Weekend Recap

Whew!  I finally feel back like I’m back on track after our Impromptu Family Beach Trip for Labor Day Weekend!  We had a great time watching Garrett explore the beach, he had so much fun!

With last week being a short week, I had a lot of catching up to do  and was happy to have “nothing in the books” for this past weekend.  We spent a lot of time as a family and did a few fun things to go along with it.  Here’s a snapshot of the weekend

Saturday was spent at home and at Taco Mac for a boys lunch out with Daddy, Caden and his Dad, while I got some me time at the nail salon

Cheering on the Buckeyes!

Riding on his motorcycle

The cooler temps on Sunday meant yard work for Dan and meal planning for me while G took his morning nap, followed by lots of time outside

Trying to convince G that walking outside is really not that bad

Playing with his Doggies

And after a family trip to the Grocery Store, G (not so happily) got his first haircut!!!!!

First haircut!!

His certificate, before, and after shots

While G took his afternoon nap, I got busy in the kitchen baking my first ever homemade loaf of French Bread and Lentil Soup!  It was pretty yummy, but G was happy with his own dinner 🙂

Yummy Ravioli!

Now it’s Monday again, so we’ve been busy!  We were at the Dr. this morning because Garrett got a few bug bites while playing outside all weekend that swelled up and now look like knots on his head, so I naturally got worried and took him in to be sure it wasn’t anything serious.  Turns out, it isn’t at all, they don’t seem to be bothering him and since he’s still so young and hasn’t had many bug bites in his days, his body is reacting to them in its’ own way.  Hopefully they’ll go down and sooner rather than later his immune system will build up a tolerance to bug bites and he won’t look like he’s knocked his head multiple times!!

After the Dr. we went to to the Gym for my favorite class, Monday’s spinning and strength, and G didn’t get his 30 minute power nap this morning so of course he passed out on our 7 minute ride home at noon.  Luckily I was able to wake him, feed him lunch and put him back down without any problems.  These 2-3 hour afternoon naps are nice!


So…was our weekend fancy and exciting???  Not so much, but honestly those are usually the weekends that I cherish the most.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing this smile!




Have a Fantastic Week!!

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