36 Week Check-Up

     28 More Days!!

This is it!! We’re in the home stretch!  The last month of my pregnancy is officially underway and especially with Susan going into labor today, I am SO EXCITED!!  Only 4 more weeks until my due date, but secretly hoping that he decides to come a little bit sooner than that.  Again, I’ll gladly hold out as long as he needs me to, but a girl can dream right : ) It’s been so hot here, that it’s hard to stay comfortable and it’s making me have to stay inside more than I would like to.  I wasn’t even able to walk today because of the heat, and it’s only June 1st!  I’m really glad that my pregnancy will be over with before the really hot hot days settle in, but even this is ridiculous!

So yes, my good friend Susan, http://www.reallifetravels.com/, whom I’ve talked so much about throughout this whole blogging thing went into labor this morning, and it looks like she and her husband Nate will be welcoming their son Caden sometime this afternoon/evening.  It’s been nice having been able to talk to her a few times today, and I’ve already asked for a play by play after she’s rested and ready to discuss : )  I’m a planner and even though I know every labor is different, I like to hear what can be expected.  So, I’ve been texting Nate and stalking facebook all day long waiting for any news that is to come!  I’m so happy for them, and I can’t wait to meet their little one.  Garrett and Caden are sure to be best buds : )

I had a check-up this morning, which was just a routine one so they could check my blood pressure again (since it was high last week) and everything went pretty well.  My blood pressure was 120/80 which is the highest it can be and still be considered “normal”.  I checked it periodically last week just to keep an eye on it, and it fluctuated between 126/83 and 103/69, so again, it hasn’t been consistently too high, but still higher than the doctors would like it to be.  Other than that, there was no protein in my urine, which like I said last week is a sign of preeclampsia; so for now, I’m in the clear.  Dr. Miles just wants me to take it easy, stay hydrated, and call at the onset of any blurred vision, exaggerated swelling, headaches, or upper abdominal pain.  He said my belly is measuring perfectly, and although he was pretty sure that when he felt my belly he could feel Garrett’s head down, he wanted to be sure so he ordered a quick ultrasound which I obviously didn’t argue with.  Anything to get another glimpse of our little guy!  I would post the 2 pictures I got, but because he is so big now, they are very hard to decipher.  I saw his feet moving, and his hand up by his mouth, and he had the hiccups the entire ultrasound!  It looks like he’s got his Daddy’s nose, which I’m happy with : ), and he is in fact head down so now we just wait until he’s ready to join the world!  I go back next week for an appointment where they will check to see how far he has descended into my pelvis and to see if I’m dilated at all.

I know I’ve been posting pictures of my belly progress throughout my pregnancy but I’ve been waiting to do some chronological shots to actually see the difference, from back when I was barely showing, to now that I’m so obviously showing.  And since I’m just about considered full term, and he can make his arrival at any time, I figured I’d do it today.  Check out the belly progress!

First Belly Pic was at 11 weeks!
Growth spurt at 21 weeks!
Color is a bit off on this 31 week front shot!
Bronzed Belly, Linea Nigra and a slightly popped belly button at 36 Weeks!

36 weeks in the same shirt I wore for my 11 week picture.  It’s much shorter now, my how I’ve grown!
So…there you have it.  My belly’s progress over the weeks.  I have to admit, it’s been really hard watching the scale creep up at every appointment I’ve had, and looking back on my earlier pictures, I can’t believe how much smaller I was!  I know it’s all because I’m growing a healthy baby boy but I cannot wait to get back to my flat belly and pre-pregnancy size!   
Dan is in Vegas all next week for business, but it will be his last trip before Baby comes.  I’ve told him that the car seat needs to be installed and thatI’ve already looked into early return flights, and I’m sure I’ll be fine, but it still makes me a little uneasy.  Luckily I’ve got my brother Jeff and lots of friends around to jump in if anything happens, until Dan can get home.  I’ll post an update after my appointment next week or if anything exciting happens but until then…stand by : )
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  1. You look great, Jenny! And now that Caden is here, you're next! 🙂 If you need anything while Dan is in Vegas, just let me know. I'm happy to swing by and bring you anything you need.

  2. Love the pictures!! Can't wait till you experience the whole thing .. it's amazing .. tiring but amazing 🙂 Come visit anytime this week if you get bored … I'll be just hanging out!


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