini with marinara, sweet potatoes and pears

So, there you have it…lots of oranges and yellows/whites?? in these meals. I think tomorrow I will be sure to get some more color onto his plate

Have a Great Thursday!

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  1. Emily Sutton

     /  June 28, 2012

    We have that same bib (set) ! 🙂


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