Munchkin Meals

My friend Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life participates in a weekly What I ate Wednesday post and lately she’s been adding in what she feeds her 9 month old little girl as well.  These posts have generated lots of interest among other new Mom’s, myself included, as we’re all trying to come up with new ideas of what to feed our little ones.  That being said, she’s decided to do a post called Munchkin Meals featuring the meals that she and fellow bloggers give to their kids throughout a typcial day with the hope that we can bounce ideas off of one another and liven up our kids plates, and their palates.

munchkin meals

My son Garrett will be 1 on Sunday and he eats 3 solid meals a day along with a snack and about 3 cups/bottles about 6 oz each of milk.  I try as much as I can to give him what I am eating but sometimes that just doesn’t work.  He’s always been a great eater, and will try anything but he definitely has his favorites (as we all do)

Below you’ll find a snapshot of what G eats, although the foods obviously change, I try to make sure he gets a protein, a fruit and/or a veggie, and a complex carb at every meal.  This is what yesterday looked like for us!

At breakfast he is generally really hungry and eats a lot.  I put him in his high chair and give him some puffs or dried fruit to hold him over while I prepare his meal, and if I’m not fast enough….he lets me know!

We split yesterdays breakfast after our morning walk at 8:00 a.m.

  • Homemade blueberry pancakes with a little bit of butter and real maple syrup
  • a scrambled egg
  • pears.
  • I had orange juice, and Garrett had water.

G didn’t want to take his morning nap yesterday so when we were on our way home from the gym around 11:45 he crashed in the car and slept until 2:00 making for a very late lunch (he usually eats lunch around noon) so again, he was really hungry!

  • Half of a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Avocado cut into chunks

  • and more blueberries which should make for an interesting diaper!

Since lunch was late, so was dinner.  G usually eats around 5 but I didn’t feed him until 6 last night.  Again he ate what I ate

  • Grilled BBQ chicken
  • Corn on the cob, cut from the cob for G and cooked to perfection in the microwave!!! (Have you heard how to do this?  It’s amazing, and after it’s cooked you literally just shake the corn from the husks and silks and it comes out perfectly clean and deliciously sweet every time!!!!!)
  • Orzo pasta salad with tomatoes, yellow peppers, arugla, basil, goat cheese and little bit of Newman’s Own Light Red Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil (the orzo is a little difficult for G to pick up, but he at least gets the veggies)
  • Watermelon

I am trying to get him to learn to eat from a plate but I usually only put a little bit of food at a time or else it all ends of on the floor for the dogs to eat.

Not pictured were the puffs and yogurt melts that he snacked on during our walk and our Target run!  So…nothing too fancy, and we do lots of repeat meals although I really do try to feed him what I eat, because it’s just easier for me.   Some other staples in our house are ravioli, diced ham, sweet potatoes, organic mandarin oranges, frozen peas, deli turkey meat, bananas, greek yogurt, and pretty much whatever fresh produce I have or what I’ve got in my fridge!  I’m looking forward to hopefully picking up a few new meal ideas!

And some after dinner entertainment with my favorite boys!

What are your staples for your Little Munchkin’s Meals??

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