How is our Little Man already 7 months old???

I just cannot believe that our baby is only 5 months away from being 1 year old!  How did he get so big so fast??

Although it is bittersweet how quickly time seems to be passing us by, we are definitely enjoying our monkey right now.  He is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever known, and he’s been sooo good….sometimes I feel like I should be waiting for the other shoe to drop 😉

Regardless….we are so blessed to have such a healthy and happy little man, and this exploratory stage he’s in right now is just the cutest thing! 

Here’s what we’ve been up to this past month…

  • Weight and Height…guestimates are just over 18lbs and 29in
  • Even 12-24 month socks are a little small for bigfoot here

  • We bought a convertible carseat and though it’s much bigger and I can’t just plop it in a shopping cart (it stays in the car)…he seems much more comfortable in it
  • Sitting up by himself with minimal topple’s over

  • Getting super fast at scooting (army crawling) towards us or a toy

  • Likes to blow raspberries

  • Starting to pull his feet up underneath him and putting his butt in the air in preparation for crawling (won’t be too much longer)

  • Motors in his little walker, especially after the dogs
  • Tries really hard to open up drawers and doors (sometimes accomplishing the door feat)
  • Eats just about anything you give him (including toys and fingers) although food still needs to be pureed


  • Is able to pick up small finger foods like peas, carrots, etc but hasn’t quite begun to like the texture yet
  • Seems to have finally gotten the hang of his sippy cup with a straw, and will drink a little bit from that
  • Still LOVES bathtime and jumping either in your arms or his jumperoo
  • Sleeps consistently between 9 and 12 hours a night, waking (if at all, only once to nurse and goes right back down
  • And as always….smiles

laughs and squeals in delight about 90% of his awake time 

The other 10% looks like this…

if he’s had enough pictures

or this…

if he’s had it in general 🙂

But most of the time he’s a very Happy Guy!

Garrett….we hope you know that your Daddy

and Mommy


you very much

You Sir…Make our World Swirl Happy 🙂



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  1. He’s getting so big and do stinking cute! He is going to be crawling in no time!


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