July re-cap

Although I’m not planning on continuing every one of Garrett’s monthly updates, I do want to keep you informed when something important happens, and I know July isn’t quite over yet but it sure has been exciting and full of change so far so I just had to share!!

The biggest news in the Brewton household is that our Little Monkey has finally started walking!!! I say finally with a little bit of hesitation, because we all know that baby’s achieve milestones in their own time, but it feels like it’s been forever that G has been pulling himself up on things, cruising from location to location and doing tons of assisted walking, so I am very happy to report that although he won’t do it all of the time yet, and he still doesn’t realize how to stand up in the middle of the floor to start walking. He is very capable and getting better every day at pulling up on something and walking to where he wants to go!! It’s the cutest thing and since I haven’t had a chance yet to document how much better he’s gotten since my video when he first began to walk, I will share again the whole 5 seconds for those that haven’t seen it yet. And I promise as soon as I can, I will get a better one up.

Garrett Walking

As I said….I am pretty amazed at how much he’s learned in just over a weeks time.  He took his first unassisted steps on July 15th, but would only walk back and forth between 2 people, now just over a week later, he’s walking much farther distances and will pull himself up and just go without others encouraging him!  Baby milestones are always a big deal, but for me, this has been the neatest one to watch so far.  He is so proud of himself and he’s getting braver each day! With those long legs, I’m sure he will be running circles around everyone in no time!

This has also been an exciting month because after 10 years of working with the same company, Dan has decided to take his talents elsewhere and started working with a new, smaller company!!  He is still working in the IT field and is now selling software services;  he officially started on July 16th and so far is really enjoying what he is doing!  It’s a great opportunity for him and our family so we are thrilled for him!

When Dan worked for HP, he had a company car, so we had the Sequoia (my car) and the Edge (his company car) and it was great not having to worry about a second vehicle, but when he left HP he had to give up the Edge as well.  Though we were sad to see it go, because it really was a great car it forced us to do a little car shopping and tweaking our budget so we could get another vehicle.  We test drove a few different models and did some research online and set off to buy a different vehicle that was more “small kid, and Pregnant Mom with a soon to be newborn friendly for me and finally looked at Mini-vans.  I swore up and down that I would NEVER drive a mini-van because I felt they were soooo cliche and honestly too old for me.  I wanted to be the Mom in the cute crossover SUV, not the Mom in the mini-van, but then I got to thinking if so many Mom’s drive them, then they really must be that great and perhaps I shouldn’t judge but actually try it to see what I thought, so I did.

I was sold at the remote control doors, and even more so when I saw everything else it came equipped with…and the rest is history 🙂

We also decided that with the amount of traveling (mostly local, yay!!) that Dan will be doing a smaller vehicle would be more practical for him as well so we traded in the Sequoia and got him a Toyota Higlander.  Now we are the proud owners of 2 new vehicles and are very happy with both of our purchases so far!

If you read my 16 week update then you also know that on Monday; yes this coming Monday, which will be July 30th! We find out if Garrett will have a baby brother or a baby sister and we cannot wait!!!!  We (more like I) am really hoping that Baby cooperates, and that we can start thinking of names and nursery colors!


So yes….July has been an awesome month filled with lots of great things and we are so thankful for such exciting times!


What are you thankful for this month??

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