Huntersville Sprint Re-cap

1:27:46 🙂

That was my overall race time and I couldn’t be happier with it!!!  My goal was to finish in under 1:40:00 and I was able to do it much easier than I thought, I didn’t even have to walk one single second of the entire race and for that I am very pleased!  The hardest part for me was the beginning of my run.  My legs felt like bricks after transitioning from my bike and I felt that my pace was comparable to that of a snail, but to my surprise, my legs felt stronger as my run went on and I actually PR’d in my 5K!

This is what my overall race looked like:

(Rank)Swim: (3)8:07

(Rank)T1: (10) 1:34

(Rank)Bike: (21) 49:45

(Rank)T2: (5) 0:58

TAround: 12:55

(Rank)Run: (15) 27:24

Overall Time:  1:27:46

I placed 18th in my age group and 67th of 130 total women

I PR’d in my run

and although I’ve never actually raced on a bike before, I finished in the best time of all my training rides

and I was the 3rd fastest swimmer in my age group!!!

The Huntersville Sprint Tri was set-up and run very well (possibly because my trainer was the race director 🙂 and because I was fortunate enough to train with her, she was able to fully prepare me for what was to come and made me feel at ease with the entire process.  I thought I was going to be much more nervous than I was and I didn’t expect my times to be what they were either.  If you’re interested in doing a Triathlon, and you have no experience, I highly recommend training with a group…..I think it helped immensely, and I am so glad I did it!  I now see why people who do Triathlon’s say they get addicted to them.  It was so much Fun, I’m already looking into another one in June!!

Despite my poor sick baby who was running a fever all day Saturday, not eating and was up numerous times throughout the night, (he was feeling a bit better on Sunday so)Dan packed him up and brought him to my race to cheer me on and they were just what I needed to keep me going.  I saw them for the first time when I was finishing my bike ride, and then again as I was beginning my run and at the finish line.  My brothers Jeff and Tim were also there to see my finish and that was pretty special to me!  I Loved it and seriously had so much fun doing it, even if I didn’t win 😉

Besides…who needs a trophy when you have this waiting for you at the finish line

Best. Prize. Ever. ❤

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