A Day in My Life (as a SAHM with #2under2)

I have lots of friends who have recently had or will be having their second baby come Summer/Fall and I often get questions about how life as a SAHM for 2 under 2 is, so I thought I’d give a run down of a typical day in my life with my two sweet boys! I am by no means a pro, in fact I’m quite the opposite as I’m still learning every day and trying to figure out how to make it all work, and I know there are several Mom’s out there who care for more than 2 kids of all different ages and make it seem effortless. I aspire to be one of you someday, but in the mean time if you have any tips/tricks that you would like to share please do!!

One of the things I learned from Garrett is that babies are wired to keep us on our toes so whenever a schedule seems to be falling into place, something is bound to change and you just have to go with it or you will drive yourself crazy.

*Our days are busy so this post is lengthy….you have been warned!

My husband is in sales so he travels a little bit, but his customers are mostly local so the majority of most weeks he’s home. There are days here and there where he needs to travel and I am on solo Mommy duty, and it’s those days where I find myself running behind schedule and willing bedtime to come faster I’m so thankful that I have such a wonderful partner who is present almost all of the time to parent with, I’m not sure I could do it without him.

Onto our day…

I try to keep a schedule of activities in the mornings during the week so every day is slightly different, but from lunchtime on they’re usually pretty similar

6:30: G is up and turns on his Twinkle Star projector that is attached to his crib. He talks and plays for a little bit while I wake up.

6:45-7ish: I head downstairs and get Garrett his milk, then go back upstairs and walk in to a smiling, bouncing toddler who is always happy to see me and his sippy cup!

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

I give him his milk to distract him while I change his very wet diaper and bring G in to wake up Daddy. I close the boys bathroom door (G loves to flush the toilet and play in the water) and the gate at the top of the stairs. Then, depending on whether or not Davis is up, I either get back under my covers for a few minutes or head to the nursery to another smiley happy boy who also needs a clean diaper.

Happy in the Mornings!

Happy in the Mornings!

I get Davis changed and bring him into our bedroom so I can catch a little bit of the Today Show and figure out what I have going on for the day while I nurse him. Dan is usually in the shower by now and getting ready for his day and G is running around upstairs closing doors, turning on lights, and playing in his bedroom or the bonus room.

When I don’t hear him for a minute or so I know exactly what he’s doing and as soon as he comes back into our bedroom I know that it’s time for another diaper change.

7:30: If Dan is home and doesn’t have an early meeting that he needs to be at, he’s dressed and and will change G and get him ready for the day. Then they head downstairs to make breakfast while Davis lays on our bed and looks at the fan in our room, kicks, talks, and plays while I pump then get ready for my day.

7:45: I get Davis dressed and we head downstairs. Dan usually makes breakfast for us and we try to quickly eat together and talk over our plans for the day while G finishes his breakfast and Davis plays for a bit than dozes off and catches some zzz’s in his swing.


Rough life

8:15: Dan gets out the door and I finish breakfast, while catching up on the social media world, clean up everyone’s breakfast and unload the dishwasher. If Davis sleeps I also get in some morning playtime with G (which I don’t get to do nearly enough) and start a load of laundry.

*On Tuesdays and Thursdays G goes to school so we try to get out the door by 8:30 which almost always ends up being closer to 8:45 in order to have him there by 9-9:15. And on Wednesdays I go to an 8:30 spin class at the gym so we try to leave the house by 8:15. I shower at the gym and we go to library story time immediately afterwards so we can get there by 10:30 which gives me enough time to feed Davis either in the car or the bathroom (they have a chair and changing table in one of the stalls) and both boys can get a clean diaper before story time starts at 11.

*Monday’s and Fridays continue on like this:

9:30-10ish: Davis is awake, and ready to be changed and fed again. He eats every 3 or so hours and we follow the Baby Wise schedule of eat, play, sleep, pretty closely; though the length of his wake and sleep times are still a little inconsistent. Some days he’ll play and then sleep at least a little bit after every feeding and once in a while he’ll stay awake for the entire 3 hour span between feedings, though if he does this he tends to get over tired.

On Monday’s I go to a 10:30 Spin/Strength class so after he’s fed and both boys are changed, we pack up and head to the gym. My Mother in Law works from home and usually has Mondays and Fridays off (or at least they’re light days for her) and she and G have recently started going to a music class so she’ll pick him up and I’ll just take Davis to the gym with me.

