30 Years Young!

Yep! You read it right, yesterday marked my last day in my 20’s, therefore today marks the first day in my 30’s! Hopefully the title of my post relays to you that this is not a sad day for me…by any means…rather it’s an exciting day, a day when I get to start living the next thirty years of my life and making them even better than the first.

Now, I’d be lying if I told you that I haven’t been listening to Garth Brooks’ song “My Next 30 Years” for the past 3 days…

…or if I said that I’m not racking my brain in an attempt to create my bucket list;

but again, I’m not telling you these things so you will feel sorry for me, not even for a second. In fact, I hope you’re ahead of me and have started your bucket list as well!

I have been incredibly blessed throughout my life, and I will be the first to admit that. I have an AMAZING family with parents that worked their butts off to make sure that my 3 brother’s and I had every experience we wanted as we grew up and continue to stand by us through thick and thin…And who love us unconditionally, and with no reservations in regards to who and what we love 🙂

Oldie but a Goodie!

I have an extended family that many would kill for, a relationship with my inlaws that people could be jealous of,

and the Very Best husband to ever walk the face of this Earth. Not to mention our incredibly adorable son! What’s not to be thankful for??

So yeah….I had to retake the sign and vision portion of the driver’s test in order to renew my license and Iwill be bumped up to the 30 year old age group when I compete in my Triathlon in April, but I’m fine with it! In fact…..I welcome it (hopefully it will give me a leg up on the women who are in the later part of their 30’s 😉

I have lived a lot, and loved til my heart swelled, and lost a few who will forever remain dear to my heart. But thankfully I’ve had more to smile about than cry about in my last 30 years, and I am looking forward to seeing what my next 30 have in store for me!

Bring it 30…I’m ready for you!

Do you have a bucket list??

If so, what is one thing you have on it?

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