27 Weeks!

Third Trimester…..Here I Come!

So Baby Center says I’m 27 weeks which is true, and What to Expect says I am beginning my 28th week, which is also true and that means, I am just about to enter into my third trimester!!!!!  Yahoo!  What an amazing feeling it is to know that in 12-13 more weeks we will meet our Baby Boy : )  The nursery is finished, my registeries are finished, Garrett consistently rolls, kicks, and moves all over the place, and my showers are about a month away!  It’s all becoming so much more real, and I couldn’t be more excited!

In my last post I showed pictures of the nursery, and I talked a little bit about my chair.  We didn’t really know what to go for at first, standard rocker with a wooden frame, upholstered rocker and ottoman etc, but none of the chairs we looked at really stood out, until my Mother in Law threw a robe over a standard chair in the nursery that was a “searsuckerish” pattern and TADAA!!!  We had our perfect chair!
Lucky for me, we have an incredible Home Goods Store down the road that just so happened to have “our” chair for much cheaper than any other chair we looked at, and the only thing it was lacking was a
rocker/glider frame.  But, lucky for me again, I’m married to a man who can do just about anything, so,with a little team work aka Lynn buying a rocker from a mission store and sending the base to us, Dan coming up with a plan to mount the base to the chair, add the right tools, and voila we had our Perfectly Perfect Chair!
Now the nursery is completely furnished all I have left to do is wash all the bedding and put up some pictures. 
Everything else is going Great!  Dan has been able to feel Garrett move and he smiles every time : ) I started my photography class a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it and learning a lot!  My teacher is a professional photographer and he’s done some really great photos!  Check out his website/blog:  www.jeremyigo.com/blog  I’m going to have him take some maternity photos for me in the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to that!  My good friend Susan’s shower is this weekend and I’m very excited for her!  I had a blast shopping for her gifts, and you guessed it, it made me even more excited for my showers!
My cravings have become more specific…..lately it’s been carbs and sweets!  I’m obsessed with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and chocolate ice cream, as well as pasta salad, sushi with fresh ginger (weird I know),Quaker Oats Cereal and Chocolate Milk
 My next Doctor’s appointment is on Monday, where I will have an ultrasound to check on Baby Garrett’s measurements, my glucose screening to test for Gestational Diabetes, and my General Check Up!  I will post an update afterwards to let you know how we’re doing!
But for Now…
How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain. 18-19 lbs

Symptoms? Swollen feet and an achy back at the end of the day

Maternity clothes? For Sure!
Cravings of the week? Sweets and Carbs

Sleep? Good after Garrett settles down : )
Best moment this week? Shopping for Susan’s baby shower gifts

Belly button? Stretching

Movement? Consistent kicks, punches, jabs, and rolls : )
What I miss? A cold beer on a sunny day!

Looking forward to?  Seeing our little Guy on Monday!

Weekly wisdom? If your feet are swollen go for a walk and put your feet up….works like a charm for me!

Milestones? Heading into the FINAL TRIMESTER!!!!!!!

Garrett’s Nursery

What a Weekend!!
So the weekend has come and gone,Garrett’s nursery is finally finished and I couldn’t be happier with it!!!
I have never really been one who has an eye for decorating, but I do know what I like, and I’m usually pretty good at explaining my ideas to someone and having them run with it. Lucky for me, my Mother in law is AWESOME at this sort of thing, and she really enjoys doing it! 

We’ve had our furniture and bedding for a few weeks now, we had a color scheme in mind, and I’ve been picking up decorative things here and there, but the room needed to be painted and it was killing me to not be able to put everything together.  Dan’s Mom agreed to paint for us, and help put everything together and I was so excited to have her here and get the nursery finished!!  She flew in from Florida on Thursday afternoon and we looked at the paint samples that I had picked out.   Since our furniture is white, I knew I wanted to paint the walls a color that would really make it POP.  Originally I thought about a navy blue, and use my furniture and other decorations to accent it, but the room is small, and we didn’t want to make it look even smaller so we resorted to a blue that is not navy or royal by any means, but not light blue or baby blue either.  It is called steel blue, and it is beautiful!!  We cleared out the room and Lynn immediately got to preparing to paint.  Here are some before pictures….

 The room looks pink because it was a little girls room before we lived here and the fan had pink shades over each light bulb.
I had to work on Friday and knew that Lynn was going to start painting early that morning but I thought she may be on the second coat by the time I got home.  Boy was I wrong!  She had both coats on and dry, and she and Dan were bringing the furniture into the room and beginning to assemble the crib when I walked in the door!  I was amazed at how different it looked and fell in love with the color right away!  We assembled the crib and began placing things in the room but I knew we still needed a few key pieces to make it complete.  Since it was 85 degrees on Friday we went up to the boat and relaxed for a bit, and decided to get up early on Saturday to shop around for a chair, lamp, table, and changing table.  
We stuck to our plan and were on the road by 9:00 Saturday morning headed off to do some serious shopping.  We picked up the floor lamp and a really cute table, and hit up a few craft stores to get some decorative things, and looked and looked and looked some more for a chair but couldn’t find anything that we had to have.  Originally I thought I wanted a glider rocker, but after seeing the room, I thought an upholstered chair would be easier to work with.  We went home to eat some lunch and check on Dan (he had mulch delivered to the house and had trimmed all the bushes in the front of the house and spread all the mulch in the beds by the time we got home, and it also looks great!  Lynn and I played with the room some more and decided that an upholstered chair with a “searsucker” type pattern would be perfect for the room, and lucky for me, when my Mom was in town the last time we saw a chair that was exactly what we wanted.  Even though it isn’t a rocker, we decided that Dan and Rich (his Dad) could rig something from another rocker to make it do what we wanted.  We put the letters abover the crib, added the table, chair and ottoman, and found a changing table today that we assembled and put in the room to make it complete!  I’m pretty sure it has become my new favorite room in the house, and it will be perfect for our little guy!  Check it out : )
Changing table

Dresser and Mirror

Right corner of the room with chair and crib
Here are a few of my favorite little details


See the different sports balls on the mirror : )

Cute chair, ottoman and table

His Name : )

Best I could do of getting the most in the picture

So…there you have it!  Garrett’s nursery is finished for now, but I’m sure after my shower, I’ll have lots more to add to it.  I am in LOVE with it, and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!
Thanks for all the help Lynn, I couldn’t have done it without you : )
I’ll post an update on my next blog post……just know that I am still feeling great and getting even more excited!

24 Weeks Down…..16 to Go!!


First view from the front….a little scary!

                   6 Months!

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant!!  It feels like it was just yesterday when I was talking to my Mom and just praying to get through 3 months with good news.  Now I’m coming up on my third trimester and before we know it, we’ll be meeting our baby boy! Thankfully, I have had a pretty comfortable pregnancy and I’m still feeling great, just a few minor aches and pains that are to be expected.  Hopefully I can keep up the “feeling great thing” for a little while longer!

Big Belly!

  I had my 24 week check-up this afternoon.  It was another routine one, weight (still on track) blood pressure (120/70, Normal on the first reading Yay!!) Hearbeat (151, one of my favorite noises : ) And for the first time they measured my fundal height with a measuring tape. The fundal height is the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus.  They do this to make sure you are on track with your due date, by measuring size, growth rate, and position.  Generally, your fundal height in centimeters should roughly equal the number of weeks you are pregnant, and they give you a 4 cm window so since I’m 24 weeks, I should be measuring between 22 and 26 cm, however, I was measuring 27 cm today, so a little big.  The Dr. told me it was more than likely nothing to be worried about, and when I asked her what may cause a larger measurement she told me it could be several things.  He could be laying funny, have a larger head (like the Robare babies on Dan’s side), or just be a big baby (which makes sense considering I was almost 10 lbs and Dan is 6’5″.  I don’t think there’s a chance that we won’t have a big baby!  So if I continue to measure big, Baby Garrett just might share a birthday with his Grandpa.  My Dad would love that!

I am scheduled to return in 4 weeks for my 28 week check-up, glucose screening (to test for gestational diabetes) and because of my measuing a little big, another ultrasound.  The Dr. wants to check out all of Garrett’s measurements.  So I’m not really worried, and actually a little excited that we get to see him again!  Thankfully, Dan will be around for the next appointment! 

Baby Garrett has become quite the mover over the last week or so!  He’s been moving all over the place, and although I can only see my belly move a little when he does, if I put my hand on top of it I can feel it from the outside as well as the inside! It feels like he’s rolling and flipping all through my stomach and I think he’s going to take after his Momma and be a little swimmer!  I can’t wait for Dan to get back into town so he can feel him too! 

The nursery is starting to come together (at least in my head) We’ve gotten the crib and mattress as well as the dresser and changing pad, and our bedding!  I picked up a couple paint samples and painted some poster boards to put on the walls.  I’ve also gotten some white shelves and picture frames, and a big white mirror to go above Garrett’s dresser.  I’m leaning towards a navy (or comparable darker blue) for the walls with a lighter blue and white accent.  I have the letters in his name for above his crib, and my good friend Erin is letting me borrow a bassinett that matches perfectly with our color scheme!  Check it out!

Oscar still isn’t too sure about all this new baby stuff!

  I’m so EXCITED for my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law to come into town next weekend to help paint the nursery and set it up!  I will post more pictures when we’ve got it finished!  In the mean time…here is my

Weekly Update!

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain. 17ish lbs
Symptoms? Sore back, and a heavy belly.  I’m finding it harder and harder to stand up without making a grunting noise : )
Maternity clothes? Yes and Dan’s shirts too.  I’m so thankful that Tyler and Erin have lent me their maternity clothes!
Cravings of the week? Brownies and frozen yogurt, apples and peanut butter
Sleep? Pretty good, just tossing and turning throughout the night quite a bit.
Best moment this week? Hearing Garrett’s Heartbeat.  It will never get old!
Belly button? Innie
Movement? Look out Michael Phelps, I think we’ve got a swimmer on our hands!
What I miss? My pre-maternity weight
Looking forward to?  Dan feeling Garrett move, My photography class starting next week and Lynn and Amanda coming to help put the nursery together!
Weekly wisdom? Workout/stretch for as long as you can. 
Milestones? 6 months mark!