10 Months Old

Here we are again, the end of another month and Garrett is now 10 Months Old!!!  Time can slow down now before we know it we’ll be celebrating his First Birthday!

I think one of the reasons this month has gone so quickly is because as I wrote in my previous April post we’ve been super busy!!  It’s hard to believe that May will be here next week, and it doesn’t look like it will be any less busy than this month!

Dan and I get to see two shows in May; Thanks to his birthday gift to me! (Come Fly Away, and La Cage Aux Folles), which means at least 2 date nights 🙂 G and I have a trip planned to Ohio to celebrate with some of my best girlfriends’; One with a baby shower, one with a college graduation/baby girl on the way, and one who’s daughter is being baptized, not to mention the engagement of my cousin Sarah and Mother’s Day with my Momma before Dan, G and I get to celebrate my first Mother’s Day and at the end of the month we have a trip planned to California for my cousin Leah’s wedding!   Although I’m a little nervous as to how G will do on the 5+ hour flight, we’re excited to celebrate with my Mom’s side of the family and take Garrett to California for the first time!

I realize this post was not supposed to be about our crazy schedule, it’s supposed to be about our Sweet Growing Boy so, here’s what he’s been up to

  • Height, my guess would be getting close to 32″ (his torso and legs are soooo long)
  • Weight 21 lbs 2 oz (we had him weighed about a week ago)
  • Wears some 9 month onesies (because he’s so lean) but mostly 12 month clothes (definitely 12 month pants)
  • Size 5 shoes and he has 12-24 month socks that he is outgrowing :-/
  • Crawls all over the plac very quickly so he’s always keeping us on our toes!

  • Has 6 teeth!  4 on top and 2 on the bottom
  • Eats really well…Lots of different finger foods and still some purees, loving pancakes, cucumbers, chicken, sweet potatoes, guacamole, grilled cheese sandwiches, and yogurt just to name a few

  • Can pull himself up to a standing postion on any surface and picks out what toys he wants to play with and when

  • Walks unassisted behind his walker

  • Still loves his doggies and is adament on getting Kuno to pay attention to him

  • Naps once in the morning and once in the afternoon and sleeps from 7:30 til about 7
  • Says mama and baba (sometimes when he’s feeling playful and a lot of times when he’s tired, upset, sad, mad, etc.) we’re diligintly working on dada 🙂

  • He’s one of the happiest babies I know, but he’s also quite pensive and always seems to be trying to figure things out
  • He has the prettiest brightest blue eyes, cutest smile, and sweetest giggle and I could stare at him all day ❤

  • I am so amazed by him and proud of him, and I can’t imagine my life without him.  He’s the best thing that has ever happened to both Dan and I and we are so very blessed!

Happy 10 Months to our Sweet Boy…We love you so much!

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