Easter and Vacation in Florida!

Me and my Handsome Hubby : )

          One Last Hurrah!
Dan and I left on Friday morning for Florida.  We flew into Pensacola to spend Easter with the Brewton’s and we had a Great time!  It was 80+ degrees and Sunny every day so our weather was perfect!  We spent a lot of time in the sun by the pool and we got a little bit of beach time as well.  I worked on tanning my big belly and also figured out a way to tan my back!  A raft with a mesh middle or an inner tube work wonders.  So even though I spent a lot more time on my back then my belly, I was able to even everything out at least a little bit. 

I always forget how important it is to get away from home with your significant other every once in a while, even if it is only for a few days.  I feel that at least in our case, it allows us to re-focus on each other, and rather than finding things to keep us busy around our own house, it gives us the opportunity to talk and spend time with one another.  It was just what we needed before Baby Garrett gets here in 9 more weeks!

I took a lot of pictures, so here a few that sum up our weekend!
Walking along Johnson’s Beach in Pensacola

Major Boy!
Otto obsessing over his rings
Otto is Dan’s parent’s Weimaraner, and he is AMAZING in the water!  His favorite pool toy is his rings, and he loves to have you throw them in the pool so he can go and dive for them.  Seriously, he is the only dog I’ve ever known who can literally dive under the water and pick up his rings from the bottom of the pool.  I haven’t figured out how to upload a video just yet, but as soon as I do I will post for everyone to see!  

My favorite spot for the weekend!

Lynn, Amanda, and Dan
Happy Camper! I really hope Garrett gets his Daddy’s dimples : )
On top of all of the relaxing we did, Baby Garrett got a few presents from a good friend of the family’s, Carla, and Grandma Lynn!  Carla lives across the street from Lynn and Rich, and she knitted Garrett a Beautiful Blanket, Booties, Hat, and Sweater!  I am so excited that he will have some authentically hand made things!  Look how cute!!!!
Grandma Lynn also gave us a few things for Garrett.  This one is my favorites : )
Love it!

His first pair of deck shoes!

All of his gifts

And also a favorite!

Would you believe that this was actually Dan’s when he was a baby!  We can’t wait til we have a 70’s themed party to dress him up and take him to!

 I know there are a lot of pictures in this post, but I was really excited to share with you all!  Garrett is already one of the most loved people in this world and I’m so excited to introduce him to his wonderful family!  
So we had a warm and wonderful weekend and I cannot wait until we get to take future family vacations to the beach!  I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow, so I will do an update post afterwards!  I have a feeling this whole not working thing is going to make me want to blog a bit more : )  I can’t help it, I’m just so excited for him to get here!!!!!  Come on Baby Garrett!  Momma can’t wait to meet you! 
Until tomorrow…
 Have a Great Evening!
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  2. Looking so forward to seeing you and Dan next week. We will miss you at Lauren and Dan's wedding. I will have a few pictures to share with you. I have been told I am not allowed to take my camera. My camera and I are one. I should take a class in photography. I am glad you enjoyed your class. Have a good week see you soon….all my love Aunt Dee


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