Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your Monday is starting off well!  We had a very enjoyable weekend filled with lots of sun and boating, some cleaning and some relaxing.

My in-laws were in town for a few weeks staying at the home they have in our neighborhood, which if I haven’t said it enough is sooooo nice!  I love having them around the corner!  We get to spend lots of time with them and they are such a big help with Garrett.  Unfortunately, they had to head back down to Pensacola yesterday to make preparations in case Isaac heads their way.  But they will be back in a few weeks so we’re looking forward to that!

We spent a lot of time with them on their boat this weekend,  They have a pontoon boat which is much easier to have G on than our boat is and we soaked up every minute of it, and even got to hang out with Susan, Nate and Caden on Saturday!

Playing in the water

Playing Captain with Daddy

I got up Saturday morning to get G his milk and just got a whiff of yuckiness when I opened the refrigerator door (I’m sure my pregnancy induced super senses had nothing to do with that 😉 but I decided right then and there that I was going to deep clean the fridge as soon as I was awake enough to do so.  Our fridge was in need of a makeover anyways so I did it.  I forgot to take a picture of everything in it before so here is the stuff on the counter that I took out.  Is it just us or does everyone feel like they have a ridiculous amount of condiments!

I took everything out, and threw away any condiment that we haven’t used in the last month.  Then scrubbed down all of the shelves and wiped down the inside

Then after it was squeaky clean and lemony fresh, we put everything back in

I feel like it still looks like we have a lot of condiments but we got rid of a bunch so you can only imagine what it looked like before.

After our day on the lake we came home to the upstairs AC not working and sitting at 83 degrees, luckily the downstairs was fine and it wasn’t too hot outside or else I would have been one very unhappy person.  The worst part of it was that we just had our AC units serviced at the beginning of the month and everything checked out just fine…..regardless, we called the same company that had serviced our units a few weeks ago and thankfully someone was out at our house fixing the problem (a burnt wire) within the hour and, because it had just been serviced, they did it at no charge to us!  We finished off our night with some Jets Pizza at the in-laws and came home to watch a few more episodes of Damages(our new favorite show) and were in bed by 9:30…..pretty lame, I know, but because I’m no longer napping during the day, I am beat by the time it is dark outside, and my husband is just a good sport 🙂

Sunday we went to out to breakfast, washed the  cars, and played.  I menu planned for the week, grocery shopped, and then Dan cooked dinner and we relaxed for the rest of the night

Sunday-Linguini Sorrento (adapted from one of our favorite authentic Italian restaurants)

Monday- Chicken cordon bleu with rice and green beans

Tuesday- Fish Tacos, Fresh Pico and Guacamole

Wednesday- Italian sausage sandwiches, homemade potato wedges and salad

Thursday- Chicken/broccoli stir fry and rice

And today has been pretty productive as well!  I walked 3.5 miles with my boys this morning then went to a spinning and strength class at my gym, ate lunch, took care of some housework and prepped a few things to munch on throughout the week.  And I got to talk to my Mom this morning and wish she and my Dad a Happy 35th Anniversary!!!!   35 years….how awesome is that!  They are such wonderful role models and I am so lucky to have them for my parents!

How was your weekend???  Were you productive today?

Half Way Point

As of Sunday I am half way through my pregnancy!  Time feels like it is going faster this time around.  Perhaps it’s because I am more relaxed and comfortable with everything that is going on in my body right now, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with this adorable little guy keeping me busy

Before I get into how I’ve been growing, I want to give you a quick update on my Little Man!!  His walking is improving every day and although he still doesn’t like to walk in shoes, or outside in general, (probably because we make him wear shoes outside) he’s getting more and more comfortable walking inside and when he gets excited about something, he tries to run!  He’s mastered “all done” in sign language, (though he sort of has his own way of doing it) and he consistently signs to us when he is finished eating.  He knows what snacks he prefers, and if he has a snack cup full of different types of snacks he will sort them and only eat what he likes (We have a real life Baby Einstein on our hands!)

