First Halloween

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and got lots of Goodies to munch on for the next few weeks : )  I remember growing up (with my 3 brothers) that after we went out to trick-or-treat, it felt like we had Halloween candy forever afterwards.  I’m pretty sure my Mom would throw a little bit away every day so it didn’t last as long : )  At least that’s what I plan on doing once our little guy starts trick-or-treating!  He won’t need much candy because he’s so sweet already : )

Sweet Little Monkey!

 Our Halloween festivities actually started on Saturday with a little get together at our friends Nate and Susan’s house.  We have several friends who all had babies within a few months of each other so we got the kiddos together and took a few photo’s!

The babies and their Daddy's

 And then there’s this one which I think may be my favorite….I can only imagine what these two would say to one another if they could talk

Sup Dude...I see your Mom made you wear a silly costume too

 I made some pumpkin flavored cupcakes to share with everyone (and although I forgot to take pictures while I was cooking them…this is what they turned out like : )

Homemade pumpkin cupckaes with cream cheese frosting : )


 We had a nice time at the Kennedy household, and look forward to many more playdates to come in the future. 

Halloween Evening was a bit crazy at the Brewton household.  Garrett was a very needy little boy all day yesterday.  If he was awake he wanted to be paid attention to and if you weren’t paying attention to him he let you know!  Needless to say we were pretty busy all day, so much so that I didn’t even get to the store like I had planned, nor did we go to a Halloween Event at an outdoor mall close by! Lucky for us there a few good take out options to satisfy my Italian craving last night.  Between a cranky little boy, trick or treaters, and dogs that did not like the constant ringing of the doorbell we had to scarf down our food in between rings.  I was exhausted by the end of the day, and actually excited when 8:00 pm rolled around and I could turn off my outdoor lights. 

Regardless, it was an eventful first Halloween for our little man, and we look forward to dressing him up again next year and walking the neighborhood with him in tow : )

Now….on to preparing for our favorite holiday…Thanksgiving!!!!

Did you do anything exciting for Halloween?

Are you as anxious as I am to get the Holiday Season underway??

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