1 Month and Lots of Visitors!

If this isn’t one of the sweetest pictures you’ve ever seen than I don’t know what is : )  A little biased I know, but still…He sure is a handsome little man!  And already 1 month old to boot!  Where has the time gone!!!  It feels like just yesterday I was swollen and pregnant and waddling into the hospital so excited and sooo anxious to meet our little man, and now it’s been a month, it’s gone super fast and at the same time it feels like we’ve had him forever!  I can’t imagine life without him : )  It’s been quite the adventure and Dan and I couldn’t be happier!!

I am down 30 lbs so about 5 more to go, and it feels great to have lost so much weight already!!!…but my body isn’t even close to what it used to be.  Even though the majority of the weight is gone I have this pooch where I used to have abs, and it’s the most stubborn pooch in the world.  I’m so anxious to go to the Dr. for my 6 week post partum appointment to hopefully get the go ahead to really start workin it and getting my muscle tone back : )

Garrett has been quite the busy little man the last couple of weeks with all of the company we’ve had.   He’s now met all of his Aunt’s and Uncles, and one of his Great Grandmother’s as well!  It’s was so nice to have family in town and even better to get to show him off and just to see the interactions between the siblings and Garrett.  I think I can safely say he has completely stolen the heart of every family member who he has come into contact with.  Unfortunately I wasn’t as great with my camera as I had hoped to be and didn’t get pictures of him with all of his Uncles, but I do have a couple.

Aunt Amanda is smitten : )


Uncle Randy doesn’t want to leave!

Grandma Pam and Great Grandma Ruth
Handsome just like Daddy : )


4 Generations!

 So yes, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, but we are so happy to have had so many people meet him already!  Gramma Lynn is coming back in a few weeks : ) and we’re hoping to introduce Garrett to more of the extended family in the next few months!

It feels kind of funny to say this, because I used to always update you on my growing progress, but now I get to update you on Garrett’s! 
We had our 1 month check up last Monday, and Garrett is a growing machine!  Just to give you a point of reference, When he was born he weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 20 in long.  At his 2 week check up, he weighed 8lbs 2 oz (they didn’t give me his height) and at his 1 month check up he weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs 15.5 oz (75th percentile)!!!!!!  And 22 3/4 in (85th percentile)!  I was shocked, and I’m still not sure that the weight was right, I swear my hand was touching him : ) but regardless, he’s no longer a skinny little thing, he’s getting to be a Big Boy! 
I’m not sure if you realize, but 2lbs and 13.5oz is a LOT of weight to gain in only 2 weeks (The average weight a baby gains is 1 oz per day….Garrett is on the 2oz a day train!!!) so of courseI was immediately worried and asked the Dr if he was ok.  He asked a couple of questions, like is he a happy baby or is he miserable, is he spitting up a lot, etc.  He’s generally a happy baby.  He fusses when he’s tired, hungry wet, or cold, and that’s usually it.  And he spits up occasionally, but all babies do at this age, so the Dr. said he’s fine and we’re doing great, but because I have an overabundant supply of milk that I should cut back to only letting him nurse from one side per feeding.  We’re hoping his rapid weight gain slows down here before his 2 month check up or he’ll be wearing 6 month clothes!  He’s a growing boy, and he likes to eat…..what can I say.  So, we’re doing really well and we’re very happy.

Here are some of the things Garrett likes to do now:

*Smile : )
*Kick his legs like crazy!
*Lay on his Baby Einstein Mat (This is one of the only toys we have that he will lay contently and happily on
  for an extended period of time
*Flirt (he’s got a killer smirk and a dimple to go along with it : )
*He’ll lay on his tummy for a few minutes at a time, and is able to hold his head up for short periods as well, but tummy time is not his favorite
*Take walks with Mommy
*Be outside in the warmth (although he doesn’t like to open his eyes when it’s really sunny)
*Fans (if there’s one in the room he’ll find it and just stare at it)
*Eat (as if you didn’t gather that one ; )
*And be held, although he doesn’t demand to be held to fall asleep, and he’s been sleeping in his crib like a big boy (it was harder on me than it was on him, and he’s literally in the room next to us : )

Developmentally I think he’s right on track…

                                                           …aside from his massive feet : )

and I love watching him from day to day to experience the new things he’s beginning to do!

Sorry this post is a little late, I’m actually going to post another soon for weeks 5/6 with some pictures of Garrett’s first time on the boat!