He’s also learned to wave bye-bye and will typically do it if we prompt him.  Sometimes I will “sing” to him basically just melodically saying ba ba ba, and he will repeat it back to me too, and it’s the cutest thing!  I’m really enjoying this “toddler” stage, he’s learning and doing so much and I feel so lucky to be able to watch him grow every day.

Now on to Baby Boy Brew #2

20 Weeks!!

I don’t really feel like my belly has grown too much since my 16 Week Update, it seems that even though it “popped out” much earlier this time around, now the growth has subsided.  I have read that this usually happens, and I’m sure that within the next few weeks I will have another growth spurt and it will pop out a bit more, but I’m not concerned about it.  Right now I’m on track to gain about 30 lbs with this pregnancy (I gained 37 with G) so that’s a good thing.  I’m hoping to gain a little less this time around but we’ll see how that goes 🙂  My Dr. felt for my uterus at my appointment and it is also right in line with the top of my bellybutton which is where it’s supposed to be.  I’m not scheduled to have any more ultrasounds, but next month I think they’ll start measuring my belly to see if it’s in the range of cm to weeks that it should be.  So far…everything seems to be going great!  My weight is on track, BP is well within the “normal” range, I’m not exhausted every day (only some days) I’m still exercising at least 5 days a week, and I don’t have any swelling in my feet!!  It’s looking like I will be able to go into labor naturally this time (although I know that a lot can change in 20 weeks) so I’m thrilled about that!  Life is good, I really can’t complain!

Monthly Update

How far along?  20 weeks, 2 days

Total Weight Gain: 11-12lbs from my first appointment

Symptoms:  Some round ligament pain when I go from lying or sitting down to standing, and a little lower back pain when I’m walking on an incline with  my dogs, and the stroller.  Along with the occasional bout of heartburn

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, I went shopping for a few new things and thankfully inherited all of a friends’ maternity clothes

Food Cravings of the week:  Blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, and peanut butter crackers

Sleep:  Still not so great.  I feel like my sleeping has been restless, however my husband has informed me that when I do sleep I sleep hard, so hard in fact that I frequently talk in my sleep which is crazy because before this pregnancy, I was never a sleep talker.  Also, I have been having some crazy, weird, but vivid dreams for the past few weeks.

Best Moment this week:  The excitement I have because my Mom is coming into town on Wednesday and my Dad is coming over the weekend!  Also feeling more and more movements from Baby Boy Brew #2 🙂

Movement: See above answer!  His movements are coming more frequently and are now not only flutters, bubbles, and tickles but legit movements.  Looking forward to Dan being able to feel this little one!

Belly Button:  Still an innie…..the best part about an innie is the circle of sweat I get while working out (not)  It’s actually quite embarrassing and I’m kind of looking forward to it popping out a bit more so I don’t have that distinct sweat circle to draw even more attention to my ever-growing belly

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach and laying on my back

What I am looking forward to:  My parents visit!  They haven’t seen G since he’s started to walk

Milestones: Half Way Point and feeling Great!!

Munchkin Meals

My friend Brittany has done another link up for the Munchkin Meals segment
and since I haven’t participated in the last few, (my little guy decided he was going to become a less than stellar eater for a while there) I wanted to join in again.

As I stated earlier, my son’s eating habits have changed a bit, he’s starting to become sort of picky, or just preferential I guess, so in order for me to get him to actually eat we stick to what he likes. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up trying to get him to eat different things, but if he ends up just throwing his food on the floor then I know it’s time to resort back to our staples.

