Ohio Trip

Last weekend, Garrett and I hopped on a plane and flew to Ohio for a visit with my family.  And with a little help from Mickey, some new books, and lots of snacks, G was a champ!

Every year I try to make a trip up North to check out the leaves, and get my fall Ohio fix.  Our visit was a little earlier this year, so the leaves had just started to change, but we still saw some colors, got fresh apple cider, and enjoyed the cooler temps.

View at Patterson Farms

 We had a super busy weekend (which we always do when we’re in town) and tried to fit in as many visits with family members and friends as possible and I think we did pretty well considering we were only there for 3 days.  G got some QT with Grandpa Paul on Friday while my Mom and I spent some time at the Salon.

Playdate with Grandpa Paul at Uncle Nick’s Shop

Visiting GiGi

Playing the piano with Auntie Manda

Garrett had his first real run-in with a  younger baby(cousin Lauren’s 4.5 month old Nolan) which for the most part he couldn’t have cared less about, but he did become a little bit curious when I was holding him.

Who is this other baby in my Mommy’s lap??

At the pumpkin patch

Practicing his running!

Snapshot with Grandma Pam

We had a clam bake at my parents house on Saturday night and Uncle Randy and Uncle Jace came out, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of G with them (Fail)  However, Garrett loved playing outside and running away from Bodie, he was soooo good with him!

Riding on Cousin Bodie

On Sunday we all went to Mass and attempted to make it through breakfast too, but I think the Priest’s homily lasted a bit too long for Garrett.   He had to make an early exit because with the combination of being run around like crazy, and his schedule being thrown off along with 2 molars coming in and a few missed naps he was exhausted.  So back to Grandma and Grandpa’s he went to nap (while I got busy on some delicious pumpkin bars) to take to meet all of my best girlfriends’ baby girls!!

Homemade pumpkin bars with cream cheese swirls

After G woke up from his morning nap we packed up and headed over to my friend Jess’s parents house to see/meet everyone!  Avery and G were a bit outnumbered, but they didn’t seem to mind.  Again, Garrett didn’t really get a chance to interact with the little babies (between nursing sessions and naps we were lucky to get this one picture all together ) but Avery was nice enough to share his toys so he did get to play with him a little bit.

Erica and Lily (7 weeks) Erin and Alisz (7 months) Jess and Elle (11 weeks) Me and G (15 months) Amanda and Annabel (3 weeks) and Wheezy and Avery (Almost 9 Months)

After our visit with my friends we headed out to see Great Grandpa Brunner and Marguerite before grabbing a quick bite to eat and making it to the airport for our flight

My apologies for the blurry iphone picture, I forgot to bring in my good camera and G was about done getting his picture taken. Either way, we captured 4 generations!

We had a late flight on Sunday evening, so I had a feeling that G would have a hard time if I couldn’t get him to sleep before hand, and of course I couldn’t so we had a good 20 minutes of crying before he finally passed out in my arms on the plane.  Thankfully no one said anything mean (at least that I heard) on the flight and he slept for the rest of the way but boy were we happy to see Daddy waiting for us at the airport!!  Traveling with a toddler is stressful enough, but traveling alone with a toddler while 27 weeks pregnant is a whole different ball game!  I was so lucky that Garrett did as well as he did, but I can’t say that I’ll be doing it again in the near future.

Our weekend away was action packed and lots of fun and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I won’t be back until late winter/early spring with not just one but TWO little ones (definitely driving) but time with family and friends that you don’t get to see very often is priceless…

…and getting to share this smile with the people who you love makes it all worth while.


Weekend in Ohio

Garrett and I flew to Ohio last Thursday to celebrate babies and graduations with my favorite girlfriends and spend time with my family.  It was my first time flying solo with Garrett and luckily it was a super short flight, but he did really well overall.  I tried to schedule our flights around his naptimes, and I’m happy to report that he slept on both!

My Dad picked us up from the airport on Thursday afternoon and we met my Mom for lunch on our way back to their house.  Garrett thoroughly enjoyed his grilled cheese sandwich and mandarin oranges, and was happy to be able to move around and play afterwords.  On Thursday evening my Grandma,

G and his Great Grandma Ruth

and sister in law came over for dinner and got to spend some QT with the Little Man as well!  G loved being chased around and entertained by his Aunt Manda!

He also got to play a lot with Grandma Pam

and Grandpa Paul finally got to show Garrett his backhoe!  Even though he wasn’t to sure about it this time…

 we think he’ll warm up to it by next time.

  He spent time with Uncle Tim, Uncle Randy and Cousin Bodie

and LOVED the big back yard he had to crawl around in!

We also got to catch up with a lot of the Brunner’s during my cousin’s engagement party, Tim and I ran a 5K to benefit our old Elementary School, and I got to hang out with my best friends at Jess’s Baby Shower! (She’s due on July 5th with a little girl!)  We also celebrated Amanda’s graduation from CSU!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all 5 of us, but it was so great to catch up with everyone!

We flew back to Charlotte early Sunday morning so I could spend Mother’s Day with our little family and it was everything I could have hoped it would be.  The house was clean when I got home and Dan had bought me some Stargazer Lily’s….my favorite, along with a card from him and a card from Garrett.  He also hung my pictures in my stairwell for my gallery wall that I have been meaning to do for months now and I didn’t cook or do any dishes all day long.  I even got to nap!  It was a perfect ending to an already great weekend, and I feel so lucky to be this little guy’s Momma 🙂

April so Far

It’s felt like a whirlwind of a few weeks since my last post.  Between traveling for Easterand having visitors, getting our new boat and training for my Triathlon (which is only 9 days away!!!!!!!!) we’ve been pretty busy!  Garrett is getting bigger and braver every day and it seems like he is getting closer and closer to being able to walk on his own, although, I’m pretty sure we’ve still got some time before we’re chasing him all over the house 😉

We flew back down to Florida to see Dan’s parents for Easter and had a wonderful time!

Garrett got lots of time swimming in his pool,

 and even went to the beach and into the ocean for the first time since he was only 10 weeks old!

He seemed to like the water even though the Gulf was still pretty chilly, but he wasn’t too sure about the whole sand thing 🙂  We’re hoping that he warms up to it a bit more next time

He also got to play with his Grandma and Grandpa Brewton a Lot!!

He especially liked showing everyone how well (and fast) he is crawling now!

We’re home now for a while and don’t have any visitors planned in the near future, and are hoping to get in some lake time on our new boat!

She’s sure to be the reddest boat on all of LKN!!! And since I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time on our boat last year, I’m hoping this year I get to make up for it.  I haven’t been on a wakeboard in a while and I’m anxious to see if I can still do it!  But first….we’ve got to get G warmed up to his life jacket……so far, he’s not much of a fan 😦  which in turn makes for a little less enjoyment when we’re on the Lake, but we’re not giving up……he’s going to have to get used to it sooner or later!!!

Even though he can be a little stinker sometimes……..he’s still the cutest baby I know 😉

We’re hoping to give the boat thing another go this weekend!  Fingers crossed it goes a little bit better than last time!

Got anything fun planned for your weekend???