Follow Up Appointment

                                       38 weeks…Take 2
Since my blood pressure was elevated at my Tuesday appointment the Dr. ordered I do a 24 hour urine specimen test and return today for a follow up appointment to check on my lab results, my BP, and for an ultrasound to check the Baby’s measurements.  Dan and I walked the boys this morning (which believe it or not at least helps with the swelling in my feet, but not my hands) and then left for the Dr.  I can’t tell you how nice it is being only a few miles from our Dr. and the hospital where we will deliver, saves us a lot of time and money on gas : ) not to mention it settles my nerves should I go into labor spontaneously.  It’s comforting knowing that when the time does come we will no doubt make it to the hospital to deliver!  If only they could just tell us when that will be : )  Some things, just aren’t meant to be known I guess, which is super hard considering what a planner I am
 So….when I got to the office, I dropped off my urine specimen with the lab tech and they will send that off to run some tests.  Then they took my blood pressure and it was 128/80 which is better than it was on Tuesday, though the top number is still just a tiny bit elevated.  However, the Dr. didn’t seem to be concerned with it.  Then we went to see the ultrasound tech so she could take Garrett’s measurements and check my fluid levels.  He’s still head down, and his little (or should I say big) face is squished into my placenta : (  Poor guy is running out of room and fast!  She measured the size of his head and when they do the measurements it gives you a measure of the estimated gestational age.  My gestational age is 38 weeks 1 day today but when she measured his head it was measuring in at 39 weeks 5 days.  So it looks like he’s definitely got his Daddy’s head which should make labor interesting.  But his heart beat was 135 which is good, and the rest of his body was measuring right on!  Again, I would post my ultrasound picture but it’s so hard to see because he’s so big and cramped. 
 After she checked my fluid levels (which were normal) and punched in all of his measurements she told us that he is weighing in at 7lbs 9oz right now, which is a little on the bigger side, but still “normal”  Plus, we got to see our little guy again : ) and that makes it all good!!

After our ultrasound the Dr. came in and went over the results and again informed us that everything looks great!  She checked me for swelling, which is pretty much the same as it’s been, and answered some questions.  When we talked about his weight she told us that even though they went on his measurements they can still be off give or take a lb.  So….he weighed 7lb 9 oz on the ultrasound which could mean that he really is anywhere between 6lb 9oz and 8lb 9oz!  Definitely hoping he doesn’t get much bigger than what he already is before we have him!!! 

So, I am to return on Monday for another appointment where they will do the routine weight, blood pressure, and check me for signs of progression.  If I am any more dilated, I will probably ask if they can do a membrane sweep to help naturally induce my labor.  Until then, I’m going to continue bouncing on my exercise ball, walking the dogs and the stairs, eating spicy foods, and doing anything else that may help to bring on my labor.  I am so ready to meet this little guy!

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