Here’s what yesterday’s eats looked like

Breakfast: (not pictured oops) was pancakes with a little bit of real maple syrup, a few bites of my Irish Oatmeal, and his all time favorite mandarin oranges


Basically it was an un-assembled turkey sandwich; diced turkey breast, avocado and whole wheat bread with some watermelon on the side and water to drink. He also had a Plum Baby yogurt pouch


Snack was some goldfish a fruit and veggie pouch and water. He doesn’t like to eat many whole veggies so we usually give him at least one veggie pouch a day just to make sure he’s eating some veggies

Dinner(which I also forgot to take pictures of while he was eating it so I took pictures of mine) was oven roasted chicken and vegetables(carrots, celery, potato, and onion) we try to just give G some of what we have for dinner

He tends to prefer foods that have been seasoned (don’t we all) He ate tons of carrots and some chicken. He loves sweet potatoes but doesn’t really care for white potatoes, and we also gave him some pears after he ate everything else

He’s very tall (just over 34″at 13 months old) and he’s thin but he’s a happy little guy so I think he’s doing alright!


Boy oh Boy…

…Am I going to be outnumbered!  Not that I’m not outnumbered as it is already.  I grew up in a home with 3 brothers, and I live with my Hubby, my sweet Little G, and our 2 lovable Boxers, and now we’re going to be adding another BOY to the mix!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely thrilled that we have another HEALTHY baby boy coming and I know God has a plan all worked out for me, I just think that before he gives me my sweet little princess he wants to test me 😉

Honestly, the more I think about it…the more excited I get!  I mean how cool is it going to be to have 2 little boys that are 18 months apart!  They’ll only be one grade apart in school, and I just have this feeling that they are going to be Best Friends, and probably worst enemies at times too but one thing is for sure, and that is that they will have one another.  To play with, to look up to, to look out for, and to beat up on for the rest of their lives.  Regardless of what they go through, they will always have each other, and that just makes me so happy!  Not to say there isn’t a chance that they will be polar opposites, but it doesn’t matter, they will still have one another.  And to me that is just the neatest thing.  Not to mention, they can share toys, and clothes, and I get to dress them in matching outfits for Holidays!!!  I don’t know about you but I always think it’s so adorable when I’m at Church on Sunday and I see 2 little boys, dressed up in similar outfits.  I just love it, and you better believe that’s going to be me, and my boys 🙂

I have no idea who these boys are, but seriously…how cute are they!!!

Now that we know what we are having, we get to go through the whole picking the perfect name process again which was a little difficult with Garrett because Dan and I couldn’t agree on anything, fingers crossed it’s a bit easier this time around.  I also get to start picking out color schemes for the new bedroom!  We have yet to decide if we’re going to keep G in the room he’s in so as not to throw too much change to him at once (plus he is soooooo comfortable in his room I hate to take him from it) but the new room that we will be making a baby room is a bit bigger and farther from our bedroom, and eventually we would like to have Garrett and his little brother in the bigger room together so what do we do???  Do we switch G to the new room now and perhaps just try to keep it as much of the same as possible or do we put the new baby in the new room and let G stay where he is?  In a perfect world we would move G, and he would do great! just hope for the best, but again, I’m worried that all this change will throw him for a loop, and that’s not fair to him. I just want to do what’s best for my sweet boy.

So we’ve got some decisions to make but we’re very excited to be making them, and to add a new chapter to our life story!  I go back to the Dr’s in a week and a half for my 20 week check-up, so I’ll post a baby and a bump update then!  I can’t believe I’m almost half way through my pregnancy!  That means that fall is just around the corner and I am definitely looking forward to cooler weather for our morning walks!

Any advice on the second bedroom dilemma??

3 Things I Would Like to do Differently This Time Around

As a first time (expecting and New Mom), I had no idea what was in store for pregnancy or Motherhood. I read lots of books and articles, and talked to friends and family members who had kids. I researched a lot on the internet, and read “What to Expect” books and Baby Center religiously, and figured I would just do the best I could do to take care of myself and my baby. Afterall, Motherhood is a natural thing right?? I knew it would be full of challenges, but I had also heard how rewarding it would be. Still today, I am amazed at what my body did to grow and nurture another human being. It’s almost surreal; and now that I’m going through the process again, I am constantly thinking about what I can do better or differently this time around.

