Christmas and the Big Announcement

Since having my 12 week appointment the previous week and getting out of the first trimester, my chances of having another miscarriage greatly decreased and I really got the ok from the Dr. that it was in fact “safe” to tell people. Dan and I had a White Elephant party at our house the week before Christmas and we had a really nice time. We had about 30 friends over and we were finally able to tell everyone that we were in fact expecting! Some people already knew, some had their suspicions, and some had no idea at all so it was very exciting, and everyone was really happy for us!

Santa Dan and I at our party!
The following week we headed up to Ohio with the dogs to spend Christmas at my parents house and I decided that it was time to share our news with everyone. I was pretty much bursting at the seams, and I had been finding out that more and more of my friends were pregnant and some were having their babies that I just wanted to be able to talk about it with everyone. So I made the Big Announcement to the facebook world on Christmas Eve and it felt so good to have it out there. Now I could talk to friends, and ask questions, and be excited with everyone I knew!

Christmas Eve was spent with my family and some very good family friends of ours in Madison. We had our traditional fondue, baked potatoes, salad, and bread with lots of yummy desserts and Midnight Mass to top it all off. I was exhausted by the time we got home and I slept like a baby.

My Family : )

Christmas morning we opened presents at my parents house and then headed out to Mayfield to spend some time with Dan’s family at his Grandma’s place, and then had Christmas Dinner back at my parents house. It was a busy day and I was struggling towards the end of the night but it was totally worth it : )
The following day, Dan braved the cold and snow at the Brown’s tailgate with my brother and Dad and some friends, and I relaxed before heading out to my Aunt Martha’s house for the Extended Brunner Family party. It’s always so nice to see my Aunt’s and Uncle’s and Cousins, and unfortunately for some of them, it’s the only time I get to see them in a year. I had wonderful news to share with everyone and it was great to get to talk with everyone about our Baby! It’s amazing to have such a big support system and to know how loved we are, and sometimes I forget how blessed we really are. This is going to be the most loved and spoiled baby that every walked the face of the earth : )


We headed back to NC on Monday and flew to Pensacola on Tuesday to spend some time at Dan’s parents house and have our Christmas there. We shopped and ate and relaxed for 4 days and it was exactly what we needed after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Dan and I walked to beach a few times, we watched movies, and we just spent time with his parents. Definitely a great way to end our break. So…although it was a very busy Christmas/New Years, it was worth every minute!
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