2nd Ultrasound

After 2 painfully long weeks of waiting, we had our second ultrasound appointment to make sure we were progressing as we should be.  The appointment was on November 15th, Dan’s birthday, and we was at the appointment with me so he was able to calm my nerves a little bit before hand, but seeing and hearing the baby’s heartbeat was what really did it for me!  We could see our tiny little baby and the even tinier flicker of it’s heart beating and it was the best thing in the world!  The ultrasound tech clarified that we were in fact right on target with our estimated due date, (not like the last appointment where I was measureing small) and the baby was measuring just over 7 weeks.  All babies grow at different paces, so we were relieved at the news  and I was able to let myself get a little more excited!  Below is a photo, a little dark and kind of hard to decipher, but that little whitish blob looking thing is the baby : )

My next appointment was scheduled for December 10th where we would get to see our little baby once again! 
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