For me, the hardest thing about having 2under2 is spending enough quality time with Garrett, I am especially tied to Davis because he is exclusively breast fed and still so young. But making time with Garrett is super important to me so on Friday’s I’m going to start dropping Davis off at Grandma’s house so G and I can get a few hours of one on one time together with activities like Gymboree, parks, or play dates. While I absolutely LOVE my ERGO it’s next to impossible to chase him around and play with him the way I want to, while I have Davis strapped to me and I am know how fortunate I am to have family that is so close and so willing to spend quality time with the kids so I’d be crazy not to take advantage of it.

12:00: I pick up G or D from Grandma’s and bring them home for lunch because we are hungry!! Davis kicks and plays on his mat, or in the pack n play (usually) while G eats in his high chair and watches Mickey Mouse. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to eat as well. After G finishes lunch he’s ready for his nap so he gets his milk and waves bye bye to Davis and we head upstairs to put him down

12:45-1ish: Davis needs to be changed again and now he is hungry so I feed him and I can usually get him to fall asleep for a little while after wards


Loves soft fuzzy blankets

which gives me some free time to eat lunch, do some laundry, clean up the kitchen, prep for dinner, etc and if t’s a really good day…sit down and RELAX! Sometimes my relaxing looks more like this…


This tired Mama needs rest too

…but I love snuggling with my little love (Garrett has never been much of a snuggler) so I take what I can get!

3:30ish: Garrett is up and playing in his crib, Davis is usually asleep, however, it seems that the minute I get Garrett out of bed Davis wakes up regardless of how long he’s been sleeping so it’s both boys up and desperate for my attention every bit of the 90 or so minutes we have until Daddy gets home from work.

4:00:I can usually entertain G with a snack


Pretzels dipped in Nutella for a special snack

And more Mickey Mouse


Whenever the Tv is on…he wants it to be Mickey he sees

While I once again feed Davis and start making dinner. I find that the time between when the boys wake up from nap to the time that Dan gets home from work is the hardest time of day for me because both boys want me or my attention and I’m trying to get dinner made and ready so we can eat when Dan gets home. Most of the time the boys are in the kitchen with me


Mommy’s little helper

and more often than not, this is what it looks like while I make dinner


Looks about right

5-5:30:Dan is home and either takes the boys off of my hands for a few minutes or helps me finish dinner.

5:30-6ish: We sit down and eat as a family (hopefully while Davis catches a little cat nap in his pack and play or his swing) but more often than not he is awake and bored/wanting to be held.

6:30: Dinner is finished and we clean up the kitchen

6:45: We have been able to start taking little family walks after dinner because it’s still so light outside, but if it’s too cold we just hang out together while watching the news. I sometimes feed Davis again (because I find that cluster feeding him in the evening makes him sleep through the night) and Dan will rough house with G

7:00: Davis gets some more time on his mat while Dan and I sit on the floor with G and he goes back and forth between the 2 of us running, squealing, jumping, playing, and reading books…just happy to have both of our attention at the same time! When he starts to wind down a bit we give him his milk to finish before starting our bedtime routine

7:30: We head upstairs and get ready for bath! If it is a bath night for Davis, one of us will bathe him while the other bathes G and if it’s not a bath night for Davis he happily sits in his empty tub and looks in the mirror while G plays in the water.


Happy to be hanging out

8:00(at the latest): G’s teeth are brushed, his jammies are on and he’s in his crib ready for bed. We say prayers, kiss him good night, turn on his twilight turtle and his twinkle star projector and close his door. He usually puts himself to sleep within 10 minutes. Then I head into the nursery with Davis for his bedtime routine. I change his diaper and put his jammies on and we sit down in the rocker for one last nursing session and some snuggle time before turning his white noise machine on to the ocean waves setting, wrapping him in his swaddle blanket, giving him his paci and rubbing his belly while he dozes off. Some nights Dan takes over Davie duty and will give him a bottle of pumped milk before bed so I can get some more time to relax.

8:15-8:30: I grab any laundry that may need to be folded, and head downstairs to fold it, unwind, grab a piece of chocolate (because I’ve earned it) and plop myself on my couch for the rest of the night, or at least until I fall asleep 😉

10:00: Dan and I turn on the dishwasher, turn off the lights, and head up to bed. I tuck both of my babies in one more time before retiring myself; exhausted, but so thankful and so blessed for another day with our two beautiful boys.

Best. Boys. Ever.

What’s not to love ❤

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  1. Thank you for this post! I’m going to be a mom of 2 under 2 in mid-July and really enjoy reading about other mama’s experiences with this slightly scary/exciting time. Your sons look so sweet and that is great that your husband is home so much!


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