Davis at 10 Months

Double Digits.



10 wonderful months since we welcomed him into our family


2 more months until we celebrate his 1st birthday!


Time has gone too quickly, and he’s grown so much, but I love watching him become a little boy.

His personality shines through in everything he does (especially if he knows he shouldn’t be doing it)


And his smiles are infectious


He probably weighs a little more than 18 lbs and is around 31″ tall, but he won’t go back for another well check until he turns 1, so these are just my guestimates


He loves off roading in the cozy coupe


and crawling after balls


He’s starting to enjoy the slide, though he’s still a little bit unsure of it


He still only has his bottom two teeth (G had 6 when he was 10 months!!)


So absolutely everything is still going into his mouth and he is drooling with the best of them


Kuno is his buddy


But both dogs are very protective of him


He wears mostly 9 but some 12 month clothes, and he’s in 12 month sleepers, still a size 2 diaper for my skinny little man.  Eats 3 solid meals a day along with some snacks and nurses 4 times a day.  Some days we will work in a bottle as well.

He had his first visit to the pumpkin patch



Practices jumping on the trampoline daily


and absolutely LOVES to help me get his brother up from nap.  G plays peek a boo with him when we come into the room…it’s pretty adorable


And Davis wants so badly to do everything his brother does.  He’s very observant of him, and if he sees him do something or hears him laugh he is quick to join in


He always has been and still is, for the most part, a very happy little guy (with the exception of his top two teeth still working their way in) he is sweet and smart and so charismatic and I am so lucky to be his Mom.


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