Half Way There!!

20 Weeks Along!!

The Baby Bump and a Full Belly : )

Today I am officially half way through my pregnancy! 20 weeks down and 20 more to go! It’s kind of hard to believe our baby has been growing for 5 months already!  At first, time felt like it was going very slowly. It took a while for me to actually “feel” pregnant and even longer to actually “look” pregnant, but I can’t say that anymore! My belly is growing by the day (My co-workers who see me every day tell me every Monday morning that it looks like it’s grown over the weekend) Luckily, I don’t mind that at all yet, in fact, it makes me happy that people are noticing a difference. I was at the grocery store the other day picking up a sub for Dan (no cold-cuts for me) and the guy who was taking care of me, when I told him I only wanted turkey,cheese, lettuce and tomato (Dan’s Favorite) said “Good for you, keeping it healthy, when you’re eating for two” At first I was a little shocked, and had I been someone else, I may have been offended, but I wasn’t at all, I actually proudly stated with big smile, Yes sir I am!  As you all know, I’m very excited about having a baby and I’m really trying to embrace every part of my pregnancy!  It keeps me happy : )

People in general seem to be acting a little differently as well.  They have been holding the door open, and insisting that I go first etc.  Also, I was at the maternity store the other day (the only clothing store I can shop at any more) and I know it’s their job, but I have had the best customer service!!  Whenever I go to GAP Maternnity,
or Old Navy Maternity, or The Motherhood Maternity Store, the sales people are very helpful and friendly and hardly let me hold even one article of clothing without offering a bag or a dressing room.
Again, I know it’s their job, and they’re trying to make a sale but it’s nice, and their courtesy is very effective! 

I had my 20 week Check Up today, and everything went well!  They checked my weight (10 lbs since first appointment, which is great!) and my vitals, Blood Pressure was 170/38 at first (high for me) Then they checked the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler device and it was 156 (always music to Momma’s ears : ) Shortly after the first Nurse left, a different Nurse came in and re-checked my blood pressure because it was elevated, and what do you know, it was 122/68 which is much better!  It has to be my nerves still, even though I feel pregnant, and look pregnant, and really know everything is going well.  I guess it’s just going to take hearing that magical sound to settle me…..silly silly nerves. After that, the Nurse Practitioner came in and did my check-up.  It was the second time I had seen her; the first time was very very early on and I didn’t get the best vibe from her.  She didn’t even smile, But this time was much better.  She smiled, and was thorough, and answered all my questions.  She felt my belly for the placement of my uterus and it is right in line with my belly button which is exactly where it should be.  Next time I come in, they should use the tape measure to measure my belly and I’m kind of excited about that : )  That way they can tell in cm how big my uterus is and use the measurement to determine if I’m on track with my due date.  I go back in 4 weeks for my next check-up.  Can’t believe I’ll be 6 months by then!!
  Posted by Picasa                                                            Weekly update!
How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain. 10 lbs
Symptoms? Stuffy nose, sneezing (have a small cold) sporadic cramping (usually if my bladder is full)
Maternity clothes? Yeppers
Cravings of the week? Orange juice, eggs, milk, chocolate
Sleep? Going well, still loving my maternity pillow, and have some minor cramping around 4 a.m…but the Dr. said it could be because of my full bladder.
Best moment this week? Hearing Baby’s heartbeat
Belly button? Still in
Movement? Still a little inconsistent, but Friday he was very active.  It feels like little flutters, and usually tickles so much I feel like I need to scratch my belly
What I miss? A Turkey Sub
Looking forward to?  One of my best friend’s Jess is coming into town for the weekend!
Weekly wisdom? Embrace every moment : )
Milestones? Half Way Point!!
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  1. You look so beautiful. Has Dan had any weight gain or sympathy pains? Uncle Paul always gained a few pounds with me when I was pregnant. All my love to the three of you……..Aunt Dee…….Do you know when you will be back in Cleveland? I can not wait to see you.


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