  • First and foremost, I have decided I want to take better care of myself. I worked out at the gym quite a bit in the beginning of my first pregnancy, but as time went on, I started slacking. I walked 3 miles around my neighborhood just about every day starting in the middle-ish of my second trimester and continued walking until the day I went to the hospital to be induced, and even though looking back, it wasn’t as much as I could have been doing, it was still something, and for that I was proud. I was able to bounce back pretty quickly after I had Garrett and I know a good part of that was due to the walking I did. Prior to getting pregnant this time around, I had trained and participated in a Sprint Triathlon and I know that after we have this baby, I am going to give my body a break from baby making. So I owe it to myself to get my body back to its’ “happy place” and I also know that in order to get there it is going to require a good amount of weight (on top of my baby weight) loss and LOTS of toning. In order to get a jump-start on this process I am making it a priority to not only walk my 3 miles at least 5 days a week, but to utilize my awesome Gym. They have a GREAT child watch program that I feel very comfortable leaving G at, and a very accommodating class schedule, which allows for me to attend at least 3x a week. Of course I am cautious and I continue to listen to my body and modify when necessary, but I feel great and I’m hoping that if I can keep up this sort of schedule (with some added pre-natal yoga) that I will be able to…
  • Let my body go into labor naturally. My blood pressure was somewhat elevated towards the end of my first pregnancy, and although I tested negative for pre-eclampsia, my Dr’s felt it would be best to induce me at 39 weeks in order to prevent any complications that could arise should my blood pressure continue to rise. Again, being that it was my first pregnancy I was hesitant and a little bummed, but the only thing that mattered to me was that I deliver a healthy baby so I obliged. I don’t know first hand if labor and delivery will be much different without pitocin, but I have heard that it is; and I think that if my body can do what it’s supposed to do without medical intervention, I may be able to go a little bit longer without getting an epidural. I’m not saying that I won’t get an epidural this time too (that thing made L&D much more tolerable) but I do think that if I am able to get up and walk around, or get in the bathtub or sit on a birthing ball (rather than being confined to a bed) during contractions that my mind and body may be more tolerant, and I might be able to prolong the epidural administration. Again, I have no comparison….yet…but I am anxious to see the differences.
  • Breastfeed longer. I was very fortunate that Garrett and I had such an easy transition into breastfeeding. He latched right away and nursed like a champ for several months. He had surpassed his birth weight by 4 days after he was born and he continued to thrive, and didn’t have so much as a stuffy nose the entire time I breastfed. But he was an early teether, which made it somewhat painful to nurse during the day once those chompers came in. He also started to get pretty distracted while nursing around 6.5 months which made it difficult and frustrating for both of us, so I was only able to nurse him when he was sleepy which was at his nighttime or early morning feedings. I continued to pump throughout the day until G was 8.5 months but I HATED pumping and my supply started to deplete a little bit so we had to start supplementing with formula and eventually transitioned him to all formula until he was about 11.5 months which is when we started whole milk. I guess when it comes down to it, we kind of both(meaning G and I) decided to wean, and I am happy that I was able to provide him with breast milk for as long as I did, but I think I would really like to nurse for a full year this time around.

Along with these 3 things, I want to snuggle whenever he/she will let me, take lots of pictures and continue to create tons of great memories with our family. I also really hope I am able to divide my attention equally between the 2 kids and that they will never ever go a day without knowing just how much their Dad and I love and cherish them.

What about you??

Whether you are expecting again or just thinking about the future what is one thing you would like to do differently your second time around?

July re-cap

Although I’m not planning on continuing every one of Garrett’s monthly updates, I do want to keep you informed when something important happens, and I know July isn’t quite over yet but it sure has been exciting and full of change so far so I just had to share!!

The biggest news in the Brewton household is that our Little Monkey has finally started walking!!! I say finally with a little bit of hesitation, because we all know that baby’s achieve milestones in their own time, but it feels like it’s been forever that G has been pulling himself up on things, cruising from location to location and doing tons of assisted walking, so I am very happy to report that although he won’t do it all of the time yet, and he still doesn’t realize how to stand up in the middle of the floor to start walking. He is very capable and getting better every day at pulling up on something and walking to where he wants to go!! It’s the cutest thing and since I haven’t had a chance yet to document how much better he’s gotten since my video when he first began to walk, I will share again the whole 5 seconds for those that haven’t seen it yet. And I promise as soon as I can, I will get a better one up.

