My Top 10 not so common Kitchen Gadgets

I can’t count the number of times when I’ve been at my in-laws and my Mother in-law has whipped out some handy kitchen gadget that I’ve never seen or sometimes even heard of, but that makes so much sense, and I immediately say….I have to have that!  And usually the next time I see her…..she shows up with one for me!

Some of my favorites are staples in probably most kitchens,  however, I do have a few that perhaps you have never heard of but may make a lot of sense to you as well. 

So…here are my top 10 (not so common) kitchen gadgets

1.  Avocado pitter

 This one made my top ten because even though it’s not a “must have” it sure makes the job much easier.  The smaller end is great for scooping the pit out without removing any meat from the avocado, and the wired end makes the perfect avocado slices.  It’s also great because it can be used for tomatoes, cantaloupe, melon, and just about any other fruit or vegetable that has a soft flesh.

2.  Potato Masher

This one made my top because it too is a multi-tasker and does a great job not only mashing potatoes (to your desired consistency) but aslo avocados for guacamole 🙂

3.  Cookie Scoops

The cookies scoops are great because who doesn’t love something that will give you perfectly shaped and sized cookies with every drop, but I also love the larger one for cupcakes.  It forces me to make sure I don’t overfill my cupcake tin which brings me to my next one

4.  Cupcake Transporter

I LOVE my cupcake carrier.  It’s kind of an all in one gadget that gives you your nonstick cupcake tin, a stand to carry them on, and a container that not only snaps on and keeps them from shifting when you’re taking them to a friends, but also keeps the frosting soft and creamy for days after you make them!

5.  Cheese Slicer

I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture but the silver thing is the handle that holds a taught piece of wire.  You lift the handle and put the cheese on your board and your slicer will create perfect slices every time!

6.  Panini Press

Yes this is great for actual paninis or just plain old grilled cheese sandwiches, but we like to use it to cook sausage links.  Each groove is the perfect size for a sausage link and because you press the top down the heat is distributed evenly and the cooking time is cut in half!

7.  Spaetzle Maker

 If you’ve never had or heard of spaetzle, I highly recommend you try it (maybe I’ll do a post on it sometime) It’s a German side dish that’s part noodle part dumpling and all deliciousness!  Not exactly healthy but sooooo good.  The metal grate looking thing sits on top of a boiling pot of water and you pour your dough on it (spaetzle dough is thick) you use the small spatula looking thing to smooth it over the holes so it drops into the water to cook.

8.  Instant Read Thermometer

Simply put it takes the wait and the guessing out of a regular thermometer.

9.  A Good Set of Sharp Knives

 So probably not that uncommon in the sense that most people know how important they are, not only because they make the job easier, but also safer.  A dull knife makes for a longer chopping process and a much more dangerous one as well.  Spend the money….you won’t regret it

1o.  Garlic Press

 I don’t know about you but my least favorite thing about cooking with garlic is the way my fingernails seem to hold on to the smell no matter how many times I wash my hands.  With my garlic press I don’t have to chop and I can spare my hands the smell

I could probably go on and on about my favorite appliances, but that would make my post even longer than it already is and I won’t put you through that 😉

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

Can it be used as a multi-tasker?




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  1. I would say our favorite appliance right now is our juicer .. I’m loving that thing!


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