32 Week Update

32 weeks 4 days….once again I feel like my belly has filled out a bit since last month

Today I am 32.5 weeks which means that I only have 52 more days until Baby’s due date!  I’m sure the next 7.5 weeks are going to fly by so I’ve really started working on getting everything together/in order in case he decides to come early, which I honestly have no idea whether he will or not.  Since I was induced at 39 weeks with Garrett, I don’t know if I’m more prone to going early, later, or right on time.  I know, no one ever really does, but just in case, my goal is to have everything done and ready by December 15th.  I finally got Garrett’s new bedroom furniture ordered, and actually received a call a few days ago that it was in, so now we’re just waiting on a delivery to be set up!  I also got the second camera for our summer infant monitor so that I can have cameras in both boys rooms.  I bought the mattress, changing pad, and some sheets etc. and now I’m just trying to figure out what I’m going to do for curtains in G’s new room.  Unfortunately, his new room is at the front of the house so the sun shines on it most of the day and it gets pretty warm, and also stays pretty light so I’m thinking if I don’t do black out curtains, I’m at least going to have to get some that are heavy and lined.  Once again, I’m so lucky that I have a handy Mother-in-law so if all else fails, and I ask nicely, she can make some for me 😉 Other than the curtains, I just have to pick up a few things for the walls, and perhaps some shelving for books and toys, but I’d like to wait until I have the furniture in his room so that I can match it as closely as possible.  We’re getting closer to having a name picked out though nothing is set in stone yet , but as long as we have a couple of possibilities, I don’t think I will mind waiting until he is born to see which name fits him better.  Oh who am I kidding, I know myself and I’m more than likely going to want need to have it picked out before then.  Either way, we do have the middle name picked out already so that is a start.  I don’t know why boys names are so hard for us!

I had a Dr’s appointment today and this pregnancy continues to be uneventful which I’m very thankful for.  I haven’t had any complications, and I feel good overall, in fact I spend more time in the waiting room than I do with the actual Dr. but again, I’d rather have it uneventful because that just means that Baby and I are healthy.  I do have to admit though, since I haven’t had an ultrasound since my Anatomy Scan at 18 weeks, I’m itching to get another peak at him.  Perhaps I’ll get one later, but if not, I guess that’s a good thing as well!  Just makes me even more excited to see his precious little face when he’s born!  My weight is within the range of where it should be, my blood pressure is still great, and my belly is measuring right at 28 cm which exactly where it should be, so with that being said, maybe he will come right around or on his due date….there’s just no way to tell!

Monthly Update

How far along?  32 weeks 4 days

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs from my first appointment

How I’m feeling:  Still pretty good.  Continuing to exercise 4-5 times a week.  Same old lower back pressure and round ligament pain, along with some intermittent heart burn, however, it is getting more and more uncomfortable to roll from side to side in bed, and sometimes it feels like my back and lower belly cramp up when I get up from sitting for a while.  But all of this is to be somewhat expected for both the third trimester and a second baby, and it could be much worse, so again, I’m just grateful.

Maternity Clothes:  Of course

What I’m craving:  Not much that is good for me.  Carbs, carbs, and more carbs.  Apples and peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter, pretty much anything that goes well with peanut butter

Sleep:  Ehhh

Best Moments this month:  Finally feeling like I am crossing off things on my massive “to do” list

Movement: yes, more rolls than jabs but he’s still very active

Belly Button:  Slightly out, I think I have an oddly shaped belly button, and I’m not sure that it will officially “pop” but randomly it will be sore, and feels like I have a bruise all around it.  I’m thinking it may be from my past belly button piercing??

What I miss:  A comfortable nights sleep

What I am looking forward to:  Thanksgiving!!  Family coming back into town, and finishing up Garrett’s new room

Milestones: I’m in the home stretch!

Getting so excited to meet you little guy!

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