Garrett at 16ish Months

It’s been a little while since I did an update on my sweet boy, so I figured I would fill you in on what he’s been up to lately.

Right now, his favorite activity is playing outside with his doggies,

climbing up the slide (at least trying to) and sliding down.

He has also mastered walking up the big hill we have in our back yard but still needs a hand to hold to come down or else his feet start moving faster than he wants them to and he ends up falling down.  And I think, that like me, he’s also enjoying the cooler fall weather.

He doesn’t go back to the Dr. for another well check until he’s 18 months, so his height and weight measurements are from my perspective.  I tried to be as accurate as possible, but I’m not sure how well I did.  Regardless, he is about 36″ tall, maybe a little bit less, and probably weighs around 28 or 29 lbs.  He is tall and thin…go figure, so he’s in 18-24 month clothing however, if it weren’t for my Mother in law taking in the waist of multiple pairs of his pants, they would be constantly falling off of him.  The length is good, but the waist is big, and I have a feeling that, like his Daddy, I’m going to have to do a lot of shopping online in the tall department for him in the years to come.  His shoe size is 6-7 and he likes to run!

He’s generally happy and we spend our days keeping each other pretty busy.  Unfortunately right now, he’s battling his first ever cough and it’s heartbreaking.  I’m pretty sure he picked up a little something from school.  Yep….school!  I have always been a very strong believer in socializing kids from a young age, (and although I do what I can to make sure he is around other kids his age, and other adults, so that we have an easier transition when his little brother comes along, and my attention is divided between the two of them)  I can only do so much, and I really believe in the Primrose School and their approach to tying in an academic curriculum even at such a young age.  We enrolled Garrett a few weeks ago, and even though it’s been an adjustment for both of us, it’s getting better, and easier every day.  He goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 9-12:15, and I think that it’s a very good thing for him.   I’m so happy with our decision to enroll him now as opposed to January, it takes him a little while to warm up to different people and situations in general, so we wanted to make sure we did it before the birth of his little brother.  I am super excited for Baby Boy Brew #2  (yes he’s still nameless) to be born, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as well.  I know it will be fine and great in the long run, it may just take G and me a little while to get used to.  My heart is going to have to grow in order for me to love another little person as much as I love him, and divide my attention as well, but like everyone says… just does and you just do.

Our days usually begin pretty early as Garrett is up between 6-6:30 every day.  Typically we’ll let him play in his crib for about 20 minutes just in case he wants to go back to sleep (which never happens) and then we’ll give him his milk, change his diaper and put him back in his crib with his sippy or bring him into bed with us and let him drink it there.  When he’s finished with his milk, he scoots off of the bed and says good morning to the dogs, then either finds something to entertain him in our room, or goes into his playroom and plays with whatever he feels like, while coming back to say Hi every once in a while and make sure Dan and I haven’t fallen back to sleep 🙂  Luckily, he is very good at playing independently and seems to enjoy it as long as it’s not for too long.  After we’ve watched a bit of the news, we’ll get up, get dressed, and get G dressed then head down for breakfast between 7:45-8

He’s eats while I get breakfast ready for Dan and I and he’ll play downstairs for a bit, then depending on the day, we either head to the gym, followed by Library story time or playing at the park; take him to school; play together and then go to the gym; go for a walk; or go to Gymboree to play for a bit.  I do what I can to keep our mornings as busy as possible, so that Dan can get some work done, without Garrett constantly barging into his office.  Regardless of what we do in the mornings, we try to be home around noon so G can eat lunch and then be down for his afternoon nap between 12:30 and 1.  However, if he sleeps in the car on the way home from whatever we’ve done in the mornings, I have a hard time getting him to sleep at all in the afternoons.  While he naps, I eat lunch and then get some stuff around the house done (or I just relax with my feet up for a bit because at 32.5 weeks pregnant, the third trimester fatigue is creeping up on me again.

After he wakes up from his nap between 2 and 3 we have a snack and play upstairs for a bit, then either run errands or play outside, or when his Grandparents are in town, we’ll scoot over to their house for a change of scenery while Dan finishes up his day.

Having a husband that primarily works from home is great, but it’s also challenging with a toddler, who always wants to check in on Daddy and see what he’s up to.  Thankfully Dan’s company has an office space close by, and his customers are all pretty local so he can spend time at the office or out with customers on occasion.  I have a feeling that when the new baby comes, he’ll be spending more time there than he does here, because that will probably be easier on all of us, but that is fine with me as well.

 G will play in the kitchen with the tupperware and leave a mess while I prep our dinner, he eats around 5:30 while I finish making ours then we’ll eat.  Yes we are kind of like old folks in that we try to eat around 6:00 every night so we can have some time to relax and play together as a family before he goes down at 7:30, and then we start all over the next day!  Repetitive, perhaps, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love that I get to spend my days with my little guy, and feel so blessed and thankful for my husband who works as hard as he does so I have to opportunity to do so.

Along with what I’ve written above, these are some more of G’s favorite things:

Balls, particularly throwing and kicking them, stacking cups, this fisher price cone thing that teaches kids to place rings over the cone in biggest to smallest order (which G has mastered)

a shapes cookie jar, where he has to put the shapes in the corresponding holes (which he has also just about mastered) climbing up and down the stairs, books, things with wheels, his motorized spiderman bike

stroller walks, being thrown up in the air by, or just playing with daddy,

bath time (or anything where he gets to play with or in water)

and being so stinking cute that you can’t help but smile at him

I have thanked God every day for the past 16.5 months that he chose me to be his Mom.  I am truly one of the luckiest girls in the world!

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