Garrett Walking

As I said….I am pretty amazed at how much he’s learned in just over a weeks time.  He took his first unassisted steps on July 15th, but would only walk back and forth between 2 people, now just over a week later, he’s walking much farther distances and will pull himself up and just go without others encouraging him!  Baby milestones are always a big deal, but for me, this has been the neatest one to watch so far.  He is so proud of himself and he’s getting braver each day! With those long legs, I’m sure he will be running circles around everyone in no time!

This has also been an exciting month because after 10 years of working with the same company, Dan has decided to take his talents elsewhere and started working with a new, smaller company!!  He is still working in the IT field and is now selling software services;  he officially started on July 16th and so far is really enjoying what he is doing!  It’s a great opportunity for him and our family so we are thrilled for him!

When Dan worked for HP, he had a company car, so we had the Sequoia (my car) and the Edge (his company car) and it was great not having to worry about a second vehicle, but when he left HP he had to give up the Edge as well.  Though we were sad to see it go, because it really was a great car it forced us to do a little car shopping and tweaking our budget so we could get another vehicle.  We test drove a few different models and did some research online and set off to buy a different vehicle that was more “small kid, and Pregnant Mom with a soon to be newborn friendly for me and finally looked at Mini-vans.  I swore up and down that I would NEVER drive a mini-van because I felt they were soooo cliche and honestly too old for me.  I wanted to be the Mom in the cute crossover SUV, not the Mom in the mini-van, but then I got to thinking if so many Mom’s drive them, then they really must be that great and perhaps I shouldn’t judge but actually try it to see what I thought, so I did.

I was sold at the remote control doors, and even more so when I saw everything else it came equipped with…and the rest is history 🙂

We also decided that with the amount of traveling (mostly local, yay!!) that Dan will be doing a smaller vehicle would be more practical for him as well so we traded in the Sequoia and got him a Toyota Higlander.  Now we are the proud owners of 2 new vehicles and are very happy with both of our purchases so far!

If you read my 16 week update then you also know that on Monday; yes this coming Monday, which will be July 30th! We find out if Garrett will have a baby brother or a baby sister and we cannot wait!!!!  We (more like I) am really hoping that Baby cooperates, and that we can start thinking of names and nursery colors!


So yes….July has been an awesome month filled with lots of great things and we are so thankful for such exciting times!


What are you thankful for this month??

16 Weeks…Baby #2

16 weeks with Baby #2

I am just over 16 weeks pregnant with Baby #2!  Hard to believe that in 2 short weeks we will find out whether G will have a Baby Brother or a Baby Sister!  I cannot wait!

Dan still thinks we’ll have a girl (I think he’s sort of hoping for a girl because that way he thinks he may be able to talk me into being done 🙂  But I still really don’t have a strong feeling either way.  I’ve always said that I want 3-4 kids, and I’ve made it pretty clear that I will not stop until I have at least one girl, so we shall see.

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first, but some of my symptoms seem to be a little more exaggerated than they were before.  I’ve felt more nauseous this time, though thankfully I haven’t been sick at all, and I’m super tired, however, now that I’m into my second trimester, the fatigue has started to subside a bit.  I’ve had quite a few headaches as well, but I had them with Garrett too.  Other than showing much more at 16 weeks this time around than with my first pregnancy, I’m feeling pretty good!

16 weeks with Baby #1

I’m still trying to walk every morning for a little over an hour and I’ve finally, after a few weeks of family in town, and a gym hiatus gotten back to working out.  My goal is to walk 5-6 days a week for an hour each time and to take at least 3 spinning/strength classes a week at my gym.  I bought an unlimited month pass at a yoga studio for half price and I’m really looking forward to using that for some prenatal classes, although I’m still trying to figure out which month I will get the most use out of it.  I go back to the Dr. on Friday for my 16 week check up, but it’s just a listen to the heartbeat and weight/blood pressure check so nothing too exciting.  Happily, I’ve been able to pick up the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler device I have at home and it is consistently higher than G’s was.  It continues to be in the upper 160’s to low 170’s so if the wives tales are correct, than maybe we will have a little girl!  Only 2 more weeks til we will know for sure!

