Davis at 4 Months

IMG_9194Whew!!  This 2 under 2 business is no joke, especially now that Davis is 4.5 months old (yes I realize this post it late…oops) and he’s no longer content just laying around, eating and sleeping, or being tolerant of his car seat so we can run errands.  Now that he’s getting bigger and stronger, he wants to be upright and seeing the world!


Davis at 4 months


Height: 26 1/4 inches 90%
Weight: 13lbs 14.5oz 20%
Head: 16 3/4 inches 75%

Garrett at 4 Months

Height: 26 inches 83% Weight: 15lbs 8oz 65% Head: 16 1/2 inches 75%

Height: 26 inches 83%
Weight: 15lbs 8oz 65%
Head: 16 1/2 inches 75%

I am loving comparing the two and as you see, both boys are similar in height and head, but Davis is abit lighter than Garrett was.  I think it’s funny how different their hair lines and their skin tones are.  Poor Davie….hardly any hair and super fair skin!  I’m anxious to see if his hair lightens in the summer, but I do think that Davis is going to have darker hair than Garrett.

Here’s what else Davis is up to:

  • Size 1 diapers
  • Some 3 month onesies (though they are getting really short) 6 month onesies are good on length, but big everywhere else, and he’s in 6 month pants though they are big too.
  • No teeth yet, but he is going through about 2-3 bibs a day from drool and always shoving his hands in his mouth (G got his first 2 right around 5.5 months so D may be an earlier teether as well)


  • Nurses about 6 times a day
  • Daytime naps are inconsistent he’ll sometimes cat nap in the morning while running errands or at home than usually takes a decent afternoon nap and another short evening nap
  • Was sleeping through the night up until about a week or so ago, now he’s up a few times (sometimes a paci will suffice, but I nurse him at least once in the middle of the night.  I’m pretty sure we’re going through the 4 month sleep regression now and we’re looking forward to coming out of it)
  • Rolls from tummy to back on both sides (when he feels like it) and just recently rolled from back to belly, though he’s still not crazy about being on his belly for a long time.
  • Holds his head up with ease
  • Loves forward facing in the baby bjorn
  • Smiles all the time


  • Laughs when you kiss his belly or his collar bone!
  • Talks a lot
  • Tolerates his jumperoo for a few minutes at a time but gets frustrated with the toys
  • Drools with the best of them!
  • Is starting to take an interest in his big brother


We are beyond blessed with both of our beautiful, healthy boys, and are loving being a family of 4!!

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  1. he is growing real fast! my baby is 4 month old too 😀


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