73 Days to Go!

Me, Mom, Dad, and Jeff

My Mom and Dad drove down from Ohio on Thursday and spent the weekend with us!  I had not seen my Dad since the end of January and my Mom since almost the end of February so it was nice to have them here and to get to spend time with them.  The first thing my Mom said to me is I can’t believe how big and hard your belly is!!!  It’s definitely grown a bit since they last saw me, and I’m pretty sure that soon enough my belly button is going to pop, it keeps getting closer and closer to the surface of my skin!  I had to work on Friday for a few hours so my parents just hung out until I got home and then my Mom and I spent some time in the sun while my Dad washed and waxed his truck.

Saturday the weather was forcasted to be pretty yucky, so after a delicious breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Charlotte, my Mom and I decided to do some baby shopping.  I have another shower for my friend Catherine coming up soon, and I had some coupons for the Baby Stores so we set off to see what we could find.  I got Catherine her gifts and my parents wanted to get Dan and I our stroller!!!  I was really excited to get it, and couldn’t wait to put it together and practice!  Garrett is going to be riding in style!

Garrett’s Sweet Ride!

Oscar checking it out!

Saturday evening we went to dinner and then came home and just watched a movie.  It was a nice relaxing evening! Then this morning Jeff came up and we went to mass, and came home to a yummy breakfast that Dan made for us!  Yet another reason why he is the Best Husband Ever!  My parents stayed until about 1:00 and then got back on the road to go back up to Ohio and I went down to NoDa to meet my photography class for our group shoot.  We got to see some pretty cool scenery and we practiced what we have learned in our class.  I can’t believe that Tuesday is already my last one!  It has flown by, but I have learned so much and I am really glad I took it. 

So…even though in a perfect world, my parents would live closer to us, it makes me appreciate the times I do get to spend with them even more, and I had a Great weekend! 

This is my last week of work, and then I am going to be traveling a little, relaxing a lot, and preparing for Garrett’s arrival!  Can’t believe I only have 4 days left with my kiddos!  It’s a bittersweet feeling, and I’m going to miss them a bunch, but I am really looking forward to my time off before our little guy is born!

Have a wonderful week, and a Very Happy Easter, Here is my

Weekly Update!

How far along? 29 going on 30 weeks!
Total weight gain. 21.5 lbs
Symptoms? Lower back ache
Maternity clothes? Of Course
Cravings of the week? Depends on the day
Sleep? Never a problem getting to sleep, but every night when I get up to use the bathroom I start to sneeze and my nose runs, and I have trouble falling back to sleep : (
Best moment this week? Seeing Mom and Dad
Belly button? Almost an outtie
Movement? All the time : )
What I miss? Being able to tie my gym shoes without struggling
Looking forward to?  Spending Easter in Florida with the Brewton’s!
Weekly wisdom? Naps are NOT overrated
Milestones? Just about 10 weeks to go!

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