I probably won’t post as much with this pregnancy, because I have a 1 year old who likes to have my undivided attention 🙂 though I am enjoying comparing the two, and I do like to keep my out of town family informed, so look for a Baby #2 update every few weeks, unless I have some  exciting news to share!

Until then…

How far along?  16 weeks 2 days

Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs from first appointment

Symptoms:  Pretty frequent headaches, a little fatigue, and starting to get lower belly pains after working out specifically

Maternity Clothes:  Mostly, yes….have been since about 13 weeks, but still wear some shirts, and can wear 1 pair of pre-pregnancy shorts with my bella band

Food Cravings of the week:  Nothing too crazy…peanut butter, fresh fruit specifically watermelon, still have an aversion to ground beef, loving these  granola energy balls, and have already made 2 batches!!

Sleep:  Not so great….had to break out my pregnancy pillow again…hubby hates it!

Best Moment this week:  Garrett finally took his first unassisted steps!!!!!

Movement: Flutters and bubbles are becoming more obvious

Belly Button:  Innie, but it’s more stretched from last time

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach and abdominal exercises

What I am looking forward to:  Anatomy Scan in 2 weeks!

Milestones: 16 weeks, happy and healthy!

Munchkin Meals:Breakfast Edition

I’m linking up once again with Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life for another version of Munchkin Meals featuring breakfast items! I’m pretty excited about this one because we lack in the breakfast ideas as you will see from my picture. Our breakfasts are pretty simple and somewhat repetitive, but when I think about my own breakfasts they’re pretty much the same too so I guess that’s alright. G always starts his day out with a sippy of organic while milk and breakfast follows about an hour to 2 later.
Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of:

Pancakes with a little bit of real maple syrup, cantaloupe and watermelon from the farmer’s market and some water to wash it down. I also gave G a few pieces of my whole wheat PB toast with sliced bananas on top and he liked that too.
Other breakfast staples for us are eggs with turkey and spinach (when he’ll eat it) he’s funny in that some days he will love eggs and others he won’t care for them at all. He’ll eat any fresh fruit I have around, oatmeal and organic breakfast fruit bars. I’m looking for ways to get more veggies in him at breakfast and hoping to snag a few ideas from fellow bloggers. So…there you have it, our very simple and somewhat boring breakfast

What are some ways you get veggies into your little one at breakfast??

Garrett’s First Birthday Party…Nautical Theme

I finally got a chance to sit down and document G’s Birthday Party!!!  If you missed the first celebration of his birthday you can see it here.  And this is party 2….His Nautical Party!  So…here’s the recap, and a LOT of pictures

Whew!!!  It’s been a whirlwind of a week and I didn’t even leave the LKN area! My family got into town on June 29th, and moved into the Lake House they stayed in for the week on Saturday the 30th. Check out the view from the back deck, Not a bad sight to wake up to in the mornings!

We helped them unload and pick up a few things for the party, and the week, on Saturday; and took the boat out before having dinner and relaxing for the evening.  Garrett’s party was on Sunday and despite the heat (103) everyone seemed to find ways to keep themselves cool

Caden and his Daddy cooling down in the “Kiddie Carwash” made special by Dan and my Dad!

Our Boat!

Thank Goodness for Susan who kindly took my camera and made sure I had some pictures of the decorations and the party.  I got a lot of my party ideas from Pinterest and I ordered some of my decorations from Etsy….And of course….I put my own little spin on it as well.  Overall I was really pleased with the way everything turned out even though it was a LOT of work!

The Birthday Banner and some of the food

Garrett’s One Year Photo Banner

Plastic ware wrapped in rope with a lifesaver to secure it

We cooked all of the food and I did all of the baking, and it was quite the spread!

