"Mrs. Brewton, Do you have a baby in your belly?"

Teaching has brought me a lot of things over the past several years, and I enjoy so much about it but one of my favorite things is the unique and innocent way the kids have of interpreting and understanding the world around them. I sent a card home with all of my students wishing them and their families a blessed new year and in my sign off I added “Baby Brewton” to our family. I wanted to let them know about our special news and hoped their parents would sort of take the lead in bringing up the whole baby thing. As I suspected most did but I wanted to discuss it with them as well. So the other day my co-teacher and I sat our kids down and told them that I had a baby growing in my belly and that it would be getting bigger And bigger over the next few months. Well immediately the excitement set in and the hands popped up. They wanted to share what they knew and ask questions and These were some of my favorites.


“Um Mrs. Brewton how did the baby get in your tummy?”
I answered, it just decided that my tummy was a good place for it to grow.
“When will your baby come out?” Not until June.
“How come it won’t come out right now?” Because it’s not finished growing
“How does it get out of your tummy?” the doctors will take it out
“my mom said they cut it out” yes sometimes they do
“I know that it comes out of your belly button” nope it just comes out of your belly
“I want to see your baby now” well I can’t show it to you now because it’s still in my tummy
At random times throughout the day. “um Mrs Brewton I think your baby is hungry you should feed it” it eats when I eat
“Mrs. Brewton how is your baby? Is it sleeping? Yes maybe. “well is it moving? It might be. I’ll let you know when i feel it move.

Our kids are a riot and I laugh a lot during the day at the things they say but my favorite is when they randomly come up to me, put their hands on my belly and their face really close and say “Hello Baby Brewton, I hope you’re doing good” it’s the sweetest thing and it brings a
smile to my face every time.
I can’t wait to be a Mom!

So here’s my weekly update!

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain. Still about 6 lbs maybe 7

Symptoms? Stuffy nose, headaches, and a stretching feeling down the sides of and in my lower belly.

Maternity clothes? Yes on pants and some shirts though pre-pregnancy shirts are getting shorter and shorter.

Cravings of the week? Tuna salad and crackers, mandarin oranges and pickles

Sleep? Still going pretty well. Had a dream last night about our baby and saw a baby boy he had Dan’s dark eyelashes and bright blue eyes with light blonde kind of curly hair. I’ve now dreamt about a girl and a boy so who knows what it will be!

Best moment this week? Knowing we only have a few more days until we know what we’re having!

Belly button? Innie.

Movement? Don’t think so but still not sure

What I miss? Fitting into all of my clothes comfortably

Looking forward to? Beginning to pick out names when we know what we’re having!

Weekly wisdom? Nap whenever possible

Milestones? One week closer to meeting out baby!

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