Ultrasound Update!

I had my 28 week check up today and everything was great!  We were scheduled to have another ultrasound because Garrett was measuring big at my last appointment and I also had a routine check-up and my glucose test.  I had the orange drink and it tasted like a flat sunkist drink with a bad after taste.  I don’t drink sugary drinks often so I got a headache pretty soon after I finished and I had a little bit of heartburn as well.  But my blood pressure was great and I’m up 19.5 lbs which the Dr. said is perfect.  After I drank my drink and got my timer set for 1 hour I had my ultrasound and Dan and I got to see our little man again!  His little mouth was opening and closing and he’s getting bigger!  Because he’s getting bigger the picture of his profile isn’t as clear as our previous one but he’s a little cutie!  He was moving around a bit because of the sugar and his measurements are right on track. He is 2 lbs 12 oz right now and in the 67th percentile.  I asked again about his head and measurements and because I was such a big baby and Dan is so tall the Dr. said they will do all they can to make sure he’s  not 10lbs when he’s born, Thank Goodness!  Here are the latest pictures!

Garrett’s Profile and his right hand

Big Foot!

Little arms up by his face in the top picture and another face shot on the bottom!

So, although the face photo’s are a little alien like, he’s still precious and we’re both doing great!  I go back in 3 weeks for another check up!

On another note, Susan’s baby shower was this past weekend and she and her Mom did a great job with everything!  The decorations were super cute, the food was yummy, and she got so much stuff!  Believe it or not, Caden, and Garrett are 3 weeks apart and this is the very first picture Susan and I have together of our baby bumps!  They’re going to be best buds and I cannot wait for them to grow up together!  You can check out Susan’s blog http://www.reallifetravels.com/ to see some more of her pictures!

So, that’s about it for this week, Only about 12 more weeks until we meet our Baby Boy!!  Luckily I’ve got a lot going on in the next few months to keep me busy, and hopefully make him get here sooner! I am SO excited to meet him!!!!!

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