Nothing beats Sweet Corn brought all the way from Ohio!

Sailboat cookies!


A few of Garrett’s little friends came with their parents and we had about 30 people total which was a good thing because we had a lot of food!

Little Miss Hailey

Sweet Little Leia

And handsome Mr Luke Alexander with his Daddy

Garrett thoroughly enjoyed another birthday cake and got TONS of new presents!!

Including his very own book written and illustrated by his favorite babysitter…..Miss Taylor!

By the end of the day we were all pretty pooped but we had a blast!

And the rest of the week didn’t disappoint either!  It included a bit of this

A lot of these

And tons of time with my Sweet Boy!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends and we honestly could not ask for more!  Thanks to everyone who made G’s Birthday so special, even if he won’t remember it……I will forever cherish it!

12 Months Old!

The time has finally come….I’ve oficially used up my last monthly tie because my baby turned 1 year on Sunday! (I’ll do a separate  Part 1 Birthday post tomorrow…part 2 will follow after his party this weekend)

It’s a bittersweet moment for me, and hard to believe that he is no longer my little baby, but he has now oficially entered the toddler era.  Some say that they don’t consider their kids toddlers until they are at least walking (which G is not doing alone yet) but other websites consider them to be toddlers once they’ve reached the 1 year mark.  Either way, this has been the best, most challenging, but also the most incredible year of my life, and I am so proud of my little man.  He’s taught his Dad and I so much about life and we are thrilled to be his parents!

G had his 1 year check-up yesterday complete with 4 shots and a finger prick!!  Poor little guy, he was a tropper although he really hates being poked and prodded (don’t we all!)

Here are his 12 months stats!!

  • Height: 33.5 inches (>97%)
  • Weight: 22 lbs 14 oz (50%)
  • Head Circumference: 47cm (75%)

Our Pediatrician always tells us what a Good Job we’re doing whenver we see him, which is reassuring coming from a Dr.  He’s given us the go ahead to wean G off of all bottles (which we have pretty much done already)  He gets a sippy cup of whole milk in the morning when he wakes up (about 5oz) before his morning and afternoon naps (about 4oz each time) and a bottle before bed (about 6-7oz)  So total, he gets around 20 oz of milk per day along with his 3 meals and a snack (water with all of these)  Our Pediatrician says he should be getting between 10-20 oz of milk each day so I guess we’re doing alright.  If he doesn’t want all of his milk, he won’t drink it, and his eating habits have stayed strong, so we’re going to continue on the higher end of the milk/per day with the hopes that all the calcium will give him the strenth to be able to walk unassisted sooner rather than later.

  • He has no problem walking and actually prefers it as long as he has something or someone’s finger to hold on to while doing it.  I think he’s just a little bit scared, and I’m sure he will get it on his own soon enough

  • He’s still pulling up on everything, and cruising along furniture all of the time

  • He’s learned with just a small hand signal from me that he has to turn himself around before safely going down the stairs

  • If he doesn’t like the way something feels on his knees he will bear crawl his way across it

  • Hes likes to take things off or out of something and then put them back on or in, and constantly finds things to do this with

  • He’s a great eater, and drinker
  • Wears size 12-18 month clothes
  • Size 6 shoes
  • Size 3 or 4 diaper
  • Loves to be outside

  • Specifically with his doggies

  • Still has 8 teeth and I think some of his molars are starting to work their way in
  • He smiles, laughs and giggles all of the time, especially when Daddy throws him up in the air and catches him

It’s hard to believe that in just 12 short months, he has gone from this…

To this…


Garrett…you are the best thing that has ever happened to your Dad and I.  We couldn’t be happier or feel more lucky that we were the ones chosen to be your parents.  Everything about you is infectious….I can’t help but stare in wonder of all of the things you do.  Your giggles make my heart smile, and your smile will light up an entire room!  You continue to amaze us every day of our lives and we are so proud of the little person you have already become.

Thank you for giving our lives a purpose, you are the best and most handsome little man in this entire world, and we love you more than you will ever know!