Baby Shower #2

Once upon a time…

Saturday was our 2nd Baby Shower, at my good friend Allison’s home just North of my house.  I have always loved children’s books, and really enjoy reading aloud to my students so she and my best friend Carly hosted a “Children’s Book” themed shower (all of the guests brought their favorite childhood book for Baby Garrett) I feel that books play such an important part in a curriculum and in life so this was perfect! As a teacher it’s easy to get caught up in what needs to be taught by what time, and in what context that we sometimes don’t have time for the “fun” parts.  Since I started teaching I made it a priority to do 2 read-a-louds a day, and I plan on continuing that trend with my own children, for my own pleasure and with the hope that my kids too, will really learn to appreciate literature, and the power of imagination.  Kids need to be read to…period, and I cannot wait to read to our son!!  Sorry to get off on my little soap box, but I’m really passionate about this, as you can probably see : ) 

So, to get back to the shower, Carly and Allison decided to base the theme around one of my all time favorites books “Good Night Moon”  They had the sweetest little details that included parts of the book, and everything looked absolutely perfect.  Check out  all of the neat things they did!

Me and my Beautiful Hostesses!
Perfect cake, and the book
The chargers made from pages of the book : )
So sweet!!
Beautiful and Delicious!
They also did a fantastic job decorating Al’s house with flowers and candles everywhere, bright blue table cloths and cute place settings for all of the guests. 

It looked like it was straight out of a catalog and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and all of the wonderful ladies who came to support us!  We had a great time and Garrett got even more Goodies.  He is one spoiled little boy!  We even got so many books that I had to buy a bookshelf for the Nursery : )  Here are a few more pictures of some of the guests
My Mom and Mother-in-Law

Aunt Sue and Maddie came up from Atlanta : )

Catherine and her Masterpiece!!  She made my beautiful diaper cake at 37 weeks pregnant!  Can’t wait to meet Baby McCarihan : )

My Mom made it into a few pictures this time around : )

It sprinkled a little bit in the morning, but it attempted to clear up for the shower and we had a really nice time!  There were only a few things left on our registry that we didn’t get as gifts between the 2 showers, but I went and picked everything else up today! Now on to washing more clothes, putting a few things together, organizing the rest of his stuff and enjoying every minute of the 6 weeks we have left before our Little Man Gets here! 
Most of the girlfriends who were at the shower!

Thanks again Ladies!  You all are the best, and I am one lucky girl!  Garrett is going to have some pretty amazing people in his life : )

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  1. Uncle Karl and Allison did a nice job!

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  3. This shower looks straight out of a magazine! Gorgeous!


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