First Weekish With Baby

First Holiday Family Photo!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Holiday! Ours was slightly different than previous ones but still very memorable because it was our first holiday as a family : )
Instead of spending the weekend on the boat participating in all the LKN festivities, we spent our weekend running errands, visiting friends, and cooking out.
Dan has been off work since Garrett was born which has been so nice especially because I’m not supposed to drive anywhere for a few more days and most people know that if I were stuck at my house with no way of getting out, I would go pretty crazy.  I’m finally feeling like I’m able to get back into somewhat of a routine, though I’m still figuring out what that routine will consist of.  Garrett is a great baby so far.  He spends most of his time sleeping, in fact he sleeps so much that we have to wake him up every couple of hours to change and feed him, both during the day and at night!  I’m sure this phase won’t last long, and I’m actually pretty excited or when it passes at least a little bit, so we can interact more. 

Visiting with friends!

We’ve had a few Dr.’s appointments since we were released from the hospital, and at only 4 days old, Garrett was back up to his original birth weight.  I’m lucky that my milk came in so quickly and that he’s taken to nursing so well, and at this rate, we’ll have no problem putting a little bit of meat on his tiny little bones.  Garrett, like all babies, was born with a slight heart murmur (due to the valves in his heart not being fully closed off right away because I was breathing for him for so long), and although the Nurse Practitioner told us it was probably nothing to be worried about, she said she could still hear it slightly and referred us to a Pediatric Cardiologist for an echo, just to be sure.  So we packed up and went down to the city for our Dr.’s appointment last week and after a thorough echo (just like an ultrasound) the Dr. came in, checked over all of his pictures, and assured us that he was indeed “perfect” and that we had absolutely nothing to worry about.  You can imagine how much better that made us feel. 

Since we were down in the city we decided to visit our friends Ryan and Catherine and their new daughter Leia.  Ryan and Dan grew up together and Ryan and Catherine welcomed Leia into the world on June 11, so they are not too far apart in age.

Both just snoozin away!

I know I’ve said it before, but Dan is a great Dad!  He’s the master burper, and incredibly patient when it comes to soothing the baby.  Sometimes Garrett will get overstimulated and need to just cry it out, and Dan will hold him and switch positions, and take him outside, and not give up until he’s calmed the baby.  We all know, he’s not one to let a problem just fix itself, and he is no different as a Dad.  Here are some pictures of Daddy and Garrett : )

Last Friday we had an appointment with the Nursing Mother’s Place to make sure Garrett was getting enough to eat.  They ask you to bring the baby hungry and weigh him before and after you feed him to see how much milk he is taking in.  Like I said, he took to nursing right away, and luckily we’ve had no problems since he was born, so I wasn’t surprised when they weighed him after he ate and we found out that he was getting exactly what he needed, and that I actually had even more had he wanted to feed for longer.  He was up to 7lbs 12oz when they weighed him there, and today when we took him back to the pediatrician for another check-up, we found out that he’s now 8lbs 2oz!!!  So he is doing really well in the weight department, and we are very happy to report that we have such a handsome, and healthy baby boy!!!!

He’s notorious for his furrowed brow, one eye scrunched and cute little smirk.  I have a feeling he’s going to have quite the personality : )

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