Ohio Baby Shower

Garrett Paul Brewton

On Thursday, May 5th, we had our first baby shower!!!  My Mom, My Mother-in-Law Lynn, and my Sister-in-law Amanda worked together to plan it, and they did a Great Job!!!  When talking to my Mom about the shower a few months ago we decided that we would try a Thursday evening shower rather than a Saturday shower for a few reasons.  One, it was Mother’s Day Weekend, and two, we liked the idea of having more of a “Baby Shower/Social Gathering” rather than a straight up Baby Shower.  Don’t get me wrong, the Baby Showerness wasn’t played down at all, but we put our own twist on it, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. 

The shower was held at my Grandparent’s old home which happens to be on top of the funeral home they started, but it was not morbid in any sense at all.  I have some very fond memories of that house because it’s where my Dad grew up and it’s also where we spent almost every Sunday and several other days/holidays throughout the year, growing up.  As a child, it was one of my most favorite places in the world so you can imagine how special it was to have it there.  The Brunner’s have since transformed the “house part” into a party center, and it looks fantastic!  There was plenty of space for all of the guests to mingle and relax, and honestly, you wouldn’t even know that it is on top of a funeral home if you didn’t have the giant sign out front : )

My Mom and I spent a little bit of time earlier in the day checking out the space and adding a few decorations…

Mommy is going to make a scrap book for me!

…while Amanda picked up the yummy cupcakes and Dan then spent some time with Lynn as well. 

Delicious and Adorable Cupcakes!

When they got to the party place, they added a few special touches of their own, Gramma Marge hand-made all of the favors.  She’s so crafty!

Gramma Marge’s Masterpiece : )

and then it was time for the guest to begin arriving! But not before we got a shot of the fam!

Gramma Lynn, Great Grandma Ruth, Mommy, and Aunt Mandy

Like I said, we decided to add our own little flare to the Baby Shower to allow everyone to interact as much as possible, so rather than opening gifts after everyone ate and towards the end of the shower, we set up more of a receiving line type thing where I was positioned at a table in the back of the main room and as everyone came in they formed a line and I got to say hello, open their present, chat a little bit and then display their gift on a giant table beside me, for everyone to see! 

Happy as Can Be!

My Mom was positioned towards the front of the line to welcome the guests and Lynn and Amanda were at the end of the line greeting guests and keeping the gifts organized and looking pretty!  This is what it looked like after everyone had been through!  Garrett got lots of Goodies and I can’t wait to get everything organized and set up this week!

Lots of Goodies!

Since the gift part usually takes up a good bit of time, especially when you have 50+ guests this worked out really well for us.  After everyone went thought the line and gave their gift, they got a drink and some food and sat down and enjoyed each other’s company, and they were free to leave when they needed to.  It worked out really well, and it gave me and Dan the opportunity to walk around and talk with all of our guests for the remainder of the evening.  We had lots of family and good friends celebrate with us, and our evening was very special!  Thanks to everyone who made it : )

Aunt Mandy, Daddy, and Gramma Lynn
The Robare’ cousins!  Do you think Garrett will be tall????
Mommy and Daddy to Be : )
Madison Clan!
The Brunner Cousins

So…..as you can see, we got to spend a lot of time with our guests and really couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out!  Garrett is so very loved already and we’ve still got about 7 more weeks until we  actually get to meet him!  He is already such a blessing to us, and we can’t wait to start our family together!

Check it out……His Daddy is already a natural : )

Daddy and Julien!

Thank you Melissa and Sarah for letting him practice with your adorable son Julien : )  We hope our little man is as handsome as yours!

Somehow, my Mom managed to not make it in a single picture!!!!  Don’t worry Mom, we’ll get you next weekend at my Charlotte Shower : )

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  1. Looks like it was a great time! I can't wait for your shower this weekend … you'll have all sorts of goodies for little Garrett 🙂


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