3 More Weeks Until Due Date!

37 Week Check-Up

Yep….That’s my Buddah Belly with the sweet little dock shoes that I can’t wait to put Garrett’s feet into!  Only 3 more weeks until my due date, but at my check-up today my Dr. said that I am already dilated a little, so that may mean nothing, but it is a good sign for being 37 weeks pregnant and may mean that we’ll get to meet him sooner!  I am now considered full term so if in fact he does decide to grace us with his presence early, he will be just fine!

Everything else went relatively well at my appointment.  When the nurse first took my blood pressure it was 144/90 which is super high, and I’ve never even been close to that high so she decided to use a bigger cuff and take it again, which I was happy to hear.  Just as we figured the second time it was 122/78 which is obviously much better.  Apparently, if the cuff is too small you can get an inaccurate reading.  Awesome….my arms are growing too, it’s fine….just another body part to add to my already ridiculous list of growing parts : (  Is it obvious that I’m ready to meet this little guy??

Oh well, as ready as I am, I will say that I do hope he holds out until at least after the weekend as Dan will be around then, my parents will be finished with their travels, and I am hosting a baby shower with 2 other girls for my friend Allison at my house on Saturday too.  I have a feeling he’ll have no problem holding out at least until then : )

So…what have I been doing to keep myself busy while I wait??  Well, I’m still walking my dogs every morning, though I’ve lowered my mileage to 2 miles (or about 40-45 mintues) rather than 3 because of the heat and my uncomfortableness.

I make a list of things I need to get done throughout the week every Sunday and I’m diligently crossing off a few every day. 

I squeeze in a nap with my buddies or at least some rest time with my feet up when I can (which is just about every day : )

I’ve been over to see Susan and Caden a few times, had lunch with a girlfriend, and went to dinner and a movie with my brother last night.  So, I’m keeping myself busy, for the most part, but the week still feels like it’s dragging on.  Soon enough though I’m sure I’ll be looking back on these days longing for a bout of rest or boredom to settle in.  Until then, I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and waiting for our little man to arrive!

Since I haven’t posted one in a litlte while…..here is my weekly update with a slightly different style!
How far along?
37 weeks
Total Weight Gain
About 35 lbs…about 7 of which is baby alone!
I’m going to go ahead and call it a slight outie
Tired, swollen, lower pelvic pressure, increasing braxton hicks contractions, a heavy belly, and just general uncomfortableness
Nothing really out of the ordinary
About 1 cm dilated, baby’s head is down and low in pelvis
Looking forward to?
Dan being home for the rest of the pregnancy, and of course holding Baby Garrett : )
Full Term…Woohoo!!!!
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