27 Weeks!

Third Trimester…..Here I Come!

So Baby Center says I’m 27 weeks which is true, and What to Expect says I am beginning my 28th week, which is also true and that means, I am just about to enter into my third trimester!!!!!  Yahoo!  What an amazing feeling it is to know that in 12-13 more weeks we will meet our Baby Boy : )  The nursery is finished, my registeries are finished, Garrett consistently rolls, kicks, and moves all over the place, and my showers are about a month away!  It’s all becoming so much more real, and I couldn’t be more excited!

In my last post I showed pictures of the nursery, and I talked a little bit about my chair.  We didn’t really know what to go for at first, standard rocker with a wooden frame, upholstered rocker and ottoman etc, but none of the chairs we looked at really stood out, until my Mother in Law threw a robe over a standard chair in the nursery that was a “searsuckerish” pattern and TADAA!!!  We had our perfect chair!
Lucky for me, we have an incredible Home Goods Store down the road that just so happened to have “our” chair for much cheaper than any other chair we looked at, and the only thing it was lacking was a
rocker/glider frame.  But, lucky for me again, I’m married to a man who can do just about anything, so,with a little team work aka Lynn buying a rocker from a mission store and sending the base to us, Dan coming up with a plan to mount the base to the chair, add the right tools, and voila we had our Perfectly Perfect Chair!
Now the nursery is completely furnished all I have left to do is wash all the bedding and put up some pictures. 
Everything else is going Great!  Dan has been able to feel Garrett move and he smiles every time : ) I started my photography class a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it and learning a lot!  My teacher is a professional photographer and he’s done some really great photos!  Check out his website/blog:  www.jeremyigo.com/blog  I’m going to have him take some maternity photos for me in the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to that!  My good friend Susan’s shower is this weekend and I’m very excited for her!  I had a blast shopping for her gifts, and you guessed it, it made me even more excited for my showers!
My cravings have become more specific…..lately it’s been carbs and sweets!  I’m obsessed with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and chocolate ice cream, as well as pasta salad, sushi with fresh ginger (weird I know),Quaker Oats Cereal and Chocolate Milk
 My next Doctor’s appointment is on Monday, where I will have an ultrasound to check on Baby Garrett’s measurements, my glucose screening to test for Gestational Diabetes, and my General Check Up!  I will post an update afterwards to let you know how we’re doing!
But for Now…
How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain. 18-19 lbs

Symptoms? Swollen feet and an achy back at the end of the day

Maternity clothes? For Sure!
Cravings of the week? Sweets and Carbs

Sleep? Good after Garrett settles down : )
Best moment this week? Shopping for Susan’s baby shower gifts

Belly button? Stretching

Movement? Consistent kicks, punches, jabs, and rolls : )
What I miss? A cold beer on a sunny day!

Looking forward to?  Seeing our little Guy on Monday!

Weekly wisdom? If your feet are swollen go for a walk and put your feet up….works like a charm for me!

Milestones? Heading into the FINAL TRIMESTER!!!!!!!
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