Davis at 5 Months

Another month has come and gone and I am willing time to slow down more and more each day.

My Sweetness

My Sweetness

Davis turned 5 months old on May 20th, and we celebrated with our first beach trip as a family of 4


Isle of Palms, SC

I seriously think that Davis is one of the happiest babies in the world, he is constantly smiling, and he was such a trooper our entire trip!



by the way….if you are planning on taking a trip to the beach in the near future and have kids who require way too much stuff, I highly recommend looking into a baby rental place. We used Baby’s Away and couldn’t be happier with our experience. We rented a high chair, an infant tub, a bin of toys for all the kids, beach chairs, a jogging stroller, and an umbrella but they offer lots more and they deliver it to the place you are staying before you get there, and pick it up when you leave!! It made packing for a toddler and an infant so much easier! I also can’t say enough good things about our travel bed/tent. We didn’t use the inflatable mattress insert because the sand was soft enough for Davis to lay on with just a blanket underneath him, but this thing was a lifesaver! If we were down at the beach (or the pool) and he got tired, we just popped it open and put him in it rather than having to head inside for every nap! It provided protection from the wind, sand, and sun, and he napped best when he was in this thing listening to the ocean waves!

I could probably do an entire post with pictures from our beach trip but I still struggle to find time to post so for now I’ll get back to Davie’s update.


Stats (According to my measurements)

Height: Around 28″

Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz

  • Size 1-2 diapers
  • Mostly 6 month clothes (some 3 month onesies still fit and some 3 month shorts)
  • Still no visible teeth but drooling a lot an putting everything (especially his fingers and hands)into his mouth!


  • Sleep has been hit or miss lately. Some nights he’ll only get up once others he’s up multiple times (usually we can just give him his paci and roll him on his side with his lovey and he goes back to sleep) but I’m feeding him around 2 a.m most nights.
  • Naps are consistently 2-3 (good ones) a day (if we are home), but if we are out running errands his morning nap is usually broken up however, he’ll sleep for a few hours in the afternoon, and sometimes will snooze for 30 minutes in the evening
  • Bedtime is usually no later than 7:30
  • Wake time is typically around 6:30
  • Prefers sleeping on his left side but sometimes will roll to his belly to sleep with his butt up in the air (other times rolling to his tummy will make him mad and wake him up)


  • Nurses about 6 times a day (can’t believe it will be time to start solids in a few weeks)
  • Still smiles and talks all the time
  • IMG_9500Loves facing out in the Bjorn
  • Standing (he can actually hold himself up if his hands are resting on something that is close to his chest height and if you try to sit him in front of you he will push up with his legs so he can stand and bounce/junp
  • Taking to his jumperoo!


  • Holds himself up really well and rolls front to back and back to front with ease


  • Reaches for and grabs objects and brings them to his mouth
  • Wants to be a part of what everyone else is doing, and prefers that to being alone


He has brought such a great dynamic to our family and we are so excited to continue to watch him grow and capture everyone’s heart with his beautiful baby blues!


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