Garrett’s 2nd+ Month!

Getting so Long!

 I realize it’s been waaaay too long since my last post, but we have been super busy over the last month and a half, with lot’s of new experiences!!  We got our first fever : ( Received our first round of vaccinations : ( : ( We’ve had some visitors, and we’ve been traveling quite a bit, but our travels seem to be finished for now, and we are very grateful for that.  I’ve taken lots of pictures since the last post so I’ll do my best to limit what I’ve got or else this post will go on forever!  So as busy as we’ve been, we are all doing very well, and Garrett is getting more and more personality every day!  Here are his stats from his 2 month well check (which was actually taken at 9 weeks and he is now 11 weeks so I know he’s even bigger!

*Weight: 13lb 7oz (90th %)
*Height:  24 1/4″ (90th %)
*Head Circumference: 40 cm (50th %)
*Dr. says he is a VERY healthy boy!

Smiles all the time!

He was due to receive his first round of vaccinations at 8 weeks, but he woke up the week before with a fever of 102.9 so we had to reschedule.  Wetook him in to the Dr. and since he’s so young they did a full work-up which included taking a urine sample and drawing blood (poor guy) but everything came back very normal, and it turned out he just had a little stomach bug that he most likely picked up on our first plane ride/trip to Chicago.  His fever dropped by the evening and the next day he was my smiley happy baby once again : ) 
We took a trip to Chicago because our friends Nelson and Kelly got married and Dan was in the wedding, so we packed up and hopped on the plane and Garrett was perfect the entire time!  He only fussed when he got hungry and as soon as we fed him he played a little then fell asleep and was quiet the rest of the flight.  While we were there he went into the pool for the first time, and since he loves bath time so much we figured he wouldn’t mind the water, and we were right! It was much cooler there than it had been in NC so he was a little chilly, but he didn’t seem to mind the water at all!

Garrett’s first time in the pool!
After we got back from Chicago Dan’s Mom came into town to visit for a few days (this is when Garrett got sick) She hung out with the Little Man and even painted 2 rooms in our house while she was here!  I love having a Mother-in-Law who is so good at, and enjoys doing these things!  Dan was scheduled to be out of town for the majority of the following week, and there were plenty of family members who were dying to meet Garrett, so Lynn and I decided to pack up the dogs, and the ridiculous amount of baby stuff and head North! I stayed with my parents for the week and Lynn stayed with her Mom for a few days, and Garrett got to meet his Great Gramma Marge (GiGi), his Great Grandpa Ray and Marguerite, and some Aunts, Uncles, and cousins, along with some of Mommy’s friends!   It was a busy week, but a fun one as well.  Dan flew into town later in the week and we caught an Indians game and then drove back home together!
Grandpa Rich, Gramma Lynn, Mommy, and Garrett
Gramma Pam is teaching me how to hold my head up like a big boy!
Our Family ❤
Ms. Erin, Mommy, and Garrett at the Winery : )

My Uncle Randy thinks I’m pretty cool!

When we returned from Ohio, we unpacked, unwinded (a little bit), watched Daddy play softball, and re-packed for our first official family vacation (and an Anniversary trip) to the beach! One of our favorite places is Charleston, it’s a short drive, and there are beaches all around, so we stayed in Folly, which was fun, but next time I think we’d like to try a more “family friendly” beach like Isle of Palms or Sullivans Island. But Dan and I hired a babysitter from SitterCity (which I highly recommend if you need a sitter while on vacation) and had a fabulous anniversary dinner at a great restaurant in Downtown Charleston! During the days we hung out on the beach and Garrett enjoyed his first time in the ocean!

First time in the Ocean!

Just like Mommy, the beach is his happy place!

Strengthening his neck muscles with Daddy

My Handsome Little Man : )

Had a great vacation but worn out!

So…I know it’s no excuse, but we have been super busy, but I will do my best to stay on top of the blog from here on out.  Now that we’re back home for a while we can get back into our routine, and I should have more time to post! 

Until then….here are some of the things Garrett is doing now…

  • Smiles, and Coos, ALL the time, Mornings on his changing table are his happiest time, We think he’s going to giggle soon and can’t wait for that sweet sound!

Loving my Changing Table in the Morning!
  • Loves to kick and splash during bath time
  • Still doesn’t love Tummy Time, but is getting better at holding his head up each day!
  • Silly little Monkey : )
  • Is wearing mostly 3 month onesies, but can fit into some 6 month….has to wear 6 month sleepers or else he can’t straighten his legs : )
  • Sleeps mainly 6 hours at night before waking for a feeding, but has slept 7.5 and 8 as well
  • Nurses like a champ!
  • Likes to face out in his Baby Bjorn
  • Starting to enjoy his swing
  • Likes to watch TV in his bouncy seat
  • Loves his toy/rattle from his Baby Einstein Mat (Ozzie the Octopus)  He will just look at him and smile and coo for several minutes!
  • Recognizes Mommy and Daddy’s voices
  • Turns his head towards sounds
  • Can hold onto things momentarily if you place them in his hand

He’s growing up so fast, but we are so in Love with our Little Man.  He’s brought more joy to us then we ever thought possible and we are so proud of him! 

Sweetest. Thing